BLOG POST 6 - Truth

There has been no concrete documented evidence to support the allegations that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and enhance his chances of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.  Yet, that has not stopped the Left, the Establishment Republicans, and the Never Trump Crowd and we have been enduring the Special Investigator Robert Muller’s team and tactics for months.  Now, he has begun his indictments of those connected to Trump in any fashion and ignoring Hillary and her cronies whose hands are incredibly dirty with documented evidence.  There was collusion and a conspiracy and I would never say definitively that nobody on the Trump team played dirty, there is NO QUESTION that the Hillary and Obama team did.  Why is that not being investigated and not the headline bulletins in all print publications, on social media, and in the Main Stream Media?  WHY? That is too easy, it is because Trump is the threat to their ideological agenda they fear the most and to expose truth with regard to the Leftist would defeat their purposes.

Of course, you are familiar with the “Trump Dossier” produced by Fusion GPS which has largely been debunked and even the creators have tacitly admitted fabrications.  In that document which John McCain sought to use against Trump the charge of “Golden Showers” among many other fabrications is the prime tool of the Leftist as they insist it is real and shows the mental derangement and collusion of Trump and his team.  Let’s dig a little deeper into Fusion GPS and now they are trying to block investigators from obtaining their bank records?  WHY?  If you are legitimate and have nothing to hide, why hide?  Their representatives have repeatedly taken the Fifth on Capitol Hill.  Their bank records have been subpoenaed but Fusion GPS is seeking court help to prevent that from happening.  On one hand, I understand not wanting to turn over bank records to Congress and on the other, I must ask, “Who are they trying to protect other than themselves?”  Hey, when you release dirt on the Clintons there is a good chance you will meet with an untimely death often via suicide (so reported) or strange natural causes.  It is dangerous to cross the Clintons.  Hey, Chuckie and Miss Nancy and the rest of the Democrats where are your cries for TRANSPARENCY?  Wait, I keep forgetting you want transparency when it does not involve your side.  My bad what was I thinking?

There are many other items regarding Hillary, Podesta, Obama, and the Left but how about the collusion and conspiracy in attempting to STEAL the Election via the Illegal Voters.  I recently saw a report by the Government Accountability Institute that gives credibility to Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity and reveals how daunting their task is.  The GAI has revealed that thousands of the votes cast in 2016 were illegal duplicates from people who were registered in multiple states.  This Institute managed to obtain voter registration data from only 21 states.  They could not get more because some of those states make it virtually impossible or financially unfeasible to pursue that information.  If you extrapolate the data they were able to obtain to all 50 states it would represent at least 45,000 duplicate votes.  That may not sound like a lot but consider those races or states where the vote totals were a few thousand votes.  A case in point would be New Hampshire where Hillary won by less than 3,000 votes and you see how individual states often hinge on a handful of votes.  My question is, “How many voted in California as duplicates or simply by non-citizens going to the polls?”  It has been suggested that there were several million and I would not be surprised.  This is another reason to maintain the Electoral College now in the crosshairs of the Democrats because voter fraud is much easier if you do not have to deal with 50 separate states only vote totals.

We have Obama administration holdovers in the Trump administration hiding Hillary emails and have been doing so for years.  We know that Robert Muller as the FBI Director and then James Comey in that role hid or swept under the rug information about “Russian bribery” in the Obama/Clinton Uranium Deal with Russia.  It would have been a major feather in the cap of our law enforcement and intelligence communities to have brought down a major Russian nuclear corruption scheme.  It was a scheme that lined the coffers of Obama and the Clintons, placed our national security at risk, and allowed Russian access to sensitive facilities and materials within our borders.  HOW IS THAT DEEMED OKAY?  They had the goods and could have exposed this but MUM WAS THE WORD.  Why?  Again, that is too easy.  It was because our federal law enforcement and the intelligence agencies involved (at least at the top) were nothing more than front men for the Leftist Agenda.  Those same people are now investigation Donald Trump with a dogged abandon but were complicit in the corruption, collusion, and conspiracies of the Clintons and Obama.  This is simply, in my mind, further validation of the anti-American position of Barack Obama and I believe Clinton and the Left.

Another thing that troubles me and some will think this unrelated is the SILENCE of the Church on what is happening.  Silence regarding the Left but much of the Church Leadership is vocal on their distrust and dissatisfaction with the 2016 Presidential Election.  I have long contended with the Church is Silent evil prevails or most assuredly gains a foothold and finds inroads into our society to destroy and damage.  No, I am not asking or calling for every pastor to become a political spokesperson but I am asking that pastors, as watchmen on the walls, sound the alarm when they see danger and expose sin as sin where sin exists.

There is Collusion, Corruption, and Conspiracy but it is in the largely if not completely in the camp of the Left and yet, those on the Left and many on the Right have no interest in pursuing it and uncovering the real truth.  No, they want the person removed from office that is an outsider and not part of the network of political cronies.  If anyone threatens the Deep State, the Swamp, the Ole Boy System and the Status Quo they are deemed Public Enemy Number One.  How dare the voters elect anyone not part of the Establishment.  After all, we are far too stupid, in their view, to know what is best for the country and our insistence on the Constitution being followed is anathema to them.  Yes, we, the Deplorables are the blame and they must rescue us from our error.  Maybe it is time we rescued the Republic from their error and replace them as soon as possible.

Join me in the fight for Liberty and the Republic.  God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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