BLOG POST 2 - Fearlessness

In 1776 there was a FEARLESSNESS  that prevailed among the Freedom Fighters in the American Colonies.  No, I am not saying they did not experience times of trepidation and their hearts and minds gripped in the turmoil of concern and question but they were FEARLESS in the face of all obstacles and DETERMINED to achieve the only acceptable objective INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM.  That required a FEARLESSNESS that would keep them alert, committed, and determined beyond what often seemed humanly possible.

There was the Spirit of FEARLESSNESS that prevailed during both of the World Wars in which America participated.  That fearlessness was demonstrated in the many heroes of the battles and on the home front in the families, wives, and children left behind who keep the home fires burning and supplied the munitions to fight the good fight to defeat tyranny in the world.  That fearlessness was the result of a populace convinced that the ONLY SOLUTION and ONLY OPTION was to defeat Communism, Socialism, and Tyranny that was threatening Free People in America and around the world.  Turning the other cheek and ignoring the problem was not an option and from the politicians to the armed forces and the public FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION produced a Patriotism that prevailed against Tyranny.

Sadly, it is my view, that spirit began to wane after VE Day on May 8, 1945, and VJ Day on August 15, 1945, when the final formal surrender was accomplished ending the terribleness of WW II.  At the onset of the Korean War in 1950 that spirit was expected to prevail and complete victory was anticipated, but three years later it had become all too obvious that a total victory was either not the objective or not a reality and we allowed a Tyrannical Regime to continue while carving out the Democratic Republic of the South.  A partial victory, not a complete victory as had been the only acceptable objective of Americans in War to that point. 

A few years later we became embroiled in Vietnam and almost from the beginning no one truly believed that we would demonstrate the FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION required, as a people, to resolve the matter completely.  I am not talking about those men fighting on the ground, in the air, and on the sea but the general public and the politicians.  There were many factors including the fear of another World War but that war, in my view, became a political and commercial war.  I am a combat veteran of that war and do not want to appear in any way to detract from the valiant efforts of our forces and those men with boots on the ground, those sailors at sea or the airmen flying over the terrain.  THEY ARE PATRIOTS and I salute my brothers in arms.  We did what we could even when the politicians and hierarchy choose not to take the path of FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.

In our modern era, we have been engaged in the War on Terrorism for years and I am deeply grateful for each man and woman who has served, those who paid the ultimate price, and those who gave a limb and a portion of their sanity for the cause of Freedom.  Politicians, the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and Activist have trashed our armed forces and labeled those of us who want a sovereign and free America as bigots, suffering from some phobia, haters, and evil.  I rejoiced when our people came back from the First Gulf War and were given accolades and demonstrated appreciation.  Those of us serving in Vietnam know how vastly different that was compared to our return and we rejoiced that those serving were given the respect they deserved.  Respect?  Not from the Leftist or much of the media and Hollywood but the public and that is where every patriot looks for recognition and appreciation.  When the average citizen says, “Thank you for your service,” my heart leaps for joy and tears come to my eyes.   They understand the need for FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.

Now my real question is “What Happened to Fearlessness in Politics?”  By that, I mean those men and women who will defend the Rule of Law and the Constitution regardless of consequences to their political career.  I, personally, do not believe in professional politicians.  I see them and know they exist and are real but do not believe they are legitimate constitutionally.  The only way that changes is for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our government at the polls and elect those who will be FEARLESS and RELENTLESS in defending the Constitution and our American Freedom and send them home if they cease to do so or decide to stay too long.

Let me touch on a hot-button for me, RINO Republicans who aid and abet the Liberal Leftist Democrat agenda.  I hesitate to address one because he is terminally ill and I never want to denigrate the dying or dead but am satisfied to leave them in God’s hands.  However, Senator John McCain has committed some acts of treason toward Constitutional Conservatism that cannot be ignored.  Many of them you know but I desire to bring up one that has come to light that highlights the need and requirement that we elect ONLY Constitutional Conservatives if we are to reclaim our Republic and see her restored to her rightful place.  I believe that Senator McCain is a man filled with bitterness and genuinely hates anyone and everyone who did not support him to become President of these United States of America.  It often appears that his desire for a “pound of flesh” and “revenge” causes him to do great harm to our Constitutional Republic.

It has come to light that it was at his, and other RINOs, urging that the IRS went after conservatives and conservative organizations.  It was a sort of political back-stabbing that cannot be ignored and should have demanded his ouster long before his current situation.  It is revealed in internal IRS documents that Senator McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”  Senators John McCain and Carl Levin demanded that the IRS “reign in” political advocacy groups. Sadly, it was not all advocacy groups they wanted to be targeted but those who were staunch conservatives and not milquetoast in their political ideology like Senator McCain.  They were groups that had supported other candidates and withheld their votes from him, making them enemies, in his mind it would appear.

He has on more than one occasion referred to the “Tea Party” in such vile terms as to group them in the basket of Domestic Terrorist.  Senator McCain cannot claim that Kerner went rogue because he regularly met with him and there is documented evidence that he was fully aware and in favor of targeting conservative groups.  The Tea Party is one of the major reasons that the Obama administration went downhill in the minds of many voters.  Lerner was not punished for her illegalities and had the support and help of none other than Senator John McCain (R-AZ).  McCain’s antics were part of the reason that Mitt Romney found millions refusing to vote in the 2012 election.  Now, Donald J. Trump has come on the scene and demonstrated a type of FEARLESSNESS that millions of Americans have longed to see in politicians.  That does not make him a saint or even right all the time, but makes him somewhat unique in today’s political world.  What we need now, is an infusion and a wave of Constitutional Conservatives who will take seriously their campaign promises and the constitution.  Smokey Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Roy Beaird says, “Only you and I can prevent the liberal decay of our American system of government and RECLAIM AMERICA.”  

God bless you and God bless America!

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