BLOG POST 1 - American Re[ib;oc

Over the past few days and weeks, I have found it perplexing to listen to, watch, and experience the lack of civility, common sense, and the complete failure to comprehend the American Republic by many.  No, I am not claiming I know it all or that I know much at all, but our American Republic fought for and established by the Founders and Framers is incredibly valuable, often vulnerable, and in many ways very complex.  Today’s academia, many jurist, most politicians, and many citizens in today’s American Society seem to have little grasp of the ingenious system designed, desired, and established by the Patriots of the American Revolution and the Framers of the American Constitution and System of Government.

There are many today, even some who are normally on the Constitutional and Conservative side of the political issues, who believe that the American Constitution should be interpreted according to the current ideological precepts rather than the Original Intent.  The Framers understood the inherent danger in that concept and in the wording of the Document and in their extensive writing they sought to both warn and encourage the generations following to strictly adhere to the Original Intent.  Viewing the American Constitution in any other light strips that document of its authority and power and endangers our Constitutional Republic’s existence.

There are many today, who believe that America is a Democracy and IT IS NOT!  We are a Representative Democracy or a Republic, not a Pure Grecian Democracy where the majority rules.  The Founders and Framers’ clarion call was to avoid the pure democracy at all costs and detailed the perils extensively in their writings.  They placed safeguards in the Constitution and Bill of Rights which embodied the declared intent of the Declaration of Independence.  They sought to provide us with a framework and system of government that would weather changing whims within any group or groups political, social, or economic.  Their labors were nothing short of miraculous and amazing and our American Republic has weathered some incredible storms over the past 240 plus years and we can weather more IF and IF is the Key.  IF we preserve the Constitution and interpret it through the grid of Original Intent.  It is not a living document continually evolving to adapt to the morals, modes, mores, or whims of any generation.  It provides a means for LIMITED GOVERNMENT and places far more power in the hands of the individual States than within the Central Government.  Well, that was the intent but we have allowed politicians and bureaucrats to modify and codify to the point that we have created a Political Monster known as the Federal Government. 

The ever-increasing rhetoric, diatribe, and calls for intensified harassment and even violence, largely by those on the Left are destroying all hope of Civility and sending Common Sense packing.  It matters not if you are on the Left or the Right, you have no right to engage in violence or the authority to censor anyone’s Freedom of Speech.  Everyone has certain inalienable rights that are given by God not government.  Everyone has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Everyone has the right to Freedom of Speech, and the Right of Self-Defense.  Everyone has the Right to maintain, keep, and protect their Personal Property.  EVERYONE!  Just because you or I do not like a candidate or ideology does not mean we have the right to seek the silencing of those voices. That is one of the things that makes our American System so great, we allow differences of opinion and open debate.  However, when the debate, even heated disagreement, turns into violence, and the call is for “getting in their faces” “bringing a gun to a knife fight”, or “overt harassment” we have crossed the line.  Maxine Waters and others on the Left have crossed that line and are crossing it frequently.  The attempt to argue that this began with Donald J. Trump is somewhat ludicrous, in my mind, because I remember Michelle and Barack Obama calling for stepped up protests and even aggression so it is not new but something that needs to stop.

Civility is a prize plum worth striving for because even our Framers and Founders had heated debate and intense disagreement as to our system of government but kept civility intact, for the most part, enabling them to reach a workable agreement.  When the debate descends into HATE and ANGER boils over all hope of compromise or concrete solutions vanish.  There are those who say, “I don’t hate Trump, I am oblivious to him” and yet incessantly attack him and those who are supporting him, I argue they are not oblivious to him at all.  I did not like the policies of Barack Obama and highlighted where I thought he was wrong frequently but for the sake of our American Republic, I did not want anything to happen to him, such as is being called for against Donald Trump.  I believe and believed that Barack Obama did not have the best interest of America at heart and that he was being true to his stated position, that “if the political winds turned sour he would side with the Muslims.”  He demonstrated that in many of his policies and edicts that America was, in his mind, an evil empire needing correction and/or punishment for her sins, which he deemed were many.  On the other hand, I do believe that Donald Trump does have America’s best interest at heart.  He may be misguided in some of his actions, over the top in some of his Twitter responses, and take wrong actions from time to time, but in his heart, America is first.

The upcoming mid-term elections are critical and if anyone allows their dislike for the President to prevent them from defeating the Democrats we will endanger if not open the door to the destruction of our American Republic.  The Supreme Court is VITAL for the preservation of our Republic and the Constitution as it was written and intended.  That means the Republicans in the Senate MUST confirm the nominee, providing that jurist is a Constitutionalist and values America as a Sovereign Republic.  The argument of the Democrats that the Republicans set a precedent to not confirm a nominee in an election year falls flat because this IS NOT a Presidential Election and they know that was the argument.  The Republicans would have probably been well served to have brought the Obama nominee to the floor for an “up or down” vote and voted NO then moved on, but they didn’t and now they must demonstrate Political Fortitude and CONFIRM the replacement Jurist to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat.

Things like Border Security, the Supreme Court, our Inalienable Rights, keeping our Tax Breaks, strengthening our National Security, and Military, as well as enabling our Economy to keep moving in an upward direction all hang in the balance in November.  I am not suggesting that anyone violate their convictions and principles but I am suggesting that Keeping America Safe and Free is vital to our continued enjoyment of our Freedoms and Liberties.  I find that life does not always afford me WHAT I WANT but often presents me with choices that require me to make a decision and take an action that provides the best hope of achieving our desired objective.  Socialism is on the rise in the Democrat Party and Socialism would be a disaster in America.  Obamacare was an experiment in Socialism and the Open Borders demands, as well as the many Entitlement and so-called protected classes of people’s demands, are driving our Republic to the precipice of the Abyss.  I will fight against that with every breath I have and every ounce of energy.  I will try to maintain Civility, use Common Sense and Reason, and stand firmly on the Side of the American Republic as is detailed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  My position is, without apology, for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


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