BLOG POST 1 - Cold in Here

The country song by Joe Diffie, “Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just You?” comes to mind as I view what is happening in my beloved nation.  The toxicity of liberalism, the vitriol of hate, the impasse of divisiveness, and the frigidity of political correctness are sending chills down the spine of Freedom Loving Americans daily.  The society we have created over the past 40-50 years is destroying our nation and eroding the foundations upon which any society can survive.  The entitlement mentality, the “Me Generation”, and the Snowflake culture is creating a condition that can only produce violence, hate, distrust, and division over which no bridge can span.  We are doing what our foreign enemies have been unable to do – DESTROY AMERICA!

The Snowflake Society that is now prevalent on virtually every college campus and throughout much of our society has crescendoed to the place that censorship and character assignation of anyone disagreeing with them is desired and practiced.  They claim to be standing in defense of the 1st Amendment while stripping those who disagree, of their right to speak freely.  They are perfectly willing to strip everyone, not of their ilk of any and all rights, mandating they comply or die.  Yes, some of them have chanted that very thing regarding conservatives and those on the other side of the issue than themselves.  That is a cold wave that no society can survive.  Some seem to have become so cold, calloused, and selfish they would rather see the nation destroyed than deal with differences.  They cry for tolerance and understanding while refusing to be either tolerant or understanding.  They chant that the NRA is a terrorist organization without one peep of concern over the millions of aborted babies by Planned Parenthood.  They want us to tolerate violent gangs such as MS-13 and even Islamic terrorist and clamor for their rights to be protected but want to strip the millions of law-abiding Americans of their rights to defend themselves and keep what they have earned.  The chill of that sends tremors through my being.

We continue this plunge to destruction, stripping people of personal responsibility and accountability as in seen in one of the latest trends where colleges are not being mandated to give “Snowflake Disability Status” to students.  That status awards them with more time on tests because they are so traumatized they need special consideration.  SERIOUSLY?  What is a “Snowflake”?  I could give you a number of definitions and all but one would earn me the disdain of the Left and label me with some derogatory moniker to paint me a person not worthy of occupying space on the planet.  The word “Snowflake” as I am using it here could readily be defined as “a noun – an overly sensitive or easily offended person, or one who believes they are entitled to special treatment because of their supposedly unique characteristics.”  They believe they are special because they have been traumatized by having to face, hear, or see conservatives and constitutionalist in life and those dastardly souls want them to actually work for what they get, manifest personal responsibility and accountability.  My first response is, “GROW UP!”  My second is, “We’d better get a handle on this or we will lose this Republic because some of those Snowflakes are going to become Congressmen/women and Senators.”

What is Snowflake Disability?  I’m sure it will soon become a medically confirmed disease or condition and we will be awarding them monthly disability checks to compensate for the trauma that we have caused those poor souls.  One report suggests that at elite U.S. colleges and universities about one in four students are classified as “disabled” because they have experienced “stress or anxiety” and must be afforded special consideration, given special accommodations, and even awarded grades they have not earned or deserved.  At some of those schools, it is deemed they are to be awarded twice as much time as their peers who are not so classified.  I guess that fits the new norm of today’s world and wonder how long it will take before a vast majority of students will seek to be so classified or will revolt over the blatant disparity.  At one university in California, 22% of the student body is now classified as “disabled”, not because of physical or other traditional definitions but because they are Snowflakes and have been traumatized by life.  In a university in Ohio it is 25% and at Marlboro College in Vermont, it is 33%.  THAT IS ASTOUNDING.  How can we possibly teach students to become productive members of society and learn to adapt and deal with stress, anxiety, and problems when we coddle them this way?  We are doing them and ourselves a great disservice and hammering away at the foundations of our society and republic.

What is happening in colleges as well as other sectors of society is there is a growing chorus of those who realize they can ride a gravy train through life if they yell, UNFAIR, RACISM, or some other politically correct term or phrase.  Learned Entitlement is shredding the foundations of our republic and society and the bitter cold of that reality is going to plunge us into oblivion. I was taught in the home, in school, in the military, and in life that learning to deal with “stress” and handling “anxiety” learning to work under pressure and find viable solutions was necessary and even mandatory.  Some cannot and I empathize with that real condition but this phenomenon in Snowflake-ism is an escape from reality, not a real disability that should receive any sympathy or empathy.  They need a swift kick in the seat of their pants, their plates were broken, and sent into the real world to live.  I fear that we are rapidly becoming a SNOWFLAKE NATION and that will jeopardize us externally as well as internally.

I believe that this mentality that is taught, caught, and learned is one of the factors in the rise in school shootings, violence, and mass murders in our nation.  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and many in the national limelight have demonstrated that mentality believing they are ENTITLED.  Anyone that questions the Snowflake Society becomes a target for their ire and wrath.  Anyone who challenges their Entitlement is likely to find they are the target of a campaign to so impugn their character and their destruction politically, socially, and economically will be sought.  If those squeaky wheels are loud enough and have the ear of enough powerful politicians then government agencies may be used against those troubling the troubled Snowflakes.

America, we either wake up and return to a condition where everyone is held personally responsible and accountable and our schools return to teaching the core subjects and how to think through problems or we perish.  Yes, I believe it is that serious.  I feel a chill that is rapidly turning into a freeze that will destroy us.  I am praying for the sun of reason to shine and thaw the frozen minds of liberals throughout this land.  This is another reason to VOTE NO on the Leftist in November and keep hope alive.

God bless you and God bless America!

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