BLOG POST 2 - America


If the United States of America is the evil, inhumane, insensitive, and intolerant place the MSM, Hollywood liberals, and most national Democrats claim, then why are so many people trying to get here?  The fact that people are trying to get here legally and illegally is proof that America is not the heartless and evil place described in the optics of the Left?  If America was the intolerant hateful and evil empire described by the Democrats and talking heads on the national news that would not be happening.  Argue that if you please but your resistance is self-defeating based on facts and truth.  Reason blows the argument of our gross inhumanity and intolerance out of the water.

If you go to virtually any other country you are not allowed to ignore their laws and you are expected to assimilate or at least comply with their cultural mores, and laws.  You cannot go to a Muslim nation and speak offensively about their so-called prophet, Muhammed.  You ignore their culture at your own peril.  You cannot proselytize or even give witness for another faith without facing the severity of their laws and could face execution.  You cannot work in their nation without proper qualifications, education, and approval by their government.  In the United States of America, you are not forced to assimilate and allowed to follow your religion no matter what it is, if you do so peaceably.  You are not told how you must dress and allow freedom of movement and can live anywhere you can afford.  The image of America painted by the Left, if believed by the rest of the world, would immediately end our immigration problem because NO ONE WOULD WANT TO COME.  That is not America that the world sees nor the world that most of America’s see.  It is nothing more than political optics presented by the Left to advance an agenda and an ideological cause. 

The uproar over the Separation of Children from Parents is a fraudulent cause being advanced by the Leftist Politicians and the MSM.  Bill Clinton separated children from parents, George W. Bush did, and Barack H. Obama did as well.  We have been separating children from parents for a very long time.  When parents are placed in the custody of our judicial system they and their children are separated, rightfully so.  We have been separating children from parents when the parents endanger those children as the Illegals are doing.  There has never been an uproar over the fact that parents who committed crimes and are incarcerated have their children taken from them.  Why is this different?  It is different because it affords the Leftist an opportunity to paint America and especially Donald J. Trump as evil.  No one who has any compassion or empathy wants to see anyone treated inhumanely.  I would argue that many of those children are being treated more humanely when they were taken from their criminal parents than leaving them together would be.

Where is the uproar over Abortion over of 60 MILLION CHILDREN, since the inception of Roe v Wade?  Those children have been separated from their parents through the butchery of abortion?  Get angry with me over that statement if you please but I believe and true science and medicine agree that that baby in the womb is just that a human baby.  If our desire is to protect children I must ask, when will we have the same anger and angst toward the slaughter of the innocent in the womb as we do the children of the illegals or children used by illegals to gain entrance into this nation?  If America was such a horrible place why would they want to perpetuate that crime and incur that danger?  THEY WOULD NOT!

America is, in my view, the greatest nation on planet earth and affords more opportunities than can be found anywhere else.  I can appreciate someone taking exception to that statement in defense of their nation.  But, I know of no other nation that affords the opportunities as are found in America.  There is no system of enterprise and economics that is superior to our Free Market Capitalistic System.  There is no governmental system that surpasses that of the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders and Framers labored to provide.  America is deemed by most of those seeking entrance, worth the risk and they know, based on our history they will not receive the harsh treatment they would in their own land for being illegal.  They deem the “risk worth the reward” and come in droves.  That invasion poses many problems never discussed for America and Americans.  Some of those coming illegally are violent criminals and commit atrocious acts of violence as is frequently documents.  If we open our borders we will destroy our Republic and endanger America and Americans.  WE MUST NOT DO THAT!

This is a political ploy, not a real heart-felt cause being advanced by the Democrats, MSM, and Hollywood liberals.  Its purpose is not rooted in the humane treatment of children or anyone it is designed to give a boost to the ratings, polls, and votes in November.  It is one float in the endless parade of the Leftist seeking to regain power and complete the ‘fundamental transformation’ proposed and attempted by Barack Obama.  America, we are the most welcoming, charitable, and tolerant nation on earth and refuse to allow the Left to convince you otherwise.  WE MUST defeat the Liberal Socialist Leftist Progressive Globalist in November and that largely means defeat the Democrats.  America’s future is in our hands.  WHAT WILL WE DO?

God bless you and God bless America!


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