IN A TECHNOLOGICAL CYBER WORLD – This is a Genuine Threat…


I hear almost no one talking about the dangers of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).  It, in my view, is a real threat and one that hopefully our government, our military, and the technological world are taking steps to prevent and/or deal with should one occur.  However, with the demonstrated ineptitude of our government, and the investment of much of the world of technology in countries that hate us, I DOUBT WE ARE PREPARED.

I am not tech-savvy enough to fully detail what an EMP fully encompasses but I am informed enough to know it is a genuine cause for concern.  I am informed enough to know the vast damage and destruction that would result were one to occur in the United States of America.  A clear definition of an EMP is “a high-intensity burst of energy caused by a rapid acceleration of charged particles from either solar weather or a nuclear bomb detonated high in the atmosphere.”  That event whether a natural phenomenon or a diabolical terrorist attack or an act of war by an aggressor nation would cripple our nation far beyond what many seem to believe.  It would virtually shut down the U.S. Electric Grid and we would not have a ‘brown-out’ but a total ‘black-out’ across most if not all of this nation.  Without electricity, we would be returned to the 19th-century mode of operation and few would be able to survive that catastrophe.

From the information I have been able to uncover and examine, it appears that we have a very limited plan of protection against such an event.  That opens a very large and disturbing door for a terrorist attack by less-powerful nations who hate us or terrorist organizations to inflict crippling damage to the United States.  Sadly, there are those in power who view the threat of an EMP as fiction and something out of a science fiction comic book.  That troubles me, and I raise this issue again knowing some will disregard my cries calling me a kook and alarmist.  I hope I am wrong, but my heart and information suggest, I am not.

Imagine our Electric Grid shutdown and electronics across the nation fried by such an event.  How many of our gadgets, computers, modes of transportation, and more are dependent on electricity or electronics?  It would virtually shut down transportation and the confusion and congestion as people attempt to engage in any travel would result in chaos, riots, and anarchy.  Our economy would come to a screeching halt and that would impact not only delivery of food but medicine as well as communications.  We would literally be in the dark and there is no doubt that the looting, rioting, and shortages would result in our society degenerating into a people where little would be considered off-limits and unacceptable.  Survival would become the prime objective of virtually every person and no one or nothing would be safe.  It would result in a state of anarchy that would take more lives than all the wars of our history combined.

I am told that EMP’s are categorized as E1, E2, and E3, which are defined by their wavelength.  An E1’s speed is defined in nanoseconds and reaches over a very vast geographical segment of the country.  An E2 is a bit slower and has been described as being similar to lightning strikes and would fry transmission lines, towers, and destroys telecommunications, electronics, controls systems, and transformers.  It is devastating.  An E3 is a longer lasting pulse and has been compared to a ‘solar geomagnetic storm’ in its effect.  There are virtually no electronic or electric power systems safe from this type of EMP.  The higher in the atmosphere the EMP takes place the more far-reaching the damage and destruction.  However, experts in this field tell us that a nuclear bomb detonated just 25 miles above sea level would have far-reaching consequences, and potentially span the entire continental United States.  Does that get your attention? It should!

Let me give you a bit of history to help you understand my concern and belief that this is a genuine threat and not some science fiction theory without basis.  In 1859, a nascent electric system was exposed to an EMP-like event.  Telegraph operators were shocked unconscious and the telegraphs caught on fire. That was from a solar flare that reached earth.  In 1962, we detonated a hydrogen bomb at a high altitude off Johnston Island in the Pacific in an operation called ‘Starfish Prime.’  The effects were felt in Hawaii, a thousand miles away, where street lights were blown, and telephone outages occurred over a large segment of the island.  The test also damaged U.S., British, and Russian satellites.

North Korea has been working on the technology for decades and now they are developing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons to carry out their desired destruction.  It is, in my opinion, and that of some military and technology experts, that it is a matter of time before North Korea learns how to fuse their nuclear weapons properly, so they can detonate them in a high-altitude environment to maximize the EMP’s destructive power.  Terrorist organizations have been seeking the technology to bring about an EMP terror attack and with enough money, some nation will provide them with the technology to carry out their desired destruction.

In most cases, we would have a 30-minute warning after an enemy launched a ballistic missile but that is not etched in stone. The new Russian missiles are supersonic and we would not have that time to prepare.  But, what happens if a terrorist smuggles a nuclear bomb on an airplane or secures a high-flying aircraft and carries out a suicide mission to launch an EMP against us?  How much warning would we have?  

Why am I raising this issue?  Am I being an alarmist?  Are there not more pressing issues on the political, economic, and social scene that require more of our attention?  The answer to the last question is POSSIBLY.  There are some issues that are immediate, and we must not overlook them.  There are some issues, such as this that demand we take steps to prepare for the eventuality and develop means to prevent to the best of our ability.  OUR WORLD IS DARK and GETTING DARKER.  Legislation and political wrangling on the home-front can become a distraction that allows the diabolical destroyers carry out their destruction.  We must be alert and awake.  This is one of the many reasons that I continue to warn WE CANNOT ALLOW THE DEMOCRATS TO REGAIN CONTROL OF CONGRESS.  We must make America SAFE in order to restore her to her position of GREATNESS that we all desire!

Call me whatever you desire and ignore this warning if you choose.  I suggest that you consider some tactics of the ‘doomsday’ proponents and store up some non-perishable food and water and means of communication and lighting.  If you have the means to find a vehicle that is pre-electronic ignition it might be an investment worth considering.  I know, I know… ALARMIST is what some are saying.  I hope I am wrong!  I pray that I am wrong!  I pray that we never experience this kind of destruction.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!













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