BLOG POST 2 - Heart

I wish I could say that the school shootings, violence, terrorism, and mass murders were simply evil or the result of a mental or emotional disorder.  They are but the matter is much more complicated than that, in my view.  I wish we could take the simplistic approach and pass some piece of legislation that would rectify the problem, keep those with the propensity to do those kinds of acts from obtaining a firearm or any weapon of choice to perpetuate their evil, but we cannot.  It is not that simple.  Benjamin Franklin’s warning resonates with me in today’s troubling times and in light of the continued atrocities that we are witnessing and enduring in today’s troubled world.  He warned, “Those who give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety.”  That flies in the face of the increasing demand that those in Congress pass some new law restricting, banning, or confiscating firearms.  The claims of the less informed and those who do not seem to be using any cognitive reason that we can “Legislate Safety or Sanity” are misguided at best and diabolical or devious at worst.  Simply, they are wrong!  You can attack me for that statement if you choose but if you carefully and thoroughly think this through you will realize that Morality Cannot Be Legislated.

Some take offense when I use the Bible to present my thoughts regarding the situations we now face in America and much of the world.  If you do, then you may want to skip past the next paragraph or two because I believe the Bible gives a clear understanding of what is happening in today’s society.  In 2 Timothy 3, we are told that in the “last days” and I believe these are those days, there will be difficult, perilous, and/or troubling and dangerous times.  Some would argue that we have always had dangerous times but I must argue, not to the degree we see it today with the mass-murders becoming more and more numerous.  There is a reason that these times are perilous and dangerous as well as difficult on that front and that is a conditioned attitude and mindset that we have been generating for at least two or three generations.  The “ME” Generation rooted in the ideology of Entitlement is a major problem.

Recently, another situation occurred in my home state where a man came from another state to the home of his estranged wife, their children, and her boyfriend and murdered them all.  That is beyond evil and cannot be adequately addressed as a mental or emotional disorder.  It is evil.  It does express a problem emotionally and even mentally but it goes beyond that.  I believe that the root cause is evil or sin but the conditioned mindset pervasive in our society today is “ME” or “What I want and what I believe I am Entitled.”  When a person believes they are the center of their universe and become as 2 Timothy 3 declares, “lovers of self” to the point they devalue the lives of anyone not fulfilling their demands, we are in dangerous and perilous times.  When people can become driven by addiction, money, and their lives morph into treachery becoming irreconcilable, we are in dangerous times.  That cannot be solved with legislation, banning, restricting, or confiscating guns.  It is a heart, moral, soulish problem that can only be rectified by a change of heart, mind, and attitude.  We must deal with the root of the problem not the superficial, as is being clamored for in the demand for new and more stringent “gun control” laws to be enacted.

The Bible warns in 2 Timothy 3 that “evil men will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”  That is a condition quite visible today, evil is becoming more bold and blatant and deception is more pronounced with each passing day in our society.  What is the root of the problem?  You may totally disagree with my assessment but I believe it can be found in the condition revealed in our “snowflake” and “politically correct” society being promoted.  When you teach the young that they must be given “safe spaces” lest they are offended you engender this type of mentality and attitude that spawns the murderous outbursts we have seen.  NO, I am not saying each “snowflake” will become a mass murder but that is the breeding ground from which this tree grows.  When you teach people and allow them to become enamored with the idea that they have a RIGHT not to be OFFENDED you create a condition that breeds an intolerant and intolerable world.

The lack of DISCIPLINE in our society is a breeding ground for this type of lawlessness.  Coupled that with the failure to discipline, hold accountable, teach that any ideas, thoughts or actions contrary to the desire of the “snowflake” prevents them from growing up and becoming responsible adults.  Adults who understand that everything is not FAIR and everyone will not AGREE with them or cater to their wishes and desires.  The fruition of that type of the mentality of ENTITLEMENT and ME, ME, ME produces conditions where a man can seemingly without hesitation murder an estranged wife, their children, and her new boyfriend, then kill himself.  Why?  Because he believes that it is wrong for anyone to withhold from him what he desires.  Just because you desire something does not mean that you deserve it, can demand it, or expect it.  Your rights end where another’s rights begin.  The damage we are doing to the next generation and many of the present generation in allowing academia to cater to the idea that anyone can or should demand a world free of disagreement or offense is dangerous and shares much of the blame for the current condition in our society, not the gun or our 2nd Amendment Rights.  The increase in this kind of murderous behavior should reveal that it is not the gun that is the problem but the individual and something in society.  Turn back the clock to previous generations and realize that we had guns in virtually every home but did not see the type of evil murderous activity we see today.  Again, 2 Timothy 3 speaks to that issue and reveals that is it a condition of the last days, but before someone blames God it is a condition that has arisen out of our failure to exercise discipline and insist upon personal responsibility and accountability.

I raised my children to understand that not everyone would agree with them.  I taught them, as I was taught that you do not have to be offended but you can choose to allow something to offend you.  I taught them, as I was taught, that you must be personally responsible and accountable and if you break the rules or laws you have to pay the penalty for that action.  I taught them, as I was taught, that there are no free rides and no one is entitled to anything they did not earn.  I taught them, as I was taught, to respect women and other people and be understanding of differences of opinion as much as is possible.  I also taught them that they had a God-given and Constitutional Right to protect and defend their own lives, property, and their families.  If we were to return to an Academia that taught the core principles of education rather than being indoctrination factories we could take great strides in rectifying this condition prevalent in today’s society.  Additionally, we must restore the FAMILY for as the family deteriorates and the influence of the father is reduced the more likely this type of activity becomes.  We also, need to follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Patriots, we MUST prevent the Leftist Liberal Democrats from advancing their “toxic liberalism” and erode our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights.  We MUST NOT allow them to regain control of Congress or the White House if we hope to preserve our Republic and make any strides in dealing with this type of problem in our troubled and dangerous world.  You may say, “Well the Republicans and Democrats are the same.”  In many ways you are correct but there is enough difference to inspire me to VOTE NO on the Democrats and VOTE YES on the Republicans as an effort to preserve our Republic and have any hope of Restoration.

God bless you and God bless America!


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