BLOG POST 1 - Snowflake

As I have watched what has been happening across America, listening to the MSM, the various activist, and observing the cities and University campuses a question keeps coming to mind.  That question is, “Are we truly so fragile as a society that we must have the ‘safe spaces’ and ‘provided counseling’ when someone advances an idea that opposes our own?”  I do not mean to issue a blanket categorization or direct that question toward most of Americans but those who are at the forefront of the Political Correctness that is ravaging our nation and society are my targets.

When any University is willing to completely shut down a gathering of fraternities and sororities because someone threw a banana peel in a tree rather than a trash can that is a danger signal.  This act (the banana peel) apparently caused such trauma in the heart and mind of a student he went to the administration and told them he felt threatened and needed a “safe space”.  The action was immediate and the University announced they would be providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who felt threatened by the dreaded banana peel and the gathering canceled.  God forbid if it had been a bomb, I’m not sure they could have recovered.

When there is rioting at Berkley University causing the University to cancel conservative speakers because the students don’t want to hear someone exercise their 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech because it disagrees with their views, we expose a deep societal problem. Conservative Ben Shapiro’s planned speech at Berkley prompted the MSM and University official to declare that “Berkley is bracing for Shapiro’s appearance and are providing “safe spaces” and “counseling” for those who feel threatened by a conservative viewpoint.”  Are we that fragile?  I am serious!  Are we that fragile, so filled with anxiety, insecurity, political correctness, lacking in self-esteem, and have such a sense of entitlement that we need to be protected from any views opposite of our own, even when our views are not our own but those of the string pullers we follow?

If we are THEN…  Then what?  If we are there is truly the need for “counseling.”  If this is the case then those who are so traumatized that they need a “safe space” to color in their coloring books and sing Kumbaya NEED SERIOUS COUNSELING.  They need it because somebody in the lives has failed them miserably.  They need it because they are sick in a way that makes them a danger to themselves and society as a whole.  Part of growing up, becoming responsible adults, and learning the necessary skill of interacting with others is learning to accept different opinions and views.  No, I did not say embrace them, endorse them, or agree with them but tolerate them and recognize that as human beings, created by God.  As American citizens, we have the right to THINK and BELIEVE what we choose.

A healthy society is not made up of cookie-cutter views where everybody embraces and adopts the Politically Correct View mandated by certain groups or activists.  A healthy society has an open and honest debate on the issues.  Our, Constitutional and Inalienable Rights afford us the privilege of thinking what we choose, believing what we will, and peacefully declaring our views.  That is part of Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment.  There is no provision for people to cover their faces, take baseball bats and attempt to kill anyone disagreeing with them.  There is no provision for seeking to eradicate all thought, speech, and/or people of different skin color or views than your own.  The provision is that each of us, in a peaceful manner, has the right to express our views.  If you disagree then debate in a civil manner.  If you disagree and it upsets, you greatly do not attend the meeting where the views are expressed.  Any attempt to suppress Free Speech in the name of Free Speech is a diabolical perversion of our Constitutional Rights it should be condemned by both Left and Right, but it isn’t.

If you are so insecure in what you believe that you feel threatened to the point of needing a “safe space” or “counseling” to help you cope, your problem is you, not the opposing views.  The problem is inside of you.  Are parents raising children to believe they can demand that NO ONE speak anything they do not want to hear in their presence?  Are schools teaching that only the Leftist views of life, politics, and morality are acceptable?  Our government, learning institutions, some churches, and too many homes are enabling this kind of mindset and by doing so we are destroying ourselves.  America’s greatest threat is not evil powers on the outside attacking us but destructive views like those on display in the ANTIFA, the BLM, and all the Leftist Activist Groups.  Yes, views like the KKK and Supremacists are equally destructive and we should condemn them all and teach the next generation that it is okay to disagree.  We need to teach our children that someone holding a different view is not a mortal threat.  We need to teach our children to investigate for themselves and form views their own not those of some college professor, politician or angry activist whose focus is not the betterment of society but its destruction.  We MUST move away from SELFISHNESS and SELF-CENTEREDNESS and become responsible mature adults able to deal with diverse opinions without running for cover and insisting they be silenced.  Counter the arguments you disagree with by using and offering factual information do not simply resort to rhetorical and vitriolic talking points and resorting to violence.

America, we can recover but ONLY if we STOP THE INSANITY of allowing this to continue.  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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