BLOG POST 1 - Reason

Another mass shooting in America and the immediate impassioned pleas are for ‘Gun Control’ and ‘Gun Bans’ of various types of firearms.  Some want an immediate ban on ALL GUNS, some want a ban on certain types of firearms, but the Leftist Gun Control Activist want to shred the 2nd Amendment and BAN GUNS in some measure.  Mostly, it would make them feel better but would not address the real problem nor would it prevent more mass shootings.

Before you blast me as unfeeling, uncaring, and lacking compassion I ask that you tap the brakes and allow your emotions to calm just a little and use that thing on the top of your shoulders for something other than a hat rack.  The Bible says, “Come now let us reason together…”  Yes, that passage in Isaiah was talking about salvation, but it is a valid plea in any crisis or tragedy.  If we react in the heat of emotions we frequently make bad decisions and bad policy which is difficult to rectify and does not truly deal with the problem.

In no way, do I desire to lump everyone who is crying for a ban on guns in the same basket.  In no way, am I accusing you of being purely political because I realize that there are many who genuinely believe that if there was a law “banning firearms” we would have no more mass shootings.  They are wrong, but sincere in their beliefs.  They fear the evil gun and truly want to see America become a “gun free zone”, mistakenly thinking this will resolve the problem of “gun violence” in America.  Cities such as Chicago are a testimony of the fallacy in that argument, but then asking people driven by emotion to use reason is more than can be expected.

When I hear equal outrage over the genocide of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion wing, from those on the Left as I do their vituperation of the National Rifle Association I will believe we can have an honest conversation about this problem.  The millions of innocent unborn babies that are slaughtered each year reflect a problem as great as the diabolical actions of those who commit acts of violence in mass shootings and terrorism.  NO, I am not diminishing the abominableness and heinousness of mass shootings.  What I am saying is, “let’s not pick and choose which acts of treachery we are going to target, simply for political or ideological purposes.”  Let’s focus on ALL the issues and realize that this problem is not as simple as “banning guns.”  It is a heart and mind issue that cannot be controlled by legislation.

I am horrified by this event in Parkland, Florida at the local high school.  No words can convey my heartbreak for the families of the victims and the traumatization of the students, parents, and onlookers.  If there was a law we could pass that would eliminate this kind of event, I’d support it, but there isn’t.  We have enough laws on the books to prevent as much of this as is humanly possible.  The problem is not the lack of laws but the communication between various agencies, the dealing with mental health, and the lack of pro-active law enforcement.  I realize that may make me sound as if I want to just gloss this over and toss it on the trash heap of things we either cannot or will not deal with.  That could not be farther from the truth.  I want to deal with this issue and deal with it effectively.

This young man, from the reports I have seen and heard, had mental issues and had posted on YouTube a video in which he said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”  The vlogger, Ben Bennight, saw it and alerted the FBI of that comment last fall.  The FBI, from what I can gather interviewed Bennight but never contacted the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz or his family.  WHY NOT?  I share the frustration of the local sheriff over that fact.  It was known by authorities in law enforcement at the federal level that this individual was a potential “ticking timebomb” and needed to be monitored, interviewed, and possibly referred to mental health practitioners for evaluation.  Some of the reports indicate that the FBI took a somewhat cavalier attitude toward this report and their interest was if Bennight knew Cruz rather than actively investigating the potential threat posed in the YouTube video.  WHY?  I cannot answer that question, but it is one of the foremost questions to be answered, in my view.  I understand that the FBI contacted Bennight again after the mass shooting.  Is this the investigative method used by the FBI to interrogate those reporting potential violence, terrorism, and crime rather than being pro-active in addressing the person in question?  WHY?  There are far more questions than answers at this point and the answer IS NOT to react with legislation that tampers with the 2nd Amendment.

It is being reported that the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz bought the rifle legally and that indicates problems in the system not with the law itself.  In fact, virtually each of the mass shootings that have transpired in recent history, the shooters purchased the firearms legally and passed the extensive background checks required by law.  What, then is the problem?  I saw at least one report that said this individual, in Florida, was being treated for potential mental issues.  I realize that there are HIPPA requirements and confidentiality requirements that prevent some disclosure but if a person is being treated for mental issues, it would seem logical that a flag would be in the system to be addressed in firearms purchases.  I realize that this could open a can of worms that invade our privacy and could become unreasonable but if the FBI knew of the YouTube video, the history of this young man to have fits of anger (as has been reported), and there was current attention to mental instability WHY WAS THAT NOT FLAGGED?  Maybe it is an issue that is impossible to address and maintain our right to privacy.  Maybe it isn’t.  That is a matter that needs much thought.

Sadly, if a person is either evil or mentally ill and purposes to do harm to others there is NO LAW that can prevent that from occurring.  If more stringent “gun laws” or “gun bans” would solve the problem, then cities like Chicago would be crime-free today, but they are among the worst and most dangerous in America.  Criminals, terrorist, and the mentally unstable are not interested in following the Law, they are interested in carrying out their purposed acts of evil and violence.  It is a heart issue far more than it is a gun issue, but when in the heat of passion, we react, that kind of reasoning is left off the table and out of the discussion.

Although there are some who truly believe that GUNS are the problem and America should become a Gun Free Zone.  Those people truly believe that if we enact a TOTAL BAN and revocation of the 2nd Amendment would solve the problem.  Those people have my deepest sympathy.  Those who are pushing this issue from a purely political agenda and their endgame is to strip Americans of their ability to resist a rogue government is of the same mindset that allowed the atrocities of history to become realities.

There is a solution or something that would help prevent further incidents like this and it will be attacked viciously by those who want to BAN THE GUN.  A far better answer would be to put guns in the hands of qualified teachers, hire policemen or former military personnel to walk the halls and premises armed and empowered to protect the student body of every school.  That would do far more to deter this type of activity than some new gun law that will only muddle the issue more and do little to nothing to resolve the issue.  I CARE THAT KIDS ARE DYING in every situation not just from gun violence.  I care that they are dying from drugs, alcohol, gang violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and in any way their lives are being snuffed out.  I CARE not only about our kids but everyone.  The idea of a utopian law that would make everyone safe is just that UTOPIAN and not REALITY.  Curse me, praise me, or ignore me if you please but THINK and REASON rather than REACT and allow this to become politicized and thereby made impossible to resolve!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



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