AMERICAN VOTER: “If You Believe This… Then…”

BLOG POST 3 - If Then

If you believe what?  Then what?  Let me follow two streams of political ideology, convictions, beliefs, and desires for America and suggest you vote accordingly depending on what you believe or desire for this nation.  It really isn’t rocket science and although there are those who would contend it is much more complicated than I will suggest, it really isn’t.  We complicate and placate within our own minds sometimes in order to justify the clouding of personal responsibility and the seriousness of what the nation is facing.  However, at the end of the day it really isn’t complicated and where we stand on the various issues reveals much about us and our personal view of the Republic called the United States of America.

IF YOU BELIEVE that America is an evil nation because of her past sins and must be revised, reformed, and transformed into a Progressive, Socialistic, Leftist nation with no borders, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that America should be more concerned with Illegals than American citizens, children of legal citizens, and our military, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that it is your right to expect “redistribution of wealth” earned and amassed by others, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that everyone should be forced to comply with the wishes of various ethnic or life preference groups regardless of that person’s convictions, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that rights come from government rather than, as our founders believed, from our Creator, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that the rich are evil and should be forced to pay for your lifestyle disproportionately rather than everyone paying a proportional share of the expenses of government, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that you should receive welfare, entitlements, education, cell phones, houses, vehicles, and healthcare at the expense of those who work and pay taxes while you do not, then vote Democrat.  IF YOU BELIEVE that there should be no borders, thus destroying our national sovereignty, leaving our citizens subject to harm and danger from unvetted immigrants entering this nation, and support the ideology that we are “citizens of the world”, then vote Democrat.  There are many more things I could add but you get the picture.  IF YOU BELIEVE those things and the ideological agenda of the Democrats, THEN VOTE FOR THEM.

IF YOU BELIEVE that America was founded on sound principles and agree with our Founders and Framers that “all are created equal and have certain inalienable rights including, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT and your most viable option is vote Republican.  IF YOU BELIEVE that we should put America first before fretting over the status of illegals, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT and your most viable option is to vote Republican.  IF YOU BELIEVE, as many of our Founders and the Bible declares, that if a person “will not work, they should not eat” and opposed to the generational professional lifestyle of “Entitlement Living”, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT and your most viable option is to vote Republican.  IF YOU BELIEVE that what a person earns, amasses, or inherits is theirs and that Property Rights are among the most sacred Rights of Americans, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT and your most viable option is to vote Republican.  IF YOU BELIEVE that the Free Market System (Capitalism) affords the most viable opportunity for anyone and everyone to succeed economically and Socialism is the antithesis of what America is all about, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT, and your most viable option is to vote Republican.  IF YOU BELIEVE that everyone should be subject to the law including politicians and in citizen representation rather than professional elitism in politics, then you CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT and your most viable option is to vote Republican.  Of course, there are many other things I could add to the list but for the sake of brevity, I move on.

There are those who are so devotedly Democrat or Republican they vote blindly for the (D) or the (R) behind the candidate’s name without vetting the candidate and discovering what they stand for if anything.  There are others who insist that the Democrats and Republicans are peas in the same pod and the only difference is the (D) or the (R).  I contend that is not entirely accurate, although there are many similarities and the Establishment of both parties’ desire much the same thing.  However, there are historic and factual differences that we can focus on.  No candidate is a Saint and each of them has kinks in their armor and flaws in their character.  If we allow personality or physical appearance determine our vote, then we abdicate our American responsibility of choosing the persons to represent us who are the most likely to advance our ideological beliefs and preferences.  The Democrats historically and factually have opposed virtually every “Tax Cut” for the last 50 years and are the Party of Entitlements and Spending.  They have never seen a Tax Increase they did not like and continually fan the flames of hate, division, discord, and distrust.  The Republicans have advanced the desire to Cut Taxes on everyone which is good for everyone as the most recent Tax Bill has demonstrated that the distortions, fears, and lies of the Left about the evil corporations hoarding the money rather than helping our economy.  We are seeing jobs and economic investments transpiring at an amazing rate and for some sources, we might not have expected.  Even some Democrat Liberal Leftists Economist are now admitting this is good for the economy.  Republicans, on platform, desire to secure, protect and defend individual rights of all not the rights of a select few.  They have demonstrated a willingness to advance the cause of the underprivileged and defend the defenseless including that child in the womb.  Ideologically, the parties are not one in the same, although individual members of the parties may be.  Another reason to Prune the Bad Fruit and why I would be supportive of Term Limits.

We can allow our distrust and distaste for particular politicians and the government to cause us to withhold our vote in the elections and thereby perpetuate the problem.  We can determine that we are going to fight to the finish in our effort and drive to “Reclaim and Restore” the Republic by voting enough of the Establishment Parasites from office, that we can begin the process of dismantling the Deep State and draining the D.C. Swamp.  It will not be easy, nor will it be quick but IF YOU BELIEVE that America is a prize worth fighting for and that WE THE PEOPLE are the only true owners of government constitutionally, THEN it is imperative that we enlist truly constitutional and preferably conservative candidates to run for office, work to get them elected, and then demand they do what they were elected to do.  It is imperative that we become teachers, teaching our children the value of personal involvement in government and the consequences of apathy.  It is imperative that we refuse to be silent and although I do not suggest that everyone become a political activist, I do suggest that everyone become aware, concerned, and involved to the level and degree possible as they pursue their vocations and professions.  This is our America and what happens to her, in a very real sense, depends on us.  WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE and WHAT WILL YOU DO?

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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