BLOG POST 3 - Scatter Shooting

The more I watch the political circus in today’s America and what little I actually hear from the Lame Stream Media the more I wonder if “Scatter Shooting” with regard to talking politics and life is not the only way to go.  There are so many things surfacing on the political scene seemingly unconnected and, yet the roots are deeply embedded and interconnected.  If we could somehow connect the dots and trace the threads, we would find that the “peas of the political pod” are almost uniform and the ultimate agenda of the Swamp denizens, the Globalist Big Government Establishment Politicians are exactly the same.  Yes, I am actually saying that the Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats are both enemies of America.  You may disagree vociferously, and I can accept that.  However, hopefully, we can all agree that much of what is happening in Washington, DC now and over the past few decades have not always been in the best interest of the Free Constitutional Republic called the United States of America.  I would argue that the more appropriate descriptor would be hardly ever been in the best interest of America and Americans but then I am being a little cynical.

There are so many limbs on the proverbial tree of DC that illustrate my argument I would truly have to “Scatter Shoot” to bring them to light.  No, to enumerate them all would be impossible for they are so many and far-reaching.  There is no department or bureaucracy that is not deeply invested with Swamp denizens and Deep State adherents making it impossible to even know all the corruption, therefore naming the limbs on the DC tree would be virtually impossible.  I do not have the time or ability to fully investigate and expose all the corruption, but I can highlight enough to cause thinking people to see the “red flags” and begin to question Washington.  Hopefully, over time, I can sound the alarm enough and cry from the rooftop loudly enough to get the attention of sufficient numbers of voters to tackle the Swamp, the Ole Boy System, and Deep State in Washington.  If the voting public ever truly becomes enlightened those Good Old Boys in DC will be history.  Will that happen?  I don’t know, it hasn’t thus far, but we have never lived in a time quite like this and never seen an awakening like we see signs of today.

I find it amazing that there could be any justification for corruption investigating corruption.  What am I talking about?  There are many examples but one of the most glaring is Special Investigator or Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  I am a very loyal friend and I can appreciate friendship but if it impedes truth and justice it becomes a problem.  I can respect and appreciate the fact that Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper have known each other and been friends for years.  That, in itself, is not the problem but the history of Mr. Mueller’s involvement in coverup and corruption is.  Robert Mueller was a top FBI official during the Bill Clinton impeachment imbroglio and helped Clinton fight his fight.  

James Comey intentionally or inadvertently helped the Clintons during Hillary’s email scandal while Secretary of State.  She, either through intent or incredible incompetence and ineptitude failed to adequately protect our national secrets from foreign governments.  It seems that she intentionally sold secret and sensitive information to Clinton Foundation donors all over the world including the man at the forefront of the Trump accusations, Vladimir Putin.  Mr. Putin now owns and controls 20% or more of our uranium.  The Muslim Brotherhood, friends of her chief confidante Huma, the Iranians, who sponsor a very large portion of terrorism in the world, the Chinese, who thirst for more and more of our technological secrets, and the French, who understand bribery and sought for leverage over Hillary and the United States should she become President were all beneficiaries of her corruption.  Not to mention the fact that Bill Clinton sold U.S. rocket-launching technology to the Chinese for campaign or personal finances.  Not sure you can differentiate between the two with the Clintons.

 Hillary became a U.S. Senator from New York, which is known for its political purity, right?  What state is?  I questioned when she ran for the Senate in New York based on the smoke and mirror residency scam, but she did.  The New York political machine, for whatever reason, opted to place her before the voters and with their endorsement, she was elected as a liberal Senator from a liberal State.  Violation of the Law is not new to the Clintons, especially Hillary.  She was well versed in political malfeasance from the time she was hired by the Senate Watergate Committee to lynch Richard Nixon.  Nixon resigned but the Democrats wanted him hanged from the highest tree or burned at the state.  Hillary urged that ALL of Nixon’s constitutional rights be stripped away in order to destroy him.  Their cover was that the American people still believed the media, unlike today where virtually no thinking person believes the Washington Post or the New York Times. 

Few, even on the Left would honestly argue that Hillary is not corrupt, but they seek to justify her corruption as a legitimate basis for fighting constitutional conservatives in politics.  I would argue that Hillary’s actions as Secretary of State amounted to TREASON because we were in a state of war, even if it was not so named by her boss, Barack Obama.  The Democrats wanted James Comey fired UNTIL Donald Trump fired him, then he became an abused agent of government who demonstrated impeccable character and integrity.  SERIOUSLY?  The Clinton’s with the help of people like Robert Mueller has gone Scot Free but are not at the head of a Corruption Investigation against Donald Trump.  HOW IS THAT ACCEPTABLE?

 I must argue that Robert Mueller is part and parcel of the Hillary Cover-up.  With Wiki Leaks and many other revelations, we know, to some degree, the depth of the Clinton Corruption going all the way back to their days in Arkansas.  Sadly, nobody has been prosecuted for those crimes and the Left has turned a blind eye to the Clinton corruption but is doggedly determined to destroy Donald Trump no matter the cost to individuals or the Republic.  Placing Robert Mueller, a man with dirty hands politically, in charge of a corruption investigation is like giving the fox guard duty at the hen house.  If Congress were truly interested in Justice, Hillary and most of the Obama administration would be under the investigative microscope and there would have been numerous prosecutions and likely convictions.  JUSTICE is not what this is all about it is about Partisan Politics, protecting the Deep State, defending the Swamp, and advancing the Globalist agenda.  Donald Trump and all of us who have taken a position as Constitutional Conservatives and/or Christians are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE according to them.  They would not be satisfied if we caved and agreed to all their demands, to them we must be eliminated.  America, we must wake up and Change the Culture in Washington, DC.

God bless you and God bless America!


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