PAY ATTENTION – The Sabers are Rattling with the Mid-Term Elections in the Crosshairs…

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If you are paying attention, and most of you are, things are happening with the mid-term elections in the crosshairs.  The Democrats and Robert Mueller are rattling their sabers making noise designed to motivate voters in November.  Much of their diatribe is rhetorical and lacking factual backing but touches the emotions of those affected and that often translates into votes.  Winning is their objective not truth or even what is best for America.  It is political gamesmanship and the quest for power and position.  I want to identify a few things that I see transpiring and ask that you join me in honest response backed by factual evidence and truth as we attempt to counter their fallacious spin.  I hope to inspire you to join the millions who are daily praying for the Republic and are joining the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom as we seek to prevent the Liberal Leftists Socialist Democrats from regaining power.

One of the things that will be used by the Left is the inclusion of the question regarding citizenship in the census questionnaire.  The Democrat Senate candidate in Texas, Beto O’Rourke is decrying this claiming it will hurt Texas because many “immigrants” will refuse to answer the questions and there will be a significant undercounting of residents in the State.  My question for Mr. O’Rourke is “Why would immigrants do that?”  I can answer that question without any in-depth investigation.  It is not IMMIGRANTS that will hide but ILLEGALS who would be apprehensive to answer the question.  A Legal immigrant would not have anything to fear in answering the question because they are LEGAL, but someone here illegally would not want to openly acknowledge they are breaking our laws.  I am less concerned about any federal funds Texas may or may not receive than I am about our national security and national sovereignty.  We can survive without the potential funds we might lose as a result of illegals hiding in the shadows during the census.

Many of the leading Democrats are arguing that it is none of the government’s business whether a person is a citizen or not.  SERIOUSLY?  This is the same bunch that has engaged in data mining, spying on citizens, and unmasking them illegally for political purposes.  I argue that knowing if someone is a citizen and here legally is a major concern!  If a person is a guest in this nation legally, they are afforded the protection of our laws and are to be held accountable to those laws.  A person that is here illegally has already violated our laws and are likely committing other crimes including falsifying their identity, identity theft, or not paying taxes, etc.  Those persons need to be identified and if the census affords us the ability to identify them, I applaud that.  Of course, some states, like California have declared directly or indirectly that illegals are welcome to vote.  This is evidenced in the sanctuary cities, the warning of illegals of an I.C.E. raid, and the refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials in apprehending and deporting those here illegally.  The Democrats plan to use this as one of their ‘Campaign Platforms’ that the Republicans and Donald Trump HATE immigrants and are racist.  It is a fallacious charge but one that resonates with the illegals, the supporters of open borders, and the liberal leftist in America.  If you vote Democrat in the election you are voting for Open Borders and the destruction of our National Sovereignty.  If that’s what you want, your choice is clear.  I do not desire that!

Robert Mueller is going to drop another shoe in the months to come and it probably won’t be until sometime in the summer or early fall regarding the Russian Collusion Investigation.  Judge Andrew Napolitano has suggested that Robert Mueller is dropping hints that there will be proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to sway the election.  Will this be factual or coerced statements by those under his thumb to avoid prosecution or to obtain lesser charges?  We will have to wait and see.  There will be an attempt to connect Trump or at least the Trump campaign to Russia before the mid-term elections in an attempt to sway voters to vote against the Republicans and vote for the Democrats.  The blatant ignoring by the investigators of the Democrats, Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign’s connection to the Russians, the dossier, and other illegal activities is appalling and reveals the partisan nature of this investigation and the political nature it displays.  The matter of Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s business partner during the campaign is where he bases his prediction.  When the FBI or other law enforcement agencies get something on someone and they desire a bigger fish they pressure them and coerce them to squeal like a pig.  Sometimes those squealing or truthful and sometimes they simply say what the interrogator desires to hear.  But the public is fed the idea that this was a willing corroboration of the truth and provides ample evidence that the person of interest is guilty as charged.  It then becomes the task of the charged person to prove their innocence rather than the path prescribed by our constitution and law that a person is “innocent until proven guilty.”

If the Republicans are smart, and they have not demonstrated that characteristic, they will open an investigation into all the Democrats involved in this investigation, the Russian Uranium scandal, the illegal spying of Barack Obama’s administration, the illegal unmasking of citizens, revisit Benghazi, and connect the dots in the corruption and connection of Mueller, Comey, and others in the FBI and DOJ.  Will they do that?  Not likely!  Why will they fail to do so?  Partly because the GOP Establishment Leadership wants to see Trump ousted as much as the Democrats and they will work clandestinely with Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and the Democrats in allowing the Democrat-driven investigations to continue but rejecting a real investigation of ALL CORRUPTION regardless of which side of the aisle it is found.

Additionally, there will be an ever-increasing push to move the needle of the public opinion in support of what might appear a somewhat benign effort regarding “gun control.”  I personally, do not believe that any “gun control” measure is benign, but many do.  We will hear more and more rhetoric on “Sensible Gun Control” or “Compassion for the Kids” and that kind of spin and diatribe.  We are living in a time when the bulk of the educators are incredibly liberal leftists.  Many of the college professors of today are either the radicals of the 60’s or the disciples of those radicals.  They are filling the heads of our youth from kindergarten through university with liberal leftist socialist ideas and those trusting easily influenced youth are drinking the Kool-Aid.

There will be a renewed push for censorship of all conservative speech and the charge will be that we who so speak are lacking in compassion, phobic, paranoid, wild-eyed radicals, terrorist, and haters.  There will be an escalation of the attack on Christian views and values and as in the proposed bill in California an attempt to make it illegal to offer a pathway for people with “same-sex” attractions or “gender identity” issues.  That, if passed and signed into law would virtually eliminate many churches, religious programs on television and radio, and result in a book-burning of greater scope than any time in the past.  This election is going to be about what values you hold dear, what freedoms you are willing to fight for or concede, and whether you want America to remain a Free Republic or become a Transformed Socialist Nation.  In a very real sense, it is about survival.  No, I am not saying the Republicans are saints, they are not!  I AM SAYING, that the National Democratic Party is pushing an agenda that is the antithesis of what our Framers and Founders envisioned and established and what a Free Constitutional Republic requires.  This is an election on the Constitution of the United States of America!  Keep it or Toss it is the issue.  The Democrats want to cast it aside as an antiquated document and Conservatives want to keep it and follow its original intent.  Which side do you fall on?  That’s the choice in the upcoming elections!

God bless you and God bless America!


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