Some have suggested that the Deep State is making dangerous inroads of influence in the Trump Administration and we should all be concerned.  I have asked myself, “Is there cause for concern?”  I must confess that there are some signs of the creeping influence of Globalism in this administration and that does concern me.  I would also say, that by and large, I believe that the President is committed to keeping as many of his campaign promises as possible.  One significant problem, in my view, is the left-leaning of some family members especially Ivanka and Jared.  I know she has the ear of her father and apparently, Jared does as well, possibly more than any of his other children and more than some of his closest confidantes.  I am not ready to call it a loss but with each new situation regarding firings or resignations, there are questions.

You may or may not like Steve Bannon, but from all I can gather in research and reading and listening to his enunciated beliefs, his patriotism and the role he played in helping to galvanize the Trump campaign impressed me.  I, as do others, believe that he has the intellectual ability, the spine, and vision to place a roadblock in the unprecedented and unchecked growth and expansion of the behemoth federal bureaucracy that now exists.  He apparently was forced out of the White House by some of the more moderate-liberal globalist minded members of the administration.  Yes, I know he reportedly resigned and both he and the President suggest it is to allow him a more unrestrained venue to lead the fight from outside the administration.  However, the Deep State believes it succeeded in having him removed.  Are they, right?  If so, that should be of great concern to all of us. 

William Marshall, in his recent article, “Has the Deep State Won?” suggested a comparison to Great Britain during WWII and their fight against the Nazis had Winston Churchill resigned.  His question was, “Could England have survived?”  My answer is, “No, they could not.”  I don’t think it is a fair to compare Bannon to Churchill or the current situation with the fight against Hitler and Nazi Germany but it does raise questions that we need to consider.  Bannon, I believe, holds the view that is consistent with our Framers and Founders that government answers to the people, not vice versa.  The voices in the President’s ear are too often voices that, at least somewhat, embrace the Establishment view of government and are not opposed it its growth and power.

But moving beyond Bannon and others who embraced views consistent with the Constitution and Limited Government, this administration has a golden opportunity to expose the fraud, ineptitude, malfeasance, incompetence, and criminality of the previous administration.  Will he bring that to fruition?  Not with people like H.R. McMaster in the NSA.  Judicial Watch has battled the Obama administration in court seeking the release of Freedom of Information requests that keep being hidden and stonewalled.  Sadly, the Trump DOJ has not taken the necessary steps to release documents that are legally allowed and would advance the cause of Constitutional Conservativism and provide a direct hit on the Deep State and expose the corruption in Washington like little else.  My concern is why they have not?  The whitewashing of Benghazi has troubled me from the beginning and the Trump administration owes it to the public to fully disclose the truth behind the non-response of the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department in that attack.

I have recently discovered that the Deep State bureaucracy through the State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID) has been granting MILLIONS to George Soros-sponsored hard-left non-governmental organizations that seek to undermine pro-American governments in several countries.  Is the President aware of this?  I don’t know, but someone in his administration is and the persons at the head of that list should be the Secretary of State, the director of the NSA, and General Kelly his chief of Staff.  Are they?  If not, why not?  Is the Deep State that efficient in hiding its activities or is it so entrenched it does not have to hide?  Both are of concern to this American.

There are rumors that Bannon and others are planning to launch a media network to replace Fox News which is becoming increasingly liberal and assuredly moderate in its position.  If he does and is successful then he could possibly be a powerful voice outside the White House in the fight against Big Government, the Deep State, the DC Swamp, and political elitism.  There are judges and ambassadors, holdovers from the Obama administration who are ultra-liberal hardcore leftists that should have been replaced within the first month of this new administration but certainly nine months in.  The MSM, the Democrats, the Deep State, the Leftist, the Establishment Republicans, and the Never Trumpist are working 24/7/365 to end Trump’s presidency or at a minimum make it impotent and incapable of addressing the promised agenda.  The Deep State believes it is winning and from what I see in Congress and some of the changes in the Trump White House, I am concerned.  No, I have not given up hope and believe that the President has and is doing some good and am praying that enough people will put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to get behind the campaign promises to effect positive change and action going forward.  We can make a major impact in the mid-term elections in 2018 and in 2020 we could make significant strides in REPLACEMENT of the Statist to put the Deep State on notice that we are serious and will not give up or give in.  It is truly up to us and for that reason, we must PRAY earnestly, WORK diligently and tirelessly, and VOTE without fail.

            God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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