BLOG POST 3 - Who Is First

You can’t have it both ways you either place Legal Immigrants and American citizens first or you place ILLEGALS, DACA, and AMNESTY first?  I will acknowledge, up front, that the children of illegals and illegals who are breaking no other laws present a difficult situation. Blanket Amnesty for ALL ILLEGALS is not the answer and Total Deportation of everyone may not be either.  I realize that some of my friends on the Right will find that objectionable but there is blame to be laid at the feet of politicians for their being here for the length of time they have been.  Therefore, in my view, at this point, I suspect that the solution lies somewhere between blanket amnesty and total deportation.  That being said, I am opposed to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and totally reject the idea of BLANKET AMNESTY!

The fact that for generations we have had a porous border and allowed people to virtually come and go as they please is OUR FAULT as a nation.  No, that is not a justification or excuse for breaking our laws, but had we had a secure border they would either not have been allowed to come or would have been apprehended and dealt with within months of coming not years and possibly decades later.  The Republicans, at least a portion of them, wanted cheap labor for their donors and the Democrats want that as well but they also want a liberal bloc of votes through those flooding our shores.  BOTH ARE TO BLAME!  Ignoring the problem, kicking the can down the road, using rhetoric rather than action has made the problem larger and one that has no easy solutions.  What is the solution? 

I heard a conservative talk show host attempt to tackle this issue and his solution, without going into the details, was to immediately deport, any and all who are incarcerated or have a felony record.  We have enough problems without adding to those problems with people who can rightly be called UNDESIRABLES.  He then said, regarding those who had been here for years, who were brought here by their parents or the adults who came seeking a better life and have been law-abiding except for illegal entry should be given consideration.  My issue with that statement is if they are paying taxes they obtained a social security card fraudulently and if they are not paying taxes they are breaking our tax laws.  In both cases they are committing another crime, therefore they are not living violating no other law than illegal entry.  His thought was to insist that they IMMEDIATELY register, get a driver’s license, social security card, pay a fine, and go through a process of obtaining legal status.  However, not all of them desire to become American citizens but want to be here on a “work visa”.  I can see the pros and cons of that position and confess I do not have this issue totally resolved in my mind but I stand firmly for LEGAL IMMIGRATION.  I do have a concern that if we give blanket amnesty to the ILLEGALS we will have shifted the political landscape irreversibly to the Left and Liberal meaning the Democrats will be entrenched in controlling our Republic for the foreseeable future.  Sadly, some of them are voting now, ILLEGALLY and that should disqualify them from citizenship.  What is the waiting period, amount of fine, or penalty for ILLEGALLY entering our sovereign republic?  I am still weighing that in my own mind and heart.  He argued that the Illegals were doing what we let them do and the real blame is ours.  You have to weigh that yourself, I’m simply repeating what he suggested.

Congress is supposed to deal with Immigration and they have refused to do their job.  Thus, the illegal DACA program that former President Barack Obama instituted enabled them to dodge the political bullet and not deal with the problem.  President Donald Trump has placed the ball back in their court and given them a deadline to DO THEIR JOBS.  Will they?  I seriously doubt it.  That brings us to the current state of affairs regarding Amnesty, Illegal Immigration, Secure Borders, and the Sovereignty of the United States of America.  The Democrats are working hard to muck up the process in an attempt to gain TOTAL AMNESTY.  They plan to use “Government Shutdown” and every other stonewalling tactic they can while seeking to blame the Republicans.

The Democrats led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have successfully blocked the 2018 budget for another month in hopes they will so exacerbate and exhaust the President and Republicans in Congress they concede to their demands.  The “Continuing Resolution” passed gives Congress until early February to come up with an agreement.  The Democrats are adamantly demanding a Clean Amnesty or Immigration Bill, and that must not happen, or they will SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT again.  The Democrats are using public displays of faux or real emotional appeals claiming any opposition to Amnesty or allowing the Illegals to stay is Racist, Xenophobic, Evil, and Diabolical.  Senator Schumer has insisted that the only way President Trump can prove he is not a racist is to support DACA.  Seriously?  If he supports Legal Immigration, he is a racist?  If he supports a sovereign America, he is a racist?  If he puts America first, he is a racist?  THAT IS NOT TRUE, Senator and you know it.

Right now, I’m not sure it would be well for the GOP to let them Shut Down the Government and allow the voters to make the final decision in November regarding Immigration.  The influx of illegals has helped to freeze American wages since 2000 and if we are going to have a strong economy and a sovereign nation we must SECURE THE BORDER and that means making some difficult decisions regarding illegals here now.  I support legal immigration but oppose allowing people to break our laws with impunity.

Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL, the leader in the Attack Trump of late, says now that his SOLE FOCUS in Congress is to make sure that illegal aliens are given amnesty, so they can remain permanently in the United States of America.  Thanks, Senator Durbin, for protecting and defending the Constitution you swore to uphold. Thanks, Senator Durbin, for ignoring the plight of people in your State.  Thanks for making sure that an even greater drain on our economy will transpire if you are successful, increasing the number of people on food stamps, welfare, and entitlements.  It is estimated that if given AMNESTY, one in five of the illegals under the DREAM ACT would end up on food stamps and one in seven would end up on Medicaid.  HOW IS THAT GOOD FOR AMERICA?  Senator Durbin, you and those like you are becoming a bigger problem than the illegals and they are a big problem.

American, patriots, and lovers of freedom, we have a problem that has been ignored far too long.  We MUST deal with it but before I am willing to consider any pathway to citizenship other than Legal Immigration, the border must be secured.  We MUST begin fully enforcing the Law and end Sanctuary Cities.  We MUST restore our National Sovereignty by securing our borders to keep Americans safer.  We have far too many incidents where an ILLEGAL has murdered or raped an American citizen.  THAT MUST END!  In an issue that has many caveats and considerations the one thing that cannot be overlooked is that Americans have dreams too and our national security and national sovereignty demands that we SECURE THE BORDERS and ENFORCE OUR LAWS!

God bless you and God bless America!


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