If you make the mid-term elections this year simply a referendum on President Donald Trump you allow a narrow focus to become your reality rather than viewing the Big Picture.  It is a referendum on the president but it is also a referendum on the Constitution and our Representative Democracy of Representative Government as designed and established by the Framers and Founders.  There is far more at stake than Donald J. Trump’s presidency.  In a very real sense, this is about America, our liberties and freedoms as a people, and which road we take in 2019 and beyond.

If a person allows hatred for Donald Trump to inspire them to vote in a way that allows the Democrats to win or they withhold their vote, that action damages our Republic.  It may or may not be the last nail in the coffin of Freedom but it will severely damage our secured inalienable rights under the Constitution.  The Second Amendment is in the cross-hairs of the Liberal Leftists, especially those in the Democratic Party.  They have openly vowed they will seek to pass more stringent and restrictive “gun control” laws and some of them are making that a key plank in their campaigns.  Some of the Democrats have announced they will see not only a “gun ban” of certain types of firearms but will try to find ways to strip us of our Second Amendment Rights.  They will seek to use the courts to rewrite and/or reinterpret the wording of the Constitution moving away from ORIGINAL INTENT to a modernized version to their liking.  They have already begun waging war on our First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech through censorship.  One of the ways they seek to achieve that goal is via political correctness in labeling everything not liberal as HATE SPEECH.  Universities and Colleges, the media, Hollywood, businesses, and more are willing participants in that activism as are social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  That is what is at stake in November 2018.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have announced their desire to repeal the Trump Tax Cuts and return us to the exorbitantly high personal income tax percentages especially for those who are higher wage earners.  They have vowed to make Obamacare virtually untouchable and continue the systematic destruction of both our healthcare and health insurance industries.  They are staunchly devoted to OPEN BORDERS and defending illegals even those who have committed crimes and gangs such as MS13 have received their defense wat the expense of the rights of the baby in the womb and the American citizen who are endangered by those terrorists.  They seek to force us to accept Sharia Law in various sectors of cities claiming that to do otherwise would be unconstitutional and Islamophobic.  If you disagree with them you are deemed RACIST and they are comfortable using whatever governmental agency to destroy the offenders of their ideological stances.  That is what is at stake in November 2018.

The Supreme Court and all the lower Federal Courts are in play for we will assuredly have one-three retirements from the SCOTUS or due to age the possible deaths of some current members.  If the Leftist Liberal Democrats regain control of the Senate, any conservative or constitutional nominee that the President names would be doomed to failure.  His or her qualifications would be a moot point for the Democrats would block them at every turn.  They would be seeking to force the president to concede defeat and nominate a liberal judicial activist to solidify their hold on the Republic and enhance their pursuit of “fundamental transformation.”  That is what is at stake in November 2018.

Any progress made with regard to North Korea would be wiped out because Kim Jong-Un would know that we have returned to the squiggly red line and milquetoast Congressional leadership.  That would embolden him to aggressively pursue his nuclear program and embolden terrorist around the world to escalate their activities.  Would the president try to stem that tide?  Of course, but without Congressional support, he would be extremely limited in what he is able to achieve.  Iran would continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons and the climate of the Middle-East would be made much more dangerous.  Israel who is virtually our only ally in the region would be even more in the cross-hairs of those desiring to annihilate them and remove all trace of Israel from the face of the earth.  That would not only make the Middle-East more volatile but would endanger the entire world, bring the prospects of WWIII into view.  That is what is at stake in November 2018.

State’s Rights would become endangered as the Leftist Liberal Democrats seek to neuter the States and empower the Federal Government to the point that it is effectively an oligarchy or tyranny by political party.  Our system of elections would become an endangered species as the Leftist would seek to destroy our Electoral College system and replace it with one where California and New York literally determine the outcome of all national elections.  The presidency would be severely damaged for they would immediately take action using real, or fabricated material to IMPEACH if not INDICT the President.  That would jeopardize all future presidents and make it unlikely that many would be able to complete their terms of office.  America as the Free Constitutional Republic is what this election is all about.  That is what is at stake in November 2018.

The question I have for you and me, is WHAT ARE WE WILLING TO RISK?  If you believe that the Democrats returning to power would simply be a temporary bump in the road, you will likely vote in a way that enhances their chances of returning to power.  If you see, as I believe I do, the real danger to the Republic, our Constitution, and National Security and Sovereignty then you will VOTE NO on the Leftist and VOTE in a manner that ensures their defeat.  If you value your Constitutional and Inalienable Rights you have only one choice in November.  I pray that enough Americans will become energized and awakened to see a massive turnout of conservative and constitutionalist casting ballots in November.  If that transpires we will continue our window of opportunity to LIMIT the government’s size and scope, have a chance to do some swamp draining and deep state dismantling.  IT IS UP TO US!  What is your choice?

God bless you and God bless America!


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