MR. PRESIDENT – Don’t Fall For The Trap…


Some of you may be in harmony with the desire of the liberal leftist socialist Democrats and some within the GOP Establishment and want Mueller to trap Trump, but I don’t.  I don’t for many reasons and one of the top reasons is the damage it would do to our Republic and our system of government.  It would open the door to virtually guarantee that we would likely never again have a duly elected president who could survive his term in office.  In that sense, we would become like many of the third-world and other nations where our government was in a constant state of flux with no stability.  That would open the door of so many abridgments of our liberties and rights we would be, what Barack Obama wanted, “fundamentally transformed.” 

Special Investigator Robert Mueller is laying a trap for Donald J. Trump and my prayer, hope, and advice is “Mr. President – Don’t Fall For The Trap!”  The assault on the president began long before the election was concluded and before his inauguration and will not end UNTIL either Donald Trump has been removed from office or WE THE PEOPLE put an end to this diabolical scheme to destroy him and thereby do incredible damage to our Republic.  Some will argue that I’m wrong but if you examine what has happened thus far you should be able to see the scheme clearly.  Every time their investigation comes to a dead end they formulate a new tactic to GET TRUMP.  They have long ceased seeking truth or investigation a crime but trying to create a crime they can use to indict the president or impeach him.  Our system of criminal justice is supposed to be the investigation of a crime trying to determine who committed that crime.  This investigation has been and is clearly the investigation of a person trying to find some crime they can use to charge or indict.  THAT IS NOT OUR AMERICAN SYSTEM but the one that too many politicians and people are comfortable with when it is directed at someone they hate or want to be ousted.

Mr. Mueller’s latest shenanigan of leaking or allowing the leak of his proposed questions raises so many red flags and further discredits any credibility he might have had.  This is a leftist witch hunt designed to GET TRUMP.  It is not about truth, for if it were Hillary, Obama, and many on the Left would be under the investigational microscope, but they are not.  Many at high levels in the CIA, NSA, HOMELAND, FBI, and the DOJ have incredibly dirty partisan hands and should be under careful scrutiny but they are not.

James Comey and Robert Mueller’s close relationship and kinship in the FBI and involvement in helping leftist Democrats taints Mr. Mueller’s credibility.  The directions of this investigation reveal that this is more about GETTING TRUMP and protecting the FBI and the Democrats than about conducting a real unbiased investigation.  I want the truth exposed but as long as it is solely directed toward Donald J. Trump and omitting those on the Left, including Hillary Clinton, I oppose the investigation.  I am still disturbed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself and has continued to allow the liberal leftist partisan Rob Rosenstein drive this bus.  Mr. Sessions are you a secret hater or is this some misguided attempt to CYA and maintain your connections and status in the ‘ole boy system’ of Congress?  Is this a matter of making a mistake and thinking you were taking the high moral ground?  Regardless, I would like to see you step back in and deal with this issue.  I realize that it is now a ‘no win’ situation because if you stay on the sidelines you are damned and if you become involved you are damned.  THEREFORE, do what is right!

Regarding the “leaked questions” of Special Investigator Robert Mueller, which were leaked to the New York Times, I smell a rat.  The leaking of the questions, in my mind, was designed to enlist public opinion against the president.  It was also to give the MSM ammunition to use against the president regardless of his cooperation or refusal to be interviewed.  President Trump and Jeff Sessions have allowed Mr. Mueller and the Democrats to paint Mr. Trump into a corner and if he refuses to interview he will be tried and convicted in the media and if he is interviewed the traps will be sprung and they will likely come up with something to fuel the impeachment agenda.  NO, I did not say they would find evidence of “obstruction of justice” or “collusion with the Russians” but SOMETHING no matter how minute to charge the president with.  It will likely be when Mr. Trump talks at length and offers a possible contradiction of his testimony.  It may be taken out of context but a contradiction will be a tool to GET HIM.

Robert Mueller has a mandate from the leftist to GET TRUMP at all costs. He has a sense of loyalty to the FBI and his buddy, James Comey that drives his desire to GET TRUMP.  The fact that Attorney General Sessions and Congress have allowed this to happen is deeply troubling and suggests the incredible need to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington.  I realize that a CLEAN SWEEP would oust some good legislators but the removal of the incredible amount of debris (legislators) would far outweigh the negative.

The Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is going to release a much-anticipated assessment of Democratic and Republican charges that officials at the FBI interfered with the 2016 presidential election.  I suspect, if it is legitimate, it will reveal that former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI protocols.  James Comey has lied about matters large and small and the interview he gave Fox New’s Brett Baier found him offering an unbelievable story that his dinner meeting with John Brennan and Jim Clapper DID NOT include any discussion of Donald Trump and the controversies.  If you believe that then I want to offer you some wonderful ‘ocean front property’ in the middle of Arizona and I might just throw the Golden Gate Bridge in free.  Hey, I also have some young unicorns grazing in my backyard and some flying pigs I’ll offer you as well.  He also suggests that he still doesn’t know if Hillary or her team paid for the Steele dossier.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you that dumb or are you simply channeling Sgt. Schultz – “I know nothing.”

I fear that this attempt coupled with the president’s ego, thinking he can explain things without falling into a well-devised trap may entrap Mr. Trump.  I pray it will not.  I pray that the president will wake up and heed the warning of his lawyers and advisers and say to Mr. Mueller, “Since you or your team have demonstrated a lack of ability or integrity to keep this confidential I can no longer consider meeting with you.”  Could Mr. Mueller then subpoena the president?  I suppose so, and that would open the door for Jeff Sessions and Congress to act immediately and protect what is left of our System of Government.  I have a great concern that if this last-ditch effort fails, there will be something even more sinister put into play and we all need to pray for the president and his family’s safety.   THE HATERS ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!

God bless you and God bless America!

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