BLOG POST 2 - Holdovers

I hoped that President Trump would immediately purge as many of the Obama holdovers from positions of power in government, but he did not.  It is possible that he could not purge some of them or even many of them, but I hoped that he would aggressively move to oust as many as possible.  I was troubled when he left people in the Department of Justice that were clearly Hillary supporters and Obama Team Members.  That has caused some of the difficulties he is now facing. Why he did that is still a mystery to me, but it is likely that the advice he received from those supposedly guiding him as he established his administration.  It may have been that he thought he could work with them and convince them to do the right thing.  It may have been that he thought they were more interested in America than partisan wrangling and political ideology.  If that is the case, he was wrong!

The Obama holdovers and even Clinton holdovers in the State Department are problematic.  It was through the efforts of at least one of those Swamp Denizens that the information that was the basis or springboard of the infamous dossier was presented to the Clinton Team.  The Deep State and Swamp Denizens are more interested in destroying President Trump than they are in America or our Constitutional System of Government.  In fact, most of them hold the same view of the constitution as did Barack Obama.  He lamented more than once that the constitution was a document of ‘negative liberties’ and ‘restrained government’ too much.  TOO MUCH, that is for him to easily pursue his agenda of ‘fundamental transformation’ of the Republic.

Barack Obama, as president, signed the United Nations Treaty on Climate Change and President Trump opted to vacate that treaty.  President Trump had the legal authority to vacate that agreement because it was never ratified by the Senate, which is a violation of our constitution.  That treaty is in place until 2020 and the United Nations insists that we must abide by it.  The Obama holdovers are ignoring the current president’s directive and going full-bore into the implementation of the treaty’s provisions and demands.  The climate official at the United Nations, Aleski Harkonen said, “We really don’t detect any change with the Americans.”  He is right, there is no change!  President Trump cut off the donations that President Obama promised but the Obama holdovers are pressing forward with the plan to surrender our American Sovereignty to the United Nations.  Congress has the Constitutional Authority to bring this to a screeching halt, but they have demonstrated no propensity or willingness to do so.  WE MUST FORCE THEM TO STOP THIS MADNESS!

After President Trump fired Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, the Swamp Denizens have become an army of ants scurrying to cede as much of our sovereignty to the United Nations as possible BEFORE another Secretary of State can be sworn in.  Congress can and must give the United Nations a “smackdown” and reclaim our surrendered sovereignty immediately!  I am still researching the New Spending Bill of Congress to see how it affects this matter and suspect it opens the door for the United Nations and the Swamp to do even greater damage to the Republic.  That is another reason to “Break out the Brooms” and rid ourselves of the professional political elite now sitting in Congress.

Our Founding Fathers took steps to prevent what Barack Obama did in his unilateral attempt to sign an international treaty.  The wisdom of the Framers and Founders gave Congress and Congress alone the “power of the purse”.  In that power, if the executive branch oversteps its bounds and goes too far, Congress can pull the rug out from under him/her and restore sanity.  Congress can and should “defund” what is left of the Obama administration agenda and the President can replace them, with the help of Congress.  If we allow Congress to ignore its responsibility and duty fiscally and fail to demand they back the President in purging the Obama holdovers from the various bureaucracies and positions of power, we will pay an incredible price.  The United Nations is not our friend and my personal position is that we need to kick them out of New York and withdraw all support from that organization that is antithetical to what America was founded to be.  The United Nations is a World Organization with the intent and goal of World Governance whereby the sovereignty of Free Nations is stripped, and all become citizens of the world and subservient to the World Order.  THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT IN AMERICA!  Well, that is not what we were founded to be about, but that is the pervasive view of the leftists and many in today’s society.  THAT IS TROUBLING!

The elections in November of this year are incredibly important and probably more important than most realize.  We are facing the choice between America as a Free Constitutional Republic and America as a cog in the World Order Wheel where the World Oligarchy determines our fate and future rather than WE THE PEOPLE.  Is that what you desire?  If so, Vote Democrat.  If not, the Vote Against the Democrats.  The choice is quite simple even if the issues are complex.  I STAND FOR FAITH, FAMILY, AND FREEDOM!

God bless you and God bless America!

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