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The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, infamously declared that it was his intent and desire to see America ‘fundamentally transformed’.  Although he did not declare exactly what that transformation would entail and what the finished product would look like, many of us knew.  How did we know?  We knew because we vetted him and had researched both his previous political positions and his present declarations.  Many of us viewed his proposed “fundamental transformation” as a negative for our system of government and a danger for America as the Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders had fought so valiantly to obtain.

I appreciate the view that we are a “Democracy” but understand that view is incomplete and inaccurate.  We are not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic or a Representative Democracy and as Benjamin Franklin aptly stated when asked what kind of government they had produced, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  Throughout human history, there have been numerous forms of government and the results have been both good and bad.  I would like to list seven forms and then focus on how our system of government is different and unique.

TOTALITARIANISM – A highly centralized government that has zero tolerance for individualism or differences of opinion.  There is no Free Speech in this form of government and it is seen most clearly in the communistic and socialistic systems.  Usually, the head of that government is a dictator, czar, sultan, premier, and most assuredly a Tyrant.

MONARCHY – A government whose head is a king, queen, or emirate.  It is frequently hereditary and the line of succession is not determined by the will of the people but bloodline.  It can be benevolent or totalitarian depending on the mindset of the monarch.  The suppression of Free Speech and individual liberties is easily possible under this system of government.

OLIGARCHY – A government in which the political resides in the hands of a small select group of the elite.  This is seen in feudal tribal governments, aristocracies, and plutocracies.  In our modern America, we are dangerously close to an oligarchy by the Establishment Politicians and Political Elitist.  Again, in this system of government, there may be a declaration of individual liberties and Freedom of Speech but the ruling group can subvert and even suspend those rights via their edicts.

ANARCHY or REVOLUTIONARY – This is simply a government without laws and the supreme power is deemed to be in the hands of the individual.  “Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.”  The individual does whatever he/she thinks they should as they have the power and ability to do so.  The trampling of individual liberties is a natural part of this system and often cliques and sects forms which make it an oligarchy by anarchy and revolution.  If they do not like what is happening they create havoc and destruction.  Is that now where those on the Left are pressing us today?

DEMOCRACY – In a Pure Democracy, the power lies in the hands of the majority.  This system is driven by the heat of the moment and the emotion of the affected rather than through deliberation and evaluation of long-term best interest of the whole.  Like ancient Greece it implodes and generally, the entitlement mentality becomes an unsupportable and unstainable weight under which no system of government can survive.  Many think America is a Democracy and majority should rule without regard to the dangers inherent in this system.

THEOCRACY – In this system, we find a government in which the power is vested in the hands of the immediate representatives of God as they claim to act upon His directives.  If God were truly running the government we would find this a most enriching and wonderful system but too frequently in governments of men, men corrupt the system.  If men were angels we would need no government but men are often more closely identified with devils than angels so we need government.

REPUBLIC or CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC – In this system, the power is exercised by representatives elected by the people.  A Constitutional Republic is, in my view, the highest and best form of republican government and rather than the elected representatives becoming an oligarchy or ruling class they are REPRESENTATIVES.  In the system, our Framers hammered out the elected representatives are amenable to the voters and are subject to the Constitution, a written law of the land.

In America, we have a Constitution and according to that document, the elected representatives are accountable to us and subject to the Constitution.  They are NEVER to assume dictatorial powers or become tyrannical in their governance.  They are supposed to be bound to operating within the guidelines of the Constitution even when they disagree with its limitations or demands.  In our system of government if sufficient people in sufficient states deem it necessary to amend that document it is possible but until that transpires ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS are supposed to be bound but the guidelines of our Constitution.  That is not happening today and far too many of those in Congress and politicians at all levels of government believe they can disregard or reinterpret the Constitution to fit their ideological beliefs and agendas.  Those politicians should be shown the door on the very next electoral cycle in which they are voted upon.

If America is to survive and our individual and inalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties preserved WE MUST send only those to Washington and the State Houses who will commit themselves to the Constitution.  If we send anyone to Washington or a State House who fails to keep their pledge we are honor bound and duty bound to ensure they are not reelected.  That would require that all voters and citizens become involved, vet the candidates and incumbents.  I add one more action – PRAYER.  I believe the declaration of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and believe that if we the people of the United States of America will pray, repent, and seek God’s face and will, He will help us!

God bless you and God bless America!


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