BLOG POST 7 - What If

If what, Roy?  Thanks for asking, “If the Democrats regain control of Congress,” that’s the what of the if, that I’m talking about.  WHAT HAPPENS?  Some are complacent enough to think that if they do, it will be a minor and temporary setback but nothing catastrophic, therefore no cause for concern.  I believe those people are wrong!  I’ve had some turn the question around on me and ask, “Well, what changes if the Republicans maintain control?”  I’m glad you asked that question too for both questions give me an opportunity to highlight just a few of the issues America will face or conditions we will suffer IF the Leftist regain power in DC.

If the Democrats regain control of the House and the Senate there will be the immediate issuing of Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.  You may be of the mindset as an Anti-Trump person that you consider that a good thing.  Those Articles will not necessarily be based on evidence or fact but hatred and opposition to this president.  At this point, they have nothing which would rise to the level of impeachment, unlike Barack Obama.  The Republicans in Congress viewed impeaching Obama somewhat of a Pandora’s Box politically and for whatever reason avoided it.  Would he have been convicted in the Senate?  NO.  Would Donald Trump be convicted in the Senate if the Democrats regain power?  Very possibly, because there are several RINO, Trump-hating Republicans now in the Senate and they would very possibly side with the Leftists in seeking to oust a president, not of their liking.  That becomes a can of worms that I don’t believe anyone using rational reason would desire.   It could and likely would effectively destroy our system of government and make us like other nations where we have a turnstile president in office and the voter’s choice would mean little.  THAT IS NOT what our Founders envisioned and is what they warned against.

I am fully cognizant that as long as President Trump is in office, he could and likely would veto any legislation the Leftists advanced to repeal the Tax Cuts.  My concern is how many so-called Republicans would side with the Democrats in seeking to override his veto?  That is a concern.  Nominations to the Supreme Court would be virtually impossible to advance UNLESS the nominee was a liberal leftist.  Our hopes of getting one or two more conservative jurists who are originalist would be dashed on the rocks of despair and America would be locked into liberalism, globalism, and progressivism for the foreseeable future.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or Constitutionalist, but then hate is a powerful thing.

Obamacare would become so entrenched, and may now be, that we would NEVER rid ourselves of that calamitous and lamentable law or piece of legislation that has harmed far more Americans than it has helped.  We would be pressed toward “single-payer healthcare” and place our health decisions squarely in the hands of bureaucrats rather than our physicians.  The cost would continue to escalate, and the quality of care or availability of care would drastically be reduced.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but again hate is an incredibly powerful motivator.

Amnesty and an Open Border would be permanently in place because the Republicans have demonstrated, in the past, a total unwillingness to prevent the Democrats from imposing their will on America.  The so-called 800,000 to 1.4 million DREAMers along with millions of other ILLEGALS here and those that would pour into our nation would totally reconstruct the political landscape, the economy, healthcare, education, and endanger our national sovereignty.  That cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but the power of hate cannot be discounted.

The 2nd Amendment would be in grave danger not only through legislation that President Trump would likely veto but through regulations and bureaucratic edicts not requiring his signature.  The ignoring of our Laws by cities and states would become epidemic and the push of the Leftist Gun Grabbers in seeking to make the entire nation a “gun free zone” would be sped up dramatically.  If the 2nd Amendment is damaged or destroyed, what other Rights and Freedoms are safe?  The Framers and Founders understood the importance of the 2nd Amendment and it had nothing to do with hunting but self-preservation and self-defense, with one of the prime suspects being THE GOVERNMENT.  They believed that citizens needed to be armed for day to day self-defense and in the event the federal government became tyrannical.  Damaging our 2nd Amendment or any of our inalienable rights cannot be acceptable to anyone identifying as a Conservative or a Constitutionalist, but again the deceptive power of hate must not be ignored.

If we are to realize the fulfillment of the campaign promises made by President Trump and the GOP in the 2016 Election we MUST NOT ALLOW the Leftist to regain power.  What we need is an increase in the present majority but not just numbers but people who are true Conservatives and Constitutionalist.  We need people with a backbone and the intestinal fortitude to stand for America, protecting and defending our Constitution, and holding everyone accountable for their actions, including those in the ‘ole boy system of cronyism in DC. 

Our educational system, judicial system, economy, national security, national sovereignty, healthcare, tax system, the oil, gas, and coal industries, as well as a myriad of other factors, must be considered in the November election.  If we want to move forward and achieve our objective of Restoring America’s Economy and Protecting our National Sovereignty we MUST defeat the Leftist in November.  If we want an America that is moving toward more limited government, reduced debt and deficits, and a system where WE THE PEOPLE are once again recognized and empowered as the rightful owners and overseers of government WE MUST defeat the Leftist in this election.  IT IS NOT OPTIONAL, and it will be far more than a slight bump in the road it will be a POTHOLE large enough to hide a 747.  Yes, I believe it is that serious!   If you love freedom and want to protect our Liberties, then VOTE and vote to defeat the Liberal Leftists.  

May God bless you and may He bless America again!


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