BLOG POST 1 - Confusion

As I listened to President Donald J. Trump give the “State of the Union” address I was impressed, encouraged, and disturbed by what I saw and heard.  I watched the selective times that the Democrats stood and applauded and the times when they looked as if they were sucking on a sour pickle and had incredibly painful hemorrhoids causing them incredibly anguish.  The President highlighted some many of the problems and progress during the past year and beyond and pointed to some beautiful solutions.  The Republicans were jovially supportive, during the speech, but have failed to demonstrate that same support when the rubber has met the road in Congressional deliberations.  The Democrats were openly antagonistic during the speech consistent with their avowed determination to “take down” this president and “reverse” the outcome of the 2016 election.  In that, I saw nothing I did not expect, but the disappointment still rose to a new level in my heart as I thought, purely partisanship will not benefit America.  It was reaffirmed in my heart and mind that the ideologically driven agendas that are more focused on Party and Power than the Constitution and America are destructive.

I heard President Trump say some things that resonated deeply in my heart.  I heartily agree that those nations who openly or clandestinely harbor, aide, sponsor, and abet terrorism and anti-American activities should not be recipients of our foreign aid.  The only caveat would be in a time of natural disaster for humanitarian purposes.  A nation that will give American a thumbs down or some other gesture while holding out their hands for our money should be given a handful of something other than money in response.  That is another reason that I support a budgetary process that Congress will never approve, ZERO BASED BUDGETING.  I am encouraged that we have a president who demonstrates a willingness to move toward a policy that does not reward those who are not our friends.  We cannot buy friendship and support and the sooner we wake up to that fact the better off we will be.

I heard the President speak of the advancements we have made and many of them are undeniable, yet the Democrats want to discount them.  Juan Williams typified that ideological position as he lamented that Trump took credit for everything that has been positive.  Mr. Williams, what did your president Barack Obama do?  That is what every president does and in many respects, they are right for they are the one who will be blamed if it goes bad, so should they not be given credit for the leadership to get things done?  The economy has prospered under the Trump administration.  Unemployment including historic lows among African-Americans and Hispanics should get the notice of everyone in those communities, but likely will be tarnished with the hate that is continually spewed forth by the ideologues and activist of today.  If we do not secure our borders we will continue to place Americans in harm’s way and will continue to damage American workers in both job security and wage rates.  Our infrastructure must be addressed and the idea of including the various States and even private sector investments is a very wise and positive step, in my view.  Standing for our military, the police and first responders, our border patrol agents, and ICE is a right move.  Ending Chain Migration and the almost unlimited net that those coming here can include must end.  The President mentioned an end to both policies and I applaud that.  I am troubled by much of the pathway to citizenship because I see the potential of this number that has doubled and tripled from the first-mention to escalate to a number in the multiplied millions.  ASSIMILATION must be a part of the package or the package is detrimental to the Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders gave us.

I listened to part of the Democrat response in Joe Kennedy III and was not surprised in the rhetoric, spin, and Democrat liberal leftist talking points.  It was, in my view, chock full of falsehoods and fear mongering allegations.  The policies advanced by President Trump and the Republicans is not a choice between a coal miner and a single mother or anything of that nature.  The tax cuts are not for the rich, but every American will and is receiving benefit from the Tax Bill passed and signed.  It is not perfect, but it is far better than what we had.  The respect for the flag is not a negative but a powerful positive for this American and many others who love America and/or have served in the military.  Congressman Kennedy repeatedly, as do all the Leftists, declared THIS IS NOT or THIS IS WHAT we are all about as he insisted on the endorsement of same-sex marriages, citizenship for illegals, dreamers, and the myriad of other Democrat talking points.  I agree with the President that Americans have dreams too.  Congressman Kennedy, let me express to you WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AS AMERICANS.  We are among the most compassionate people on the planet.  We reach out to countries and peoples in crisis sending them monetary aid, equipment, supplies, and even invest our time and energy in helping them.  However, we are a sovereign nation and to remain so and continue to be able to help others around the world MUST have a secure border and a reasoned immigration policy.  We dare not throw open the doors to anyone and everyone declaring as some have, “If you are human you are not an illegal because you are a citizen of the world.”  Try that in the countries you have fled from and see how that works out for you.  I can assure you it will not end well.

We come together, as the President said, in times of crisis and that reveals WHO WE ARE but those who are driven by their quest for position and power continue to drive wedges in our society and that UNITY is short-lived.  We need to develop the resolve of 1776 and that demonstrated in World War II and was briefly exhibited after 9/11.  When Americans pull together and seek the best good of the Republic we have demonstrated the ability to overcome any obstacle and achieve great things for America and the world.  We are faced with mid-term elections in November of this year and it is critical that we do not relinquish any gains we have made to the Leftist ideology.  I am disturbed greatly by the growing number of Republicans, some very conservative, stepping down and no longer seeking office.  I don’t know why but their timing is suspect and if those in Congress do not have the stomach for the fight facing us and we do not find competent replacements we are in trouble.  I pray that we find competent replacements and those remaining become strong in their resolve and willingness to do what they were elected to do.

THE STATE OF THE UNION as described by the President is hopeful.  THE STATE OF CONFUSION as expressed by the Leftist is ominous and filled with danger for America and Americans.  I vote for the UNION, not the CONFUSION and will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I ask that you join the fight for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness and let’s see America restored to her proper state as the Constitutional Republic fought for and established by our Founders and Framers.

God bless you and God bless America!


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