BLOG POST - Stupidityt

If what is happening in politics and our American society today was a skit for Saturday Night Live or some sitcom, I’d laugh but it’s not and it’s a real danger.  As I watch the Robert Muller investigation unfold, I wish I could laugh at the one-sidedness of his “investigation”, but I can’t.  He goes back years and indicted Paul Manafort, not on things connected to the 2016 Election, and things that should be or have been discovered or disclosed by the FBI, not the Special Investigator.  Mr. Muller, at the same time, ignores the mountain of mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton, her team, the DNC, and the former President and his administration skirted the Law and committed things that border on Treason if they do not achieve that level of criminality.  If this were a Comedy Routine it might be funny, but it’s not and it is dangerous. 

Let me say upfront, I am perfectly willing for Paul Manafort or anyone else guilty of a crime being prosecuted but I would like to see an equal devotion to finding something to be used against the Clinton and Obama teams as well.  If we are truly seeking TRUTH, then let’s seek it in those two as well as every member of Congress, the IRS, the VA, and every level of bureaucracy in Washington.  Let’s go after the Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, George Soros.  No, that will not happen because this is not a comedy skit but a determined effort by the Left, the Clintons, James Comey, Robert Muller, Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Establishment Republicans and every NEVER TRUMPER in America to REMOVE TRUMP FROM OFFICE.  That is their singular focus and they are willing to ignore everything not connected to Trump no matter how loosely those connections might be or how far in the past those individuals engaged in questionable or illegal activities.

As I listen and watch what is happening in America in Hollywood, the MSM, on College Campuses across the land and in Washington I have concluded that, according to them, if you are a Constitutionalist and/or a Conservative, and do not align yourself with the liberal leftist mantra it is deemed that YOU ARE EVIL.  If I knew nothing about what was or has transpired in America over the past decade or so and suddenly listened to the rhetoric and spin of the MSM and the Democrats I would conclude that EVERYONE who professes to be a Constitutional Conservative especially if they are white are demons from hell.  What else could I think because the MSM reports nothing negative or reveals criminality or ethical concerns for the Democrats but if someone on the Right sneezes at an inopportune time it gets WALL to WALL and WIRE to WIRE coverage?  It becomes the worst scandal in modern history and that individual is the second coming of Genghis Kahn.  If it were a Comedy Skit I’d might could laugh but it is not and it is destroying our nation.

When I hear the inconsolable whining of the Left and fabricated moral umbrage expressed by those supposedly reporting the news I cringe.  When I hear people on the Left calling for violence against the President and anyone not agreeing with their ideological position, I weep for my nation.  When I see and hear the painting of anything remotely connected to President Trump in the Russian investigation or anything he does as the ultimate evil and the total disregard for the corruption on the left I am bewildered.  When I hear the justification and excuses for not targeting Hillary and the many scandals and crimes committed either directly or indirectly by her or her team I would love to laugh but I cannot.  When Hillary and her team can hire a law firm to launder campaign finances, skirt election laws, and violate more ethical principles than I can name I am dismayed.  America, have we reached the place in our disintegration as a truly constitutional republic that this is acceptable?  If so, then I’m not sure we can ever dismantle the Deep State or Drain the Swamp sufficiently to revive and restore the Republic.  At the end of the day the Government is WE THE PEOPLE and if sufficient numbers of us are marching to the Leftist drummer to allow this to continue, then the Government has reached the level of corruption and power it cannot be stopped.

I, personally, believe there is hope for this Republic.  I believe there is hope “IF” and that is the operative word, “IF” we take some definitive actions.  I am a believer in God, and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, so my first thought is we must return to our moral moorings and intercede for the nation.  There are breaches in our social fabric that can only be bridged with divine intervention altering the hearts of men.  The second thought is that we MUST become involved to a higher level than we have in the past and MUST fully vet and elect ONLY those individuals who are fully committed to what is morally and ethically right and are strict adherents to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  That means we evict some or many current members of Congress and replace them with people who will, hopefully, restore sanity to Washington and repair the breach in our nation.  Can that happen?  Yes, it can.  Will that happen?  I cannot answer that because I do not know the level of understanding or commitment of everyone and it will take almost everyone to accomplish this.  Will we ever be unified to the point that political parties, ethnicity, socioeconomic standing, or educational levels are no longer driving or dividing factors?  I doubt it, but hopefully, we can transform this National Tragedy into a pathway toward restoration and open the door for America to achieve the objective of our Foundering Fathers.  That we could be, in reality, a nation where, “All men are understood to have been created equal and have the inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

If you pray, I ask that you pray for America.  If you love freedom and liberty, I ask that you become involved.  If you want truth and justice, I ask that you pressure your elected official to consistently and without bias or partisanship seek to achieve that objective.  I ask you to consider the level of involvement you can and are willing to make to revive and restore the Republic.  Those in 1776 made a commitment realizing that it might cost them everything, even their lives, and for some that became their reality.  We are at a similar crossroad in America today, where involvement might cost you everything.  I am not calling for armed revolution and pray that it never comes to that.  I am calling for prayerful engagement and opened minded discussion on the ills of our nation and our society.  The America I was born in and the America and the one our Framers and Founders established is not the America of today.  I do not want to go backward but I do want us to reclaim and regain our moral moorings and our constitutional governance that kept America free for more than two centuries.  We are not devoid of national sins but we have a Republic we can and should be proud of and one that is worth the effort to preserve.  If we lose America we will have lost the world.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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