BLOG POST 1 - PC is not Right

America, we are being pushed into a position and a condition where the only possible outcome will be WAR between opposing factions in this political and ideological debate.  I lay the blame for that at the feet of the purveyors of the insane political correctness that is rampant and gone viral in America today.  The insanity of most, if not all, of the political correctness, is impossible to explain rationally, understand logically, or defend and yet it continues and is escalating to the point of being incredibly dangerous for everyone!

When you toy with the emotions of emotionally fragile people you endanger them and everyone else.  That is exactly what has been happening through the push of political correctness and manipulating the fragile snowflakes and activist of today’s world.  I see a condition developing that is incredibly dangerous and volatile exacerbated by this push which is being advanced by those seeking power and position rather than resolution of problems.  There are those who enjoy a national platform, who are guilty of inciting paranoia, fear, hatred, distrust, and a level of vindictiveness that is or will endanger everyone!  I am sounding the alarm and you may consider me nothing more than an alarmist, conspiracy theorist, or suffer from unreasonable paranoia, but time will prove me right!  I only hope that we, the American people, do not wake up too late and fail to find a remedy to defeat and reverse this trend and destroy this all-consuming monster that has been given life politically.

The Left, many Democrats, and those who ascribe to the mentality of Political Correctness are pressing issues which will result in negative reactions from those being pushed.  In my view, the Democrats, various activist, and the Liberal Leftists of this nation regardless of party affiliation have allowed the TARGETING OF WHITE MALES for extinction.  I know that I’m on dangerous grounds saying that but let me further expound my belief and reason for that assertion.  In Nancy Pelosi’s recent rant, she used an anecdote involving her grandson to advance her political position on racial and identity politics.  She said that her six-year-old white grandson said that he wished he had brown skin like his friend from Guatemala.  She called that “beautiful” and I could accept that were it not for the inference in her anecdote that somehow whiteness is not beautiful and even evil and ugly.  How she forgets that she is white escapes me, but maybe it is not white women but white men that she fears and hates.  What happened to the idea and ideal that ALL OF GOD’S CHILDREN can be and are beautiful in their own way?  The comments of her grandson may have simply been the mind of a child working in its unbiased way and something transpired to cause him to want to look like his friend.  That’s not where my problem rests in her comments but in her inferences and inclusion of the exclusion of whiteness.

We have witnessed this type of prejudice and watched its destructiveness in our history.  It has not been limited to one side of the equation and it is disgusting.  This is a knife that cuts both directions and when you degrade anyone based on the pigmentation of their skin you are doing exactly what was evidenced in Nazi Germany where the idea of racial superiority of one race was adopted.  In that mentality, there is the danger of becoming willing to eradicate that undesirable ethnicity or element and seek a Super Race. That is wrong and dangerous!  The tired claim of “white privilege” is wearisome and dangerous.  Engaging in what can only be described as “white-bashing” and “cultural genocide” usually results in deaths and violence.  NOBODY SHOULD WANT THAT!  One of my problems with the “Black Lives Matter Movement” is my core belief that ALL LIVES MATTER!  Our Declaration of Independence declared the belief of our Founding Fathers that ALL LIVES MATTER.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  If being ‘white’ becomes a crime, as is being presented in the bashing we are witnessing the only possible result is VIOLENCE.  I am white, I was born that way.  I had no choice in the matter and am not ashamed of it.  You may be black because that’s the way you were born.  Let’s all embrace our ethnicity and be proud of who we are while advancing the idea that we are all HUMAN BEINGS and in the case of this nation, AMERICANS!  No matter the pigmentation of your skin you are a HUMAN BEING and a creature created by God.  You are not evil or good based on your skin color.  It is the condition of your heart that produces evil or goodness, not your whiteness, blackness, or any other color of skin.

The HATRED along racial lines is one of the many elements infused into the debate by the Democrats who embrace an America “fundamentally transformed” into a Socialist State or something quite other than what we have been for over 240 years. People like Representative Luis Gutiérrez, (D-IL) is another who is advancing a culture of racial hate that is plunging us down a dangerous path.  If you were watching the State of the Union address when the chants, USA, USA, USA began to echo through the chamber you observed him almost running from the chamber.  If this Congressman’s actions and words, usually filled with intense anger and hate toward anyone not supporting blanket amnesty were honest reflections of his belief that we are all citizens of the world, I might be able to tolerate it.  But I do not believe that to be the case and believe that he and the Democrats are pushing Amnesty, not for humanitarian reasons but for political jockeying.  The Democrats are in danger of millions of their voters waking up and realizing that their diatribe and rhetoric are nothing but empty promises. The more Donald Trump is able to fulfill his campaign promises the more people may wake up for results often wakes people up.  If that happens within the black community the Democrats would be in deep trouble politically and in need of replacing that secure voting bloc with another.  They see the illegals as fulfilling that bill and therefore are pushing for Amnesty.  To the Leftist, the ILLEGALS are guaranteed Democrat votes.

Although it is another subject entirely, Representative Gutiérrez represents the 4th Congressional District in Illinois which is a highly gerrymandered snake-shaped district specifically formulated to protect him in his vitriol and hate.  He has spewed his hate for anyone in the military that is not a Leftist by declaring that General John Kelly was unfit to wear his uniform because he opposed DACA.  Representative Gutiérrez can only be described as a prolific hater and race baiter in the mold of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Luis Farrakhan having no respect for America and our American sovereignty or the rule of law.  He has admitted that the Obama program of DACA and programs of that nature are TROJAN HORSES designed to “transform” America’s political landscape.  He said, “Now it is time for the president of the United States…(to) free the moms and dads of the DREAMers and to go further – be broad and expansive and generous.”  How many would he be able to enlist?  He said on the “Morning Joe” program, “I think we can get 3 or 4, maybe even 5 MILLION people.”  I guess he ascribes to the ideology and philosophy, “If you can’t convince voters, then import them,” which is the new leftist tactic.

AMERICA, no matter if you are white, black, brown, or any other skin color, if you push people into a corner because of their skin pigmentation there will eventually push back.  Newton’s Law comes into play in this equation, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  It appears that the Politically Correct Crowd either naively believe they can force everyone into compliance peacefully or they want WAR and CHAOS.  I suspect that for those driving that bus it is the latter not the former.  I realize that there are far too many today who have never had a cognitive thought and engaged in critical thinking and believe that being white is inherently evil and that we are all citizens of the world.  They believe that any disagreement with their ideology should be punishable by imprisonment and possible death.  Let me warn you, that street is a two-way street and incredibly dangerous.  It is the pathway to destruction not healing!

My rant may seem incoherent and disjointed but hopefully, you will connect the dots and realize that if we allow the Left to return to power we will have effectively voted for destruction.  If you corner a normally gentle and loving animal and cause it to fear for its existence IT WILL BITE YOU!  That is where we are headed with the demands of Political Correctness.  We cannot completely eliminate that monster and mentality, but we can ensure that we do not send proponents of it to Washington to govern.  REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER that you are voting for or against America!

God bless you and God bless America!


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