BLOG POST 2 - Belly Laugh

Okay, I am aware that my title, this picture and what I’m going to say will possibly offend some who are entrenched in the thought process of Albert Gore and his followers, but here we go.  Early this month, the infamous Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. the “Global Warming Guru” said, “Bitter Cold is exactly what we should expect from global warming.”  He said it with a straight face and in all seriousness.  NO, I don’t know if he was high but to make that kind of statement, in my view, one would have had to have checked their brain at the door when entering the room.  He cited so-called Climate Scientist, Michael Mann of Penn State University who declared that bitter cold is exactly what should be expected in global warming.  Pardon me professor, but how do you get COLD out of WARM?

I find it questionable and even laughable that Mr. Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” failed to warn us of giant snowstorms and bitter cold.  Instead, the 2006 Oscar-winning documentary prophesied a 20-foot sea-level rise in near future.  When is the near future?  I’m sure that is a moving target as is the changing way of identifying Global Warming calling it Climate Change and in some circles Climate Disruption, whatever all that means.  He told us that the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro would be gone and that there was some unverified scientific study that revealed polar bears drowned because they swam upwards of 60 miles to find ice.  The ice that has only decreased in some areas to increase in others.  Mr. Gore, I’m sure you recall the Inconvenient Truth that British Judge Michael Burton in October 2007 ruled were inaccurate.  The judge also ruled that your documentary was not an impartial analysis of climate change, another Inconvenient Truth, which you and your followers ignore.

Do you remember when the chameleon Al Gore declared in 2010 that “increased snowfalls are completely consistent with man-made global warming?”  Unfortunately, Mr. Gore had said months earlier in 2009 that the snow and ice around the world were rapidly disappearing.  Thanks for the belly laugh Mr. Global Warming.  You change your position so much I’m not sure you remember what position you are supposed to be supporting.  Anything, to continue the perpetuation of your unproven, and in my view, erroneous theory. After all, where would you get your money to buy your mansions, jumbo jets, and massive SUVs?  Hey, gotta keep the gravy train rolling!

I laughed heartily when I read and heard some of the proponents of Global Warming, Climate Change or Disruption declare they don’t understand the process that leads to the weather events at the close of 2017 and beginning of 2018 in the Northeast especially.  They ADMIT that they “don’t understand” the process, but they still want us to curtail our lifestyles, cut our CO2 emissions, and simply believe whatever they declare as law and gospel.  Thanks, Mr. Gore and your cronies, I needed a good laugh.  I confess I am one of those who believes that God created this planet and the entire universe, and He did not create a fickle planet.  Sorry, but I believe Him when He says we will always have “seed time and harvest, cold and heat or simply the seasons.”  The Climate is cyclical, and I’ve observed that throughout my numerous decades on planet earth.  There is no consistent pattern and I believe that one of the reasons for that is God has a purpose and possibly a sense of humor knowing the Climate Crowd would spin the spin they are spinning.

There are numerous scientist including Meteorologist Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr. who exhibit common sense saying, “For those who claim USA/Canada nor’easter is stronger because of ‘global warming,’ they apparently do not realize that it’s so strong because of especially strong horizontal temperature gradient in the troposphere. It ‘bombed’ because of usually cold air!”  Imagine that!  Another meteorologist Joe Bastardi went a step further calling the claims that the Bomb Cyclone was caused by global warming “flat-out insanity and deception.” He added of such declarations, “it’s not science; it’s witchcraft.”  I like that guy!!!  But, there are others who disagree with Albert Gore and his cronies including the University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass saying, “Such claims make no sense and are inconsistent with observations and the best science.” Mass concluded that “The frequency of cold waves have decreased during the past fifty years, not increased. That alone shows that such claims are baseless.”

The Gore-ites had a friend in the White House in Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren who, in 2014 released a video claiming that the “Polar Vortex” of that year was directly connected to that dastardly global warming phenomenon.  An Inconvenient Truth for Mr. Gore and his followers is that Mr. Holdren later admitted that the video was not based on science but his own personal opinions.  No matter how debunked their claims are they continue to trot out the same old tired argument that no matter what happens, it is man-made global warming’s fault.  It can get bitterly cold or stiflingly hot and it’s the same culprit.  We can find evidence that there is “global cooling” and it is the fault of global warming.  I guess bitter cold is the new hot in the Gore World.

All I can say is “Thanks for the laughs Al, I believe that laughter does good like a medicine” and if I take your claims the way I believe I should they are therapeutic because they make me laugh.  Please understand I truly believe in being good stewards of the planet and resources we have been given.  I never want to see people waste resources or trash the planet.  I love the outdoors and have hunted and fished all my life.  I’d ten times rather be outside than confined within the four walls of any building and enjoy God’s creation.  However, I believe that it is just that GOD’S CREATION and puny man is not going to so disrupt the climate that mankind is destroyed as a result.  There is coming a time, according to the Bible when God will destroy this world with fire.  Could He use man to bring that about?  Of course.  Is that what causes it?  I seriously doubt it.  If He created the planet He is capable of taking it apart, so I trust Him and refuse to live in fear from the hysteria the Global Warming Alarmist continue to advance.  Go, ahead laugh or yell at me but before you demand that I agree with Global Warming as a man-made event, bring me proof, not theory and doctored data as has been used.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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