BLOG POST 4 - Deep State

It is deeper than the ocean and wider than the sea and continuing to become deeper and wider as the most recent revelations in detail.  Vice President Mike Pence declared, “Americans have the right to know’ regarding the surveillance upon the Trump campaign.”  He is right, we do have a right to know but he did not go far enough.  We not only have a right to know, we have a right to demand prosecution of all illegal activities not just a partisan search for something to pen on President Trump.

I found it laughable, based on history, that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would say, “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action.”  Please pause while I have a deep belly laugh at that from Mr. Rosenstein.  I’ve heard the wind blow before and recognize bull droppings when I see it and that is just what his statements are.  He is right, we do need to know and appropriate action needs to be taken, but Mr. Rosenstein’s participation in the Mueller Investigation, the Clinton Cover-up, and the partisan wrangling are too visible to take him seriously.

We have learned that the FBI was not the only agency to come after Donald Trump and his team during the campaign and beyond.  We learned of the plant, mole, or spy in the campaign who was instrumental in prodding Papadopoulos to try to contact Russians, apparently without success or authorization from Trump or his leadership.  Now, we know that at least one more government “informant” (nice word for spy) attempted to infiltrate the Trump Campaign.  It appears that he was one of many that the FBI and other agencies tried to use to “Spy on Trump.”  I must ask, “Were they also spying on Hillary Clinton?”  The answer, from all I can uncover, is NO, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOPE, NOT ON YOUR LIFE…

Rosenstein’s comments made me laugh and James Clapper’s assertion makes me laugh, cry, and want to throw something.  He said that President Trump should be happy his campaign was spied on.  Take a quick break and double up in laughter at that one and before you throw something, count to ten.  His explanation was, “no one was spying on him or his people, they were looking out for meddling Russians.”  WOW!  If that were the truth then there would have been equal spying on the Clinton campaign because if there was such concern about Russian meddling would that not extend to the Democrats as well?  I’m so sorry, I keep forgetting this is not about truth, honesty, integrity, or unbiased investigation it is POLITICAL.  If he seriously thinks that “thinking” Americans will buy that he is an incredibly delusional individual.  My gut feeling is that he does not believe it, knows it is not true but believe that those with the propensity to HATE TRUMP will buy it hook line and sinker.  He thinks the public is that stupid.  That seems to be the modus operandi of the Left.  Tell a lie, loud enough, long enough, often enough, and outlandish enough and it will be believed.

I believe that President Trump is right in identifying this as “Spygate” and I believe it is worse than Watergate.  If we dig a little deeper into the imbroglio we find none other than John Brennan close to the epicenter of the scandal.  Brennan became increasingly alarmed and agitated as Donald Trump won primary after primary and it began to appear he would be the Republican nominee.  He fabricated the story that Estonia’s intelligence agency had alerted him to an intercepted phone call suggesting that Vladimir Putin was pouring mountains of money into the Trump campaign.  It has been exposed that the so-called tip was bogus if there ever was a tip.

The BBC reported on an incredible leak that Brennan had used that bogus tip and fabricated tips from British intelligence as the basis of his forming a multi-agency spy operation called an “inter-agency task force” to spy on Trump and his subordinates, which Brennan ran from the CIA.  The idea to use an old CIA source and Hillary Supporter, Stefan Halper, likely came from Brennan’s CIA.  Halper had found entrance into the Swamp and Deep State through his father-in-law, Ray Cline, whose work at the CIA was legendary.  Halper found a treasure trove of government jobs and enabled him to live his jet-setting transatlantic lifestyle.

We are fully aware of how many Obama and Hillary’s supporters occupied the higher levels of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and Homeland.  Halper was open about his support for Clinton and opposition to Trump.  He said that he “feared” a Trump presidency and believed it would jeopardize the U.S. British relations.  Halper came up empty, to no surprise and that should indicate that there was nothing there to connect Trump or his campaign to Russian collusion but Brennan could not let it end.  Then came, phase two or three or four or twenty where they went with Alexander Downer’s tale of his boozy evening with Papadopoulos and further advance the phony Russian collusion theory.  Downer’s tale supposedly came from a diplomat and that supposedly gave it credibility.  However, if Congressman Nunes is right and the originating document for the FBI probe doesn’t even contain a reference to an official intelligence product passed to Brennan from the Australian government, then Downer’s tale is flakey at best and a blatant lie at worst.  No law enforcement or intelligence gathering agent or agency would act upon information that was so suspect and call it evidence but Brennan did.

We are told that this caused a serious diplomatic row between Australia and the United States.  I must ask, “Who resolved the conflict?”  Was it John Kerry, Susan Rice, Barack Obama? WHO?  The CIA director was briefing President Obama daily on “Russian interferences” while actively running an Anti-Trump spy ring out of Langley.  Is that what our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies are supposed to be doing?  Spying for political purposes?  NO, but it is what it is and there should be immediate action to get to the bottom of this and hold all violators accountable and responsible, even if that means jail time.

Time and space will not permit me to delve into when this all began and examine how deeply Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, and many other Democrats were involved in unethical if not illegal activities trying to STOP TRUMP.  I must once again add, “if they truly believed he had no chance and Hillary was a shoe-in, WHY BOTHER?”  We can allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress this November and guarantee a Trumped Up (no pun intended) stake burning of President Trump or we can defeat them and leave the small window of opportunity open for a bit longer.  I will VOTE NO on the Democrats and VOTE YES for the Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

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