BLOG POST 2 - Power

Barack Hussein Obama, not Donald J Trump, in my humble opinion, is the abuser.  President Obama initiated the DACA program on November 20, 2014, via Executive Order as an effort to provide protection to children of illegals from deportation.  He had no authority to do that because immigration legislation is under the purview of Congress and His job is not to write legislation but to enforce the law.  His action was one of many acts that could be called a coup of seizing Congressional Power and making the Executive Branch a totalitarian and authoritarian branch not one of three branches with checks and balances.  Remember he said, “I am president and I can do what I want,” and “I have a pen and phone, and if Congress doesn’t act, I will go it alone.”  Neither of those statements is legally sound constitutionally but reflect the mindset of a Tyrant and would-be Dictator not an elected President of a Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution of these United States of America makes no provision for the President to set immigration policy.  His DACA order was designed to delay deportation of illegal immigrants and that authority falls under the oversight of the Immigration and Naturalization Services Department.  The federal rules for that department can only be set by Congress.  Article I, Section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that ONLY Congress shall have the power “To establish a Uniform Rule of Naturalization.”  If goes on to affirm that all legislative powers shall reside in Congress, which is to be composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate.  Therefore, Mr. Obama, your actions were illegal, and Congress you shirked your duties in not challenging him and acting to provide such legislation to address the matter.  The judiciary also failed in this, although there were some rulings that clearly declared Mr. Obama’s actions outside the scope of his authority.  Yet, only now with the election of Donald Trump do we have anyone in Washington willing to do the right thing.  Congress hates his repeal of the Obama Executive Order and places the ball squarely in the court of Congress forcing them to do their constitutional duty.

Barack Obama publicly declared over 20 times that he had no such authority.  He knew he did not have the constitutional or legal authority to unilaterally change any immigration laws, BUT HE DID.  Several of his overreaches were overturned by the Supreme Court, but he continued and Congress sat on their hands even with Republicans in control of the House and later both Houses of Congress.  WHO IS TO BLAME?  Barack Obama and Congress are guilty.  The GOP Establishment has willingly gone along with Mr. Obama and the Democrats while shouting from the rooftops they were in opposition to his policies.  However, when given a golden opportunity to actually repeal many of his illegal acts, they resist and refuse to act.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  They must go!

Barack Obama repeatedly bypassed Congress using Executive Orders to rewrite or amend, the rules regarding immigration and numerous other laws.  He changed the application, definition, and selectively enforced various laws ILLEGALLY.  Yet, there has been little more than a whimper from the GOP but when it comes to Donald Trump they join the chorus of the Leftist shouting ABUSE OF POWER or OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Where were the cries and action when Barack Obama was abusing his power and obstructing justice?  Do you remember during his first term, he immediately introduced the $800 BILLION American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts (ARRA) which allowed him to work around existing Federal Laws?  He used his army of bureaucrats and czars to rewrite existing laws.  That virtually made him a Dictator, not an elected American President subject to the other two branches of government in checks and balances.  He was fulfilling his expressed belief that he was president and could do whatever he wanted.  In that act, there is a sentence that sent red flags to the roof for many of us but ignored by Congress and often the Courts.  It reads, “The Presidents and the heads of Federal departments and agencies shall manage and expend the funds made available in this Act so as to achieve the purposes specified in subsection (a)…”   Simply, that meant that the President and his czars could spend money on policies chosen by Barack Obama and that is one of the ways that the former president raised the national debt by $10 TRILLION in just 8 years.

Those are just a couple of the dozens of actions he took to strip Congress of its power, bypass the courts, and ignore the wishes of the American people.  It should be no surprise the national credit rating was downgraded and the federal budget allowed to spiral upward out of control burying us in debt.  What his actions did was place the power of Washington in the hands of the Democrats and leftist because the GOP is showing no signs of being willing to STOP THIS, DRAIN THE SWAMP, and deal with the DEEP STATE.  Nobody in DC seems to have the intestinal fortitude or spine to deal with the mandatory spending and return it to fiscal sanity.  Congress has been complicit in this effort to diminish the role and power of WE THE PEOPLE.  We can only survive if we seriously investigate the corruption of Washington, deal with the Deep State, evict the Statist, and Drain the Swamp.  Most of Congress needs to be given the Left foot of Fellowship and sent home.  WHAT WILL WE DO IN 2018???

God, bless you and God bless America!

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