THE GOOD OLE DAYS – In Many Ways Were Very GOOD…

BLOG POST 4 - Good Old Days

I do not want to lose our technological and modern mode of transportation and return to the early 20th or late 19th centuries.  I do not want to lose the medical advances and equipment which is, in many ways, affording people the opportunity to live longer and even more productive lives.  However, I do want to return to the view of the Constitution being the Law of the Land and reverse the moral drift we have been embarking on for several decades, if not longer.  I do want to return to an attitude and condition where our inalienable rights were considered inviolable and politicians did not feel at liberty to trample on those rights for their ideological, personal, or political gain.  I want to return to a time when the core subjects are taught in our schools rather than the indoctrination of leftist, socialist, progressive ideologies seeking to brainwash our youth making them good soldiers of the Liberal Leftist Agenda and bury them in political correctness.  There are things from bygone eras that I would like very much to reacquire and things from this era that I want to keep.  Can I have my cake and eat it too?  Not according to the purveyors of toxic liberalism that are the most vocal today.  Constitutional rights, to them, it would seem, means bowing at the altar of liberalism and embracing the ‘fundamental transformation’ dating back to the Fabian Socialist and the new-era liberalism of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc.

I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, or that’s when I attended public school, and I do not recall a time when there was a demand or a need to hire armed guards to police the hallways and campuses of our schools.  I do not recall any incidents where a student was gunned down on campus.  I remember having my behind paddled when I acted up or crossed the line of discipline and decorum demanded both by my parents and the schools I attended.  I believe that ‘respect’ is earned as individuals.  However, there is also a place to demand ‘respect’ and/or ‘obedience’ to the rules. That includes parents, teachers, and officers of the law.  Today, children are allowed to sass, and openly rebel with no consequences.  Yes, there are consequences because every action demands and receives an equal and opposite reaction.  The Laws of Harvest or Sowing and Reaping are in play in every aspect and dimension of life.  Somewhere, somehow, and someway our decisions have consequences.  The Law of Sowing and Reaping or Harvest includes the truth that what you sow you reap, you reap more than you sow, and you reap later than you sow.  We are sowing, a crop of chaos today in our American society and via the channel of the toxicity of liberalism.  The harvest is going to be ugly and the cost higher than anyone anticipates.

In the Days of Yesterday or the “Good Ole Days” as they are often called is relative depending on your age and memory.  But, for those of us who are 65 years of age or older we know many of the differences of our “Good Ole Days” and the present time and long for the return of many of those principles and practices.  If we are to buy the spin of the Liberals and Gun Grabbers we must conclude that the change between then and now is the GUN.  Guns have supposedly somehow morphed into a misbehaving object and gone rogue in their behavior.  Therefore, we must deal with the GUN because surely the GUN is the problem in today’s world, not the person using, controlling, pointing, and firing that inanimate object.   What will be next, the washing machine, the automobile, the telephone, the computer, the lawn mower, WHAT?  If inanimate objects that require a human being to operate them can become the problem and go, rogue, we are living in a very dangerous world and soon the MACHINES or GUNS or SOMETHING will take over and annihilate human life on the planet.  Yes, I am being facetious but that argument deserves facetiousness and ridicule.

The change that makes our schools unsafe and many of our cities a war zone is PEOPLE.  The argument of the Climate Change Advocates that MAN is the problem is correct, not as they argue, but regarding safety in our society.  The human heart is the issue, not the weapon of choice or instrument of destruction.  If you are old enough to remember you will realize that GUNS were easier to obtain back then than they are now and yet we did not have the catastrophic calamities we have in the mass shootings, at least not to the level of today.  If it was the availability of GUNS should we not have had more not less of those incidents back then?  That would be using too much reason and logic for the Leftist!

Human behavior is a major culprit in the conditions of today’s mayhem.  When I was in school it was an incredibly rare event for a teacher to be assaulted or even threatened but today it is the norm.  Reports indicate that in Baltimore, Maryland there is an average of four (4) teachers and staff members assaulted every day.  I suspect that is a low number since those statistics were from 2010.  We are told that over 300 school staff members filed workers’ compensation claims in a year because of assaults or altercations incurring on the job.  In Philadelphia, in that same year there were 690 teachers assaulted and in a five-year period, that number soared to over 4,000.  It is reported that on an average day over 25 students, teachers, or staff members were beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, or victims of other violent crimes.  That does not include the bullying, extortions, and threats that surface daily.  We are living in a troubled time and it is not the GUN that is causing the problem or the availability of the GUN.  It is PEOPLE!  It is the lack of DISCIPLINE and the enforcement of the rules that is creating the problem. It is the fact that in far too many homes disorder is not only allowed it is often encouraged.

Did you know that up until the 1960’s that New York Public high schools had high school shooting clubs?  Students were taught the proper and safe use of firearms.  Students carried guns on subways and turned them over to the homeroom teacher or gym teacher and they kept them stored until they were to be used for the shooting clubs.  In Virginia students often went hunting on their way to school and brought guns with them.  I know in my school in East Texas it was not unusual to see a rifle on a gun rack in a pickup truck parked outside the school.  None of us feared getting shot.   What changed?  I guess the GUNS developed a mind of their own and suddenly became violent.  NO?  Well, what could it possibly be then?  What changed?  PEOPLE DID!  If we don’t return to a time and position in our society where DISCIPLINE is once again administered in the home, at early ages, and in schools, we are going to continue to grow even darker in our society and more dangerous.

If we allow the purveyors of ideological toxicity prevail in November we will facilitate the further erosion of our society and create a dangerous and dark world.  It is time for parents to discipline, schools to discipline, and churches to teach Biblical values and principles again.  It is time that we acknowledge the real problem rather than blaming the convenient object that is only dangerous in the hands of the deranged or evil person.  IT IS PEOPLE, not GUNS that we should be concerned about.  Let’s stop the rhetoric and illogical diatribe and focus on God, Morality, and Human Decency.

God bless you and God bless America!


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