BLOG POST 1 - America then and now

Conservatism, Constitutionalism post World War II and today, is there a difference?  Unless you have been living in a world that is devoid of contact with people, contains no internet, printed news, books, television, or politicians you would say ABSOLUTELY!  But in my conversations with people, some who claim to be Constitutional Conservatives, I am convinced that world of delusion must exist.  The demonstrated hatred from those who are truly trying to advance constitutional and conservative values and agendas are more than amazing, it is incomprehensible.  The Post-World War II era is dramatically different from today and both major political parties are substantially different.   In the aftermath of WWII, many Democrats embraced the Constitution and even held conservative values and principles.  On a national level, that does not exist today!  No, I am not saying every person in America who views themselves as Democrats fully embrace the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist, Anti-Constitutional American views and values, but many do.  I am saddened when I talk to some people, whom I love and respect, who find it impossible to separate themselves from their party when their party abandons their core values, simply because they have always been Democrats.  Yes, there are Republicans in that same boat, but there is a significant difference in the core planks of the two parties, in my view.

The Post-World War II American Conservative was staunchly anti-communism, pro-life, pro-America, and pro-National Sovereignty.  That movement was rigidly against Big Government, pro-limited spending, and anti-taxation to the excess and extreme of today’s government.  That era was surprisingly tolerant of opposing views so far as having open debate was not only allowed but encouraged.  No, they did not bend on their core values and principles but they listened to the other side to see if there was a workable compromise or common ground upon which to build.  That has taken a 180-degree turn today and those on the Liberal Side of the aisle are viciously intolerant of any view not in harmony with their own.  The conservatives of the Post-World War II era were not afforded the media coverage we have today, albeit today’s coverage is largely negative.  There was no Fox News or the various outlets afforded to conservatives of today to articulate our views and argue our core values.  They were not concerned about positioning themselves to be acceptable to the media, they simply believed what they believed, worked to see it become reality, and worked, often behind the scenes, to achieve the Constitutional Conservative Agenda.  Today, far too many are more concerned about ratings and being liked than they are about advancing genuine constitutional and conservative principles and agendas.

I am disturbed that many so-called conservative voices in today’s world engage in theatrics for personal gain and media acceptance rather than advancing constitutional and conservative values.  After all, in the world of media, theatrics pays.  I don’t mind some theatrics because that can be a tool to garner the attention and interest of the public allowing a sprinkling of theatrics but the objective must be to educate, interest, and promote the Constitutional position for our American System of Government.  If that is not the prime focus then theatrics would seem to be nothing more than rain on a tin barn and promotion of self rather than the Republic.  I know a talk show host in my area that was on the West Coast and when he was the MC of that talk show it had a liberal bias and when he moved to this area in Texas he suddenly became conservative.  That was where the interest was and that enhanced his popularity and thereby his bottom line.  I do not consider those who are faux Constitutional Conservatives Conservative or Patriots but media personalities seeking fame and fortune not the betterment of the Republic.

When I grew up in East Texas in the 50’s and 60’s most people voted Democrat on the local level but many them began voting Republican on the national tickets when Eisenhower ran for president.  They would have been called, “blue dog Democrats” and later, “Regan Democrats”.  Although they considered themselves Democrats they were opposed to the increasing bent of the Party toward Big Government and Socialism.  They believed in lower taxes, limited spending, a strong military and national defense.  They believed that marriage was between one man and one woman, opposed abortion, and believed that if a person WOULD NOT WORK they should not eat.  They voted Democrat on local and State elections but every four years many split their ticket and voted for the Republican for president.  Many of those, before their departure from this life, began to vote Republican on State and National elections while continuing to vote Democrat on local elections. WHY?  Why did they vote Republican on State and National Elections?  Because of ideology and core principles and values.  Why did they continue to vote Democrat on local elections?  Often there was only one candidate running and they knew the candidate on a personal level.  Therefore, they did not consider view their vote as Democrat or Republican in those cases was what my mother always said, “I don’t vote for the party I vote for the man.”  We know that, generally, that is not the case but when it comes to a County Road Commissioner or School Board Member, etc. that is sometimes what is happening.

What is my point in all this?  Simply that we have seen an erosion of foundation in what is being called Constitutional and Conservative which has produced a huge herd of RINOs and faux conservatives.  It is out of that group we find many of the NEVER TRUMPERS and the milquetoast Republicans today who are willing to allow the Republic to be damaged if not destroyed because of their dislike, hatred, or dissatisfaction with a particular candidate or decision.  In the case of President Donald Trump, I know of no one who is proclaiming him to be a SAINT. He was not running for Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, or Theology Professor.  He ran for and was elected to be the President of the, arguably most powerful nation on earth.  We endured eight years of weak-willed, Muslim leaning, squiggly red line leadership.  We endured eight years of a government that enhanced and emboldened our enemies including Islamic terrorist and Illegals flooding our shores.  What we needed and now have is a President with a spine and one who is willing to do what needs to be done no matter how popular or unpopular that action is.  He is assuredly a “shoot from the lip” individual and a “businessman” who makes deals and has the ability to move from a very antagonist negotiation and let it become history rather than obscuring the possibilities of the next deal.  He is, I believe, a pragmatist and does not see things as Conservative or Liberal but what needs to be done, what is good, or what is not good.  That makes him unique in our long history of presidents and opens the door for some incredibly great things to be done in America under his leadership.  Will he make mistakes?  Is he a living breathing human being?  Of course, he will and has.  All of us do. But he is attempting to keep his campaign promises like no other president or elected official and that should be appreciated if not applauded.

We dare not allow the Liberal Leftist Globalist Socialist Progressive Democrats regain power in November.  If we do we are effectively surrendering our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.  That is one thing I cannot stomach and will not willingly tolerate.  I am in this fight to the finish and my position is firmly rooted in the Constitution and I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I ask for you to join the fight and pray with me and fight with me and the millions of others doing the same as we seek to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders!

God bless you and God bless America!


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