BLOG POST 2 - Screen Doors in Submarines

As much sense as what?  As the diatribe and rhetoric of the Leftist, some in Congress that if we just pass Laws the Lawless will obey them.  I wish I did not believe they were serious but considering the apparent brain power of those presenting those ideas, I can believe they believe it to be the truth.

If that belief were a factual reality we would have no gun violence in America today because we have laws against using a gun in a crime.  There are laws against murder, assault, robbery, rape, pedophilia, and scores of other crimes but the last time I checked those crimes were still being committed.  So much for the theory that if we pass a law regulating or restricting some activity or as is in the cross-hairs today – GUNS we would prevent crime, murder, and mass shootings.  I find it almost laughable that many of those shouting the loudest for “gun control” or a “gun ban” is celebrities guarded by ARMED bodyguards.  Do they want to give up their ARMED SECURITY?  I pause while you think and answer… I paused for a brief nano-second and we all shouted NO!

I read an article some time back that quoted Actress Jessica Chastain who weighed in on gun violence and the need for gun control.  She said, “Welcome to America, where you’ll wait 6 months for an X-ray but hey, you can buy an AR-15 in 5 minutes flat.”  I thought she was talking about America but must be talking about one of the nations where there is socialized medicine or she has located some incredibly incompetent medical facility to frequent.  I don’t know where she bought her AR-15 in 5 minutes flat unless it was from some street vendor because the rifles and handguns I have purchased took longer than that.  Her rant is the same as the late-night comedians, Hollywood elites, and politicians – FALSE and heavily seasoned with EMOTION not based in FACT.  We have people like Nancy Sinatra who tweeted after the Las Vegas mass shooting, “The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”  Seriously?  Do you really want to exchange one Mass Murderous Rampage with another?  Do you really want to blame innocent people for the diabolically evil man who committed this act?

These same people and members of Congress think that adding more “Gun Laws” will somehow lessen the occurrence of gun crimes and the overwhelming statistical evidence is THEY ARE WRONG!  They ignore the daily murders in cities like Chicago and sections of St. Louis and attempt to make political hay in events like that which transpired in Las Vegas.  I am convinced there are no new “gun laws” we could have passed that would have prevented that evil.  There are millions of rational, sane, and safety conscious gun owners in America who will never commit such a heinous act as did Stephen Paddock.  The NRA has, almost from its inception sought to teach and encourage gun safety and responsible gun ownership.  It has elected women to its board since 1948 and the slogan “refuse to be a victim” is a theme that inspires their push for training and self-defense programs designed especially for women who feel threatened.  It, unlike so many organizations of the Left, empowers women by giving them confidence when threatened and the tools whereby to protect themselves.  Those women who have been trained and survived an attempted violent attack understand that “self-defense” is far more valuable than some new gun law.  Criminals do not automatically obey the law.  They are CRIMINALS and by definition that means they break the law.

Leftist lunatics like Michael Moore are shouting that it is time to get rid of TRUMP and the 2ND AMENDMENT.  I’d like to ask Mr. Moore and all those on late-night television, those in the make-believe world of Hollywood, and the Ivory Palaces of the Elitist and Washington, “How many of those mass shootings were in GUN FREE ZONES?”  Most of them!  Gun free zones appear to be magnets for psychopathic killers like the one in Las Vegas.  If those shouting for gun control and the banning of firearms truly care about saving lives how about protesting Abortion on Demand?  How about marching against the violent murders in our inner cities where the crime is often largely black on black?  How about protesting the disastrous destruction of our healthcare industry through Obamacare?  How about protesting the murder of police officers and first responders who rush into danger to protect lives?  NO, rather than being focused on saving lives, they are focused on a political objective and having no real answers they opt for MORE LAWS and MORE RESTRICTIONS on Americans.  The only thing a “gun ban” does is place more innocent citizens in harm’s way and prevents more law-abiding people from being able to adequately protect themselves.

I am 100% in favor of gun safety and do not want criminals or the mentally deranged having access to firearms or any other weapon by which they can do harm.  But, I am staunchly a defender of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  If I hear one more of that crowd say that the 2nd Amendment was referring to muskets I will scream.  The 2nd Amendment did not specify muskets and they should realize that the 2nd Amendment provided civilians to have the same arms as the militia.  I am not suggesting that citizens have ready access to fully automatic weapons and what is being called an “assault rifle” is an errant classification by the uninformed.  Just because a rifle looks ominous and imposing does not mean it is an assault rifle.  Why is the 2nd Amendment a threat to that crowd?  Could it be, as with tyranny in all ages, a desire to disarm citizens in order to take control?  NO, I will not give up the fight to keep ALL our Constitutional Rights intact including the 2nd Amendment.

I hope you are paying attention and remember all that is going on when it becomes time for you to vote in the mid-term elections in 2018 and in the elections of 2020.  We can make a difference if we rid Washington and Congress of as many Constitution objectors as possible and send people to DC who will fight for you and me constitutionally.

God bless you and God bless America!


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