BLOG POST 3 - Hate Squads

Actually, I am not exposing the unexposed but the little known because of the collusion between the MSM and the Democrats, as well as the ‘Ole Boy System in DC.  It is difficult to get the millions of avid followers of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the myriad of newspapers across the country who are Leftists to see or even believe the truth.  But the truth is truth and facts are stubborn things UNLESS those with the facts cower into the shadows in fear of the Leftist Big Government.  You would think that statement would be made of a Despotic Tyrannical Regime in some foreign country, but that is the situation in the United States of America.

HATE is a condition of today’s society in America that clouds all sensible and reasonable judgment.  There are “haters” on both sides of the equation but virtually all the Liberal Activist are embroiled in hate to the point of being rabid and willing to commit incredible acts of violence.  Someone suggested that we call the Liberal Activists “Regime Hate Squads’ or HATE BAITERS!  You call them what you will, but I call them deranged, delusional, and dangerous to our System of Government and our Constitutional Republic.

When a person or group of people can commit acts of violence including beating, mugging, and worse in the name of their Liberal Agenda and somehow justify it, that is dangerous.  When the MSM can spin the spin and offer the rhetoric that somehow makes them virtual saints while ignoring their hate and cruelty, that is delusional and diabolical.  When politicians attempt to manipulate their followers to engage in HATE that is deranged.  If you remember, Barack Obama and others encouraged ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter groups to engage in activism that included violence.  He even said, “If they bring a knife we will bring a gun.”  That is incendiary and for most of us would open us to the charge of inciting riots, but the Leftists swooned over his activism and praised him. Yet, if Donald Trump says there is blame on both sides, he is Hitler, Genghis Kahn, or Lucifer himself.  It is more than hypocritical it is diabolical and dangerous.

I’m sure some of you remember the “death squads” in Latin America.  The Liberals were beside themselves in their decrying the activities of these arms of the right-wing dictators in those countries.  However, when it came to the Leftist Revolutionary Guerrillas and their acts of violence were called noble.  The victims probably could tell no difference, but the Label was all that was important to the Liberals in America.  It is one thing to protest injustice and believes strongly that the system is flawed and needs to be corrected.  That could be praiseworthy but when it morphs into HATE and VIOLENCE as has been the modus operandi of these leftist liberal activist groups not only in recent history but historically, it is BAD!

I know this may touch a nerve with some, but I find it preposterous to insist that those groups being represented by the activist in today’s protest need to do so.  Why do I find it preposterous?  Simply because each of those formerly marginalized groups is well-represented in the System in today’s American Government.  But when activism is fueled by HATE it literally becomes a religion and is the source from which some derive their significance.  Without the protests, marches, and acts of violence, they would receive no special attention and would be relegated to living like the rest of us, in somewhat obscurity.  Most of us live day to day, going to work, raising our families, and serving in our community and churches with little fanfare or notoriety.  With regard to the Activist, if their protests were truly peaceful I could tolerate their antics, but when they destroy private or public property, harm citizens, and violently and verbally assault anyone disagreeing with them it is BAD.  When colleges and universities out of fear of violent uprising cancel any conservative’s scheduled appearance that poses a danger to a civil and free society where everyone has the Right to Speak and Believe what they choose.

If the Liberals allowed the same protest and complaints from those on the opposite side, I might be tolerant, but they do not.  It seems that the Liberal Activist of Today, largely Democrats demand that only they have the right to decide what can be said, and who can organize and protest that is TYRANNY.  I fear that it will soon be, if it is not already, a requisite for acceptance to some of the most prestigious universities in America, to be a participant in the Liberal Activism which is approved by the Ruling Class.  I say that because the senior assistant director of admissions, Hannah Mendlowitz, at Yale University said: “For those students who come to Yale, we expect them to be versed in issues of social justice.  I have the pleasure of reading applications from San Francisco, where activism is very much a part of the culture.  Essays ring of social justice issues.”  SERIOUSLY???  That is the requirement and deciding factor?  WHAT ABOUT A WELL-BALANCED EDUCATION?  Oh, sorry, I forgot that in today’s society and Leftist Culture that is unimportant but activism in liberal causes is paramount.  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

This “activism” is a farce, in the sense that it does not represent people outside the system but those represented by the system.  It is a ploy and plan, to FORCE the rest of us into compliance with their prescribed agenda and ideology.  Our Inalienable Rights only exist if they concur with their views.  The more people like Louis Farrakhan and others can call for hatred of the Jews and Whites, especially white men the nearer we come to seeing “death squads” in the streets approved and endorsed by the Ruling Political Class, MSM, and Hollywood.  If this continues there will be push-back from those on the other side.  If you push a person long enough and hard enough, eventually they grow weary, believe there is no peaceable solution, and have nothing to lose and they PUSH-BACK.  That is when the 2nd American Civil War will begin, and it will not end well for anyone!

This and much more is why I feel compelled to constantly sound the Alarm and insist that it is imperative that we DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS in November.  If we allow the Leftist to regain control of Congress we do so to our own hurt and possibly destruction.  I have said before, “the power of hate” is unpredictable and even some on the Right appear willing to lose the Republic to do harm or damage to Donald Trump and his administration, they hate him that much.  I find that unconscionable because I value the Republic and our Freedom so deeply that I refuse to allow my personal preferences and any personality conflicts cloud my focus on WHAT IS AT STAKE.  You may disagree and that is your right, but if I am right, the Republic is in dire need.  I am sounding an Alarm and ask that you carefully pray, examine the facts and review the possibilities THEN VOTE! 

God bless you and God bless America!


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