Some of my friends and those on the same side of most issues are on the opposite of the DACA debate.  Some are arguing for “birthright citizenship” for the children born in the United States but neither parent is or was a legal America citizen.  I am not going to use this time to rehash the Constitutional fallacy of their argument but will revisit it again in the future.  However, with regard to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION or INVASION of our sovereign republic, the cost and dangers are immense.  The fact of criminal activity, the drain on our economy, healthcare and welfare or entitlements poses a clear and present danger to America and Americans.  THAT MUST BE included in the conversation. 

The Department of Homeland Security released their “Alien Report Fiscal Year 2018, Quarter 1” on June 6th and it was disturbing.  There are some enlightening statistics in that report that cannot be excluded from the debate on STAY or DEPORT the Illegals.  We are told in that report that there are 57,820 known or suspected aliens in DOJ custody.  How many are not in custody?  It is a factual statement to say that for every criminal caught and convicted there are dozens of others who are escaping the long arm of the law.  That fact is a disturbing reality even if ILLEGALS were not part of the equation but when we include the millions of illegals, HOW MANY ARE COMMITTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE OR CRIMES UNDETECTED? 

Of the 57, 820 known or suspected illegals in custody almost 35,000 of them have orders of removal issued against them.  Almost 16,000 are still under investigation to determine their immigration status.  Others are either being investigated or are awaiting trial.  Almost 46% of the ILLEGALS in custody are suspected or charged with “drug trafficking” or some other “federal offense” including murder, rape, pedophilia, etc.   That flies in the face of the incessant argument by the Democratic Leftist and Media that the so-called DREAMERs are “innocent children.”  They include members of MS-13 gangs as “innocent children” and their actions make that an impossible position to defend, yet they do.

The ongoing occurrence of crimes by MS-13 gang members, and the report of an ILLEGAL who had been deported 20 times committing sexual assault in Portland (a Sanctuary City).  Sergio Jose Martinez, armed with a knife, sexually assaulted a woman in the basement of a parking garage.  She warded him off and he stole her car and credit cards.  He was released by the Obama administration in 2016 even though they were well-informed of his criminal past. The Sheriff of Multnomah County issued a statement saying, “The sheriff’s office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.”  We now have over 300 jurisdictions in America refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities regarding ILLEGALS who commit crimes and that includes members of MS-13.  How is that the American way?  How is that doing what is best for America?  How is that protecting the citizens of this country, your county, city, or State?  IT IS NOT!

The Obama administration released 68,000 ILLEGAL criminals in 2013 and made no effort to deport them.  There were 193,357 ILLEGALS with criminal convictions encountered by ICE that year and 67,879 of them were let go with no further concern for their whereabouts or their criminal past and potential danger to Americans.  THANKS, Mr. Obama for protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution and America – NOT!  There were numerous cases where the Obama administration openly and willfully obstructed immigration enforcement, but there is no investigation into his obstruction of justice.  WHY NOT?

We have documented evidence in government and law enforcement reports that there have been and are smuggling networks bringing ILLEGALS with Terrorist ties across our borders.  Our Southern border is incredibly vulnerable to intrusion and must be addressed if we are to keep America sovereign and have any sense of safety and security for our citizens.  Can we stop all illegal entry?  NO, but we can step up the enforcement of our immigration laws and do what is necessary to secure our borders.  Americans deserve that, but the Socialist, liberal leftists of the Democratic Party want no part of a secure America.  WHY?  In a nutshell VOTES.  They envision this invasion as a wave of NEW DEMOCRATS and are doing everything they can to bring that about including allow ILLEGALS to VOTE. 

I have not addressed the fiscal costs of ILLEGALS in America and it is astronomical and cannot be excluded from the debate.  We do not have an endless supply of money and with the problems and dangers of seniors losing or having their Social Security and Medicare cut this cannot be ignored.  Each year, the American taxpayers shell out over $134.9 BILLION to cover the costs of the presence of the more than 12.5 MILLION ILLEGALS. That does not include the 4.2 MILLION CHILDREN deemed to be citizens (although I question that status).  We are told that the tax burden on the tax-payers is about $8,075.00 per ILLEGAL.  If you break that down by Federal, State, and Local costs it is $45,870,474,332.00 on a federal level and $88,992,981,032.00 on a State and Local Level.  Some like to argue that the ILLEGALS pay taxes.  True and not true.  Some do but most don’t.  The reported Federal Taxes paid by ILLEGALS was $15,447,897,700.00 and the State and Local receipts is $3,520,960.,000 for a TOTAL of $18,968,857,700.00.  That means that the negative fiscal impact of the ILLEGALS is about $116 BILLION.  The cost of education, medical costs, justice, welfare, and more is a significant problem. 

When I couple the criminal activity aside from being here ILLEGALLY and the fiscal costs it is my view that we CANNOT AFFORD to ignore this problem.  How do other countries respond to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION?  Not with leniency and faux compassion, but with an iron fist.  Before you criticize them, consider that they believe that having a secure border, being a sovereign nation, and protecting their citizens fiscally and physically paramount.  HOW CAN WE DO LESS?  We have Immigration Laws and those laws must be obeyed and enforced.  If there is genuine political asylum needed it can be applied for and, where possible, granted.  Just because some came here ILLEGALLY and had a few babies does not mean that we have to ignore their initial crime and do the damage to legal Americans that blindness causes.

You can consider me heartless if you please.  I am Pro-Immigration, but that Immigration MUST BE LEGAL.  The issue has become an incredibly hot potato and difficult issue because politicians have for decades turned a blind eye to the problem.  There is no easy solution and enforcing the law may, at times, appear harsh and hard but we created the problem and it is time to pay the fiddler for our dancing.  If we allow the Democrats to regain control we will move one step closer to losing the Free Constitutional Republic we were given in the aftermath of 1776.  HOW MUCH IS YOUR FREEDOM WORTH?  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and ask you to join in praying for America and fighting for our Republic.  REMEMBER WHAT IS AT STAKE IN NOVEMBER and VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America!

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