BLOG POST 1 - Pain

As many of you are aware, I have been dealing with some excruciating physical pain over the past few days.  I don’t like to bring my personal pain into the conversation other than simply to request prayer.  That is not because I do not want others to be aware of my struggles but because I never want the focus to be me.  However, there are times when our personal and physical pain exceeds our ability to deal with it without the help, comfort, and strength of others.  A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled, “Prison of Pain”.  That book was birthed out of personal experience and observation of the ravages of pain in the lives of people and even nations.  Pain whether it is of a physical nature, emotional or spiritual can be and often is devastating.  Pain can lock a person in a prison as real as one of brick and mortar, bars and chains, and the armed guards may not be mortal men but spiritual or within one’s mind, but the result is the same PRISON.

The pain that I am enduring pales in comparison to that of many including my wife Bonnie who is battling Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and others in similar situations.  The Prison of the Pain of Abandonment, which many are experiencing, is a most excruciating experience and often drives people to thoughts of suicide.  The Pain of Loss in life is a diabolical taskmaster and imprisons to the point that rational thought is almost impossible.  There are many types of pain and if that pain rises to the level that it occupies almost every waking thought it can and often does become a Prison and in that state of captivity, the prisoner is placed in a state and condition where they experience HOPELESSNESS.

What is the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10 is the question always asked by the medical profession?  I have been asked that question and then on one occasion immediately following the question was the corrective addendum, “Pain Level Ten is where one is so tormented by that pain they entertain thoughts of suicide.”  My response was and is, “since I have never knowingly entertained the thought of ending my own life, I must not be a Level Ten, but whatever level is just beneath that I am dangerously close to that level.”  I’ve been reading the Book of Job and as I read from day to day new things would present themselves to add to my calamity and pain.  I laughed and cried out to the Lord, “Lord, in no way, do I compare myself to Job, but this is almost too coincidental for words.”  As I laughed and cried I recalled the last chapter of that Book and rejoiced because Job was restored and received a double portion.  Also, in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, I find that WE WIN and the devil loses.

But, my purpose is not to address my physical pain.  I deeply appreciate the many prayers offered on my behalf.  My physical pain cannot be compared to the pain in the hearts of every true American Patriot today.  As we witness the drift and shift of many in this great nation moving far from the moorings and charted path of our Framers and Founders, we experience Pain of such enormity it is almost unbearable.  The Pain in my heart that cannot be cured with an injection, a pain pill, or even natural surgery comes from the many who embrace the idea of Socialism for America.  I have witnessed, first hand, the pain in the eyes of those living under the tyranny of Socialism and Communism.  I have heard the hopelessness in the voices of those citizens and viewed the abject poverty that is produced for the masses under those systems of government and economy.  The Pain in my heart rises from the heartbreaking result of the indoctrination of generations that convinces them that abandoning our moral and spiritual moorings as a nation is the better route for America.

As I reflect on the selfless sacrifices of the hundreds and thousands of men and women who paid the ultimate price in the fight for Independence, Liberty, and Freedom in the Revolutionary War, my pain level rises.  We know the names of the most prominent among them, the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution but what of those many average citizens who held the dream of Liberty and Freedom in their hearts and fought and died for that vision.  They, as in our other Wars for Freedom and the fight against Socialism and Communism around the world, were not simply thinking of themselves but their children, grandchildren and future generations.  Those following the new move toward Socialism do not know Pain to the level of those peoples in countries who have known those systems of government for generations, but they will and that causes incredible Pain in the hearts of the true American Patriots.  We know where the abandonment of our Republican System of Government and Free Market Economy leads and the Prison of Pain that accompanies the fulfillment of that agenda.

Those today who have or are allowing hate to cloud their minds and fill their hearts do not realize the Prison they are creating and will become incarcerated in emotionally, mentally, spiritually, if not physically.  That causes the level of Pain in the hearts of the true American Patriots to rise to a new level and it is excruciating.  Those today who believe that abandoning our moral and spiritual moorings as a Republic will have no negative consequences have not carefully examined history, studied those nations and peoples who are living under the type of government this movement desires.  In America today, we have problems and there are flaws in our government.  Those flaws are not the fault of our Constitutional System of Government but the corruption of man and the slow but systematic modification of our Constitution without following the mandated method via Amendments ratified by the individual States and citizens of those States.  We will not solve any of the problems existing in our nation by abandoning our Constitution and embracing a System of Government that has failed everywhere it has been or is being tried.  The result will be a Prison of Pain for all except those in Power.

I have been out of touch with social media, much of the news, and virtually absent from engagement with the internet for days and my focus and thoughts have been on personal matters, including physical pain to a degree.  However, the major thrust of my focus has been on God, America, and our Founding Principles and Precepts which produced America, the Land of the Free because of the Brave.  I, like you, love this nation and believe that we have existed because of the principles espoused in our Declaration of Independence, expressed and codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and demonstrated in the selfless sacrifices of millions through the generations.  If we abandon our founding moorings and drift from our moral foundation as a nation we will create a PRISON of PAIN beyond anyone ability to imagine. 

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Democrat or a Republican, if you truly want to see America be and remain the America that was a Beacon of Hope to the World and the Freedom and Liberty expressed in our Declaration of Independence and our Pledge of Allegiance then I beg of you to join together and STOP THE INSANITY that is being advanced in America today.  We can demand from the elected officials a return to Constitutional Government and that return will provide a means of recovery and deliverance from that Prison of which I allude.

God bless you and God bless America!

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