BLOG POST 3 - Electoral College View of Leftis

I can tell you in one sentence why but will try to give more foundation to my assertion.  The simple answer is “so they can commit voter fraud and steal elections.”  It is much easier to manipulate the national election when you do not have to deal with 50 separate states.  If you only have to manipulate the total votes then it is a much simpler task to stuff ballot boxes, commit voter fraud, and steal the election than if you must deal with every state and somehow manipulate enough of them that you get 270 Electoral Votes.  Their plan is simple, diabolical, and wrong for America!

However, I know a significant number of people who would never vote Democrat, are totally opposed to the Leftist views being advanced today but agree with the Leftist that the Electoral College needs to go.  I AM NOT IN THE NUMBER!  The Democrats are pushing for this almost exclusively because they lost the 2016 Election while winning (apparently) the popular vote.  I say (apparently) because some reports indicate that voter fraud and irregularities may have skewed the popular vote beyond truth.  I won’t spend time on that point and you can believe what you choose.

One of the Leftist reasons for abolishing the Electoral College is that, according to them, Trump has a significant possibility if not the probability of winning reelection if the Electoral College is kept in place.  There you have the underlying motive.  If we are to remain true to our Constitution, making such a change would require an Amendment to the Constitution.  It must be passed to the states for ratification and ratified before that change could transpire.  That is not an easy or speedy process.  However, the Democrats offer another “end run” around the Constitution calling it an “elegant” runaround.  The official title is “Interstate Compact” where states would pool their electors for whichever candidate wins the popular vote nationally disregarding the vote of the populace of their state.  This is not something to be dismissed as “sour grapes” by the Leftists and deemed to have no chance because as of this date there are 11 State Legislatures that have signed on to the “Interstate Compact.”  According to what I have been told if enough states sign on bringing the Electoral Vote Totals to 105 it goes into effect and our Constitution will have been shredded without a ratified amendment.

What happened to accepting the loss of an election and moving on while making plans for the next one?  If the sane within the Democrat Party (if that creature exists) do not prevail and reject this, the consequences to our Constitutional Republic will be dire if not deadly.  The Republicans have had their fair share of “bad candidates” which cost them dearly in the elections and the Democrats should realize that a bad candidate is explanation enough for a loss, not a reason to change the system to rig it for your side.  The Interstate Compact is, I believe, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and if the Supreme Court has any sanity and Constitutional understanding it would strike it down immediately.  The Framers and Founders explicitly prohibited such compacts because they saw them as death knells for the Republic.  What happened to following the rules?  Are we not a nation of laws and rules and should we not expect, no, should we not demand from all sides that they abide by the Law and follow the Prescribed Rules especially regarding elections?  If you want to abolish the Electoral College take the only legitimate pathway to that end via a constitutional convention or an amendment offered by Congress and sent to the states for ratification.  NO OTHER PATHWAY IS ACCEPTABLE.  I do not want it to happen but that is the only legitimate means for it to happen.

The Leftist are not interested in the Rules or Right they only want to win and gain power giving them control.  It is not about the Republic or We the People, it is about Position, Power, and Purse.  They see themselves as the only legitimate authorities and are intolerant of any view that does not agree with their own.  They are willing to do whatever to WIN!  They follow the Alinsky model to the Letter and ascribe to the idea that “The End Justifies the Means.”  They would never take the path of a Constitutional Amendment because that is an incredibly difficult road and most Amendments fail.  The Constitution was designed to be difficult to alter but there was the avenue by which it could be if the majority of states and people within those states wanted to do so.

We need to contact our Governors and State Legislatures and make them aware that we find actions like this unacceptable if we do.  If we are going to “protect and defend” the Constitution of these United States, we MUST resist this end around and backdoor approach to subverting our system.  You may not like the outcome of the election but it was achieved via our electoral process, a process that has served us well since our founding and will serve us into the future if we will allow it to do its rightful work.

The Democrats desire to create a situation where voter fraud, electoral manipulation and stealing elections is easier.  If we allow this to happen there will likely be no more Republicans or Conservatives elected to the national office.  If that is your objective it is a good plan, if following the Constitution is your desire it should be appalling to you.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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