WAKE-UP CALL For the Lovers of Liberty and Freedom…

BLOG POST 1 - Wake-Up Call For America

Over the past week or so I have been somewhat out of touch dealing with a family medical emergency.  My opportunity to write has been and will be limited for the next week or so.  My wife, Bonnie is battling stage-four metastatic breast cancer and recently my brother-in-law, Larry had a stroke.  He is recovering but the process will likely be slow unless we receive a miracle of God giving him instantaneous healing.  He is in an inpatient rehabilitation facility and we are deeply involved in his treatment, partly for encouragement and partly to help us know how to help him continue rehab after he is released.  Therefore, I have been somewhat out of touch.

However, as I have been able to catch bits and pieces of what has been happening in America, politics, and the world, I sense that those of us who love “Liberty & Freedom” are being given a WAKE-UP CALL!  We ignore this call to our hurt and that of the Republic.  I am disturbed at the number of Republicans who are either resigning or not seeking re-election in November.  I readily acknowledge that many of them need to go but their timing and the questions surrounding who if any conservative will be their replacement is of great concern.  The number of Republicans continues to grow and the nearer we approach November the more dangerous that becomes because of the time required to raise up a qualified and desired candidate to run against the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Statistically, there are about 22 House members who retire each cycle.  But the number of Republicans leaving their post is historic and one has to wonder why so many are quitting?  At this juncture, there are 43 Republicans leaving their post in the House of Representatives.  The Democrats need to gain 24 seats to regain control and with 43 Republicans jumping ship that becomes even more likely than if all of them ran for reelection. I am concerned because many of them deciding not to seek re-election are in districts where Donald Trump was not tremendously popular in the 2016 election.  That places their seat even more in jeopardy.  Maybe they are bailing because they fear losing the election to a Democrat and rather than fight the good fight they are cowardly running for cover.  Maybe it is because they are opposed to the President and like the Democrats and Never Trump Crowd want to see him fail and see this as an opportunity to allow the Democrats to regain control and damage his agenda.  That would mean they are not only cowards but turn-coats and are willing to do damage to America to achieve an objective.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!   No, I do not know why they are leaving regardless of what they declare but have to accept the fact they are gone and now we have a few short months to re-energize the conservative, constitutionalist, and freedom-loving voters to GET OUT THE VOTE!  That has not happened in several special elections and the apparent apathy of the voters on the conservative or Republican side is a dangerous indication of what could happen in November.  I pray this is not the case!

WAKE-UP AMERICA!  If we lose the House and Senate in 2018 America will pay a price beyond what most imagine or even believe possible.  I ask that you bring to the forefront of your mind what happened when the Democrats controlled Congress and Barack Obama was in the White House.  We are still suffering from that disastrous time and if they regain control it will be even worse.  We cannot afford even two years of Democrat control in Congress.  If the Republicans had unitedly sought to advance the agenda of the Promises Made to America in the 2016 Election I would be predicting a Republican landslide in November.  The converse has been the case and as a result of the lack of cooperation and support by the GOP, we are facing the possibility of losing control of Congress to the Leftist.  THAT IS WHY – I plead with everyone to become involved and VOTE in November.  VOTE NO on the Democrats and thereby VOTE YES on America.  We will not get all we want but we will get nothing we want if the Democrats regain power.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

There are 25 Republicans and 9 Democrats retiring in this electoral cycle.  There are 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats who have resigned or are resigning.  There are 13 Republicans and 8 Democrats running for another office.  In simple math, there are 24 more Republicans leaving office than Democrats, the exact number the Democrats need to gain to take control of the House of Representatives.  No, I am not saying they will and pray that the GOP picks up seats, but I believe that the wave of departures is a WAKE-UP CALL for those of us who love Liberty and Freedom and want to keep our Republic the Constitutional Republic.

Secondly, this Syrian situation is of concern because it highlights the incredible existence and boldness of evil in the world.  NO, I do not want to become bogged down in the conflicts of other parts of the world and can see both sides of the argument regarding our action in Syria.  However, with the eight years of Barack Obama and his ever moving ‘red line,’ we MUST return to being a nation that keeps its word and if necessary flexes its muscle against tyranny and despotism.  If we allow this type of atrocity to go unanswered we will invite an escalation of this kind of evil and we dare not do that.  If we only warn with no corresponding action tyrants like those in Russian, Iran, China, and North Korea will become emboldened to the point that our national security will be in grave jeopardy.  There are times when moral rectitude demands that you take a stand for what is right and good.  I am not advocating becoming the world’s police force, but I am advocating an America that is willing to stand for what is right.

It is time that the UK and France, along with Germany and other NATO nations join the effort to crush this kind of despotic behavior and unite against tyranny.  We proved a united front has incredible power in WWII and while I pray we do not enter a WWIII.  I believe that if the Free Nations of the world will unite we can hold those with no value of human life and with ambitions of world dominance at bay.  This too is a WAKE-UP CALL for the lovers of Liberty and Freedom in America and the world.

Here’s the bottom line for me; if we fail to keep the control of Congress out of the hands of the leftist, liberal Democrats we will have abandoned America as the Free Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders.  If we fail to unite against tyranny and despotism and do not do enough to get their attention we will invite and open the door to this kind of evil (gassing civilians and genocide) and terrorism will rise to a new level and NO ONE WILL BE SAFE ANYWHERE.  The America needed to achieve Freedom, Liberty and Peace will not exist if the Democrats regain power in November.  Therefore, the question is – “What America Do You Desire?”  Being a spectator is no longer an option.  Burying our heads in the sand is not an option.  Apathy is not an option.  If we adopt the philosophy that we will survive no matter what we will likely suffer the fate of peoples who failed to resist and were slowly eroded into subservience such as those in Germany during Hitler’s reign.  Ronald Reagan said it rightly, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” 

I have not mentioned the activism by the “kids” rapidly becoming pawns of the “Gun Control” activist and the increasing divide along ethnic and life preference lines.  There are many WAKE UP CALLS being sounded and we fail to heed and recognize them to our own hurt.  What is your choice for America?  Freedom and Liberty or Tyranny and Government Control?  That is the choice we are making in this mid-term election.  Disagree if you please, but if we fail to Pray, Work, and Vote we will witness a catastrophe in America like we have never seen and a situation from which we may never recover.  Label me whatever you please but know that this American, Lover of Freedom, Patriot, and Lover of God sees the danger and my sole purpose is to inspire and encourage you to become involved in the fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  Let’s Keep America Free!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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