TOXIC LIBERALISM is The Real Problem in America…

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How’s that for alienating part of my audience at the outset?  That was not my purpose in the title but for those interested in discovering or identifying the Real Problems in our Society, Government, and America maybe it will be a catalyst that propels us into a serious discussion and honest introspection.  Then again, maybe not, but I will try because I care about America, the Republic, our Liberties and Freedoms, and the Lives of our Citizens.  I am willing to honestly evaluate what is happening, has happened, and likely to happen.  I am willing to enter into serious discussion with anyone truly wanting to identify the problem and find a real solution. I am not interested in engaging in a name-calling, rhetorical discussion, that is a total waste of time, as is evidenced in where we are today.

America has drifted from its moral moorings.  I believe that is an inescapable fact, but one that some refuse to acknowledge for sundry reasons.  When I review the information available, attempting to wade through the fodder to get to the grain, regarding the shooter in Florida I see several things that help identify a real problem in America and in this young man’s life.  From all I can gather, this individual had little to no male role model influence that he could look up to, be mentored by, and benefit from.  That is tragic, but not isolated to him, it is rampant in our society today and I blame liberalism or the Leftist for that.  It is, in many ways, government’s fault and a problem that we can correct. 

I don’t know the mental condition or possible mental illness issues he may have which helped to prompt his heinous acts, but the absence of a strong male role model that could have positively impacted him is a significant issue.  The Feminist Movement, the Progressives, the Politically Correct Agenda, and the Leftist have labored tirelessly for decades to diminish the value of fathers in the home.  That dates back beyond Lyndon Johnson, but it got kicked into high gear under his administration and legislation he hammered through.  Much of his supposed “civil rights” legislation did more to damage the family, the home, and true civil rights than anything previously.  Barack Obama and his administration attempted to build on that destruction and in the words of Hillary Clinton, “it takes a village to raise a child” has become the mantra of the Left.  NO, it takes a family with a father and mother and a strong extended family to raise a child and train them in healthy moral values, not the government.  The government, in many ways, for many people replaced the father in the home and thus the decline we have witnessed for 50 years is producing negative fruit that we will deal with for generations.

Yes, I become nostalgic when it comes to reflection regarding my upbringing and I am biased in my opinion of the correctness of that societal view of family and fathers.  We once considered things that were definitively masculine to be valued but today they are being decried as unacceptable and to be altered.  Young men, with significant challenges, such as Nikolas Cruz are the product of the toxic liberalism, progressivism, and political correctness running amok in our society.  Once we valued, “fatherly influence in the home, loyalty, fraternity, camaraderie, constancy, courage, chivalry, patriotism, protector, laborer, and responsibility” but today maleness is considered something bad.  Men and the need for a positive male role model in the home and society once valued are devalued to the point it is being pushed into extinction.  THAT IS A PROBLEM! 

Blog Post 11 - Toxic Liberalism

The present Pop Culture, frequently if not usually, portrays men as nothing more than barbaric animals driven by sexual appetite who are abuses to be feared and hated.  Some are, but not all, nor the majority!  Sitcoms and comedians enjoy portraying men as moronic dunderheads who are deadbeat ignoramuses who are unworthy of any significant role in society of anyone’s life.  They are that movement’s useful idiots and nothing more.  That is foreign to the Bible and our Founding Principles and the principles that guided this nation for centuries.  We have drifted from the value of fathers to our own hurt and the by-product are people like this Florida teenage shooter.  The Leftist and even the Feminist portray people such as Bill Clinton as being “good men” while vilifying anyone who is Conservative.  We have apparent sexual psychopaths such as Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein, who until recently was touted as a marvelous humanitarian.  We have witnessed a decline in two-parent families in black homes and it is growing in all sectors of society. 

In our drift morally, we have witnessed the push for inclusiveness to the point of danger and the willingness to protect criminals, illegals, and terrorist is problematic.  Until the late 60’s Westerners acknowledged that the world contained bad people who were intent on doing evil. Today, that is categorization is anathema to the Utopian Fabian political elite and Liberals.   Until the 70 ’s many Americans were subjected to involuntary commitment to psychiatric facilities wrongly and we have reacted, rightly and wrongly to that invasion of our rights. If we are going to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic that can provide any semblance of a safe environment for our citizens, WE MUST return to accountability and responsibility in the citizenry as well as within the government.  The first may be far easier to achieve than the latter because of the quest for power, position, and purse.

Our founding fathers believed that American citizens were responsible and accountable enough to possess firearms, but the modern liberals do not!  The Left blames the weapon not the users of the weapon or any societal defect. That is an easier position because it requires no change in our attitude and allows people to continue in their irresponsibility and lack of accountability.  There must be consequences for evil and until society returns to our moral moorings and values the influence of the fathers we will see this plunge into a deeper state of depravity.  Everyone will suffer, liberals and conservatives, the able and the feeble.  EVERYONE!   I believe that one of our biggest issues is the lack of personal responsibility and accountability and that is due to the pervasive mindset of ENTITLEMENT and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS advanced by the liberal leftists of our world.  We need to restore the home, family values, moral precepts, and allow God to once again to influence our government and personal interactions.  Disagree if you please, that is your right.  This is my view and I believe that if we honestly view and contemplate the problems and the possible reasons as well as solutions I have advanced we will agree it is a better direction than where we are today.

God bless you and God bless America!

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