BLOG POST 3 - Never Be A Democrat

I normally do not write this blog on Sundays but feel that I need to offer it.  I realize that a title like this will probably earn me the angst of some and bring out the haters who will hurl vitriolic hateful comments.  However, if you will give me an opportunity I will qualify my title and offer some reasons for my position.  You may disagree with them, and that is your God-given, Constitutional, inalienable right.  However, I would remind you that I have the same right to form an opinion and express it.  I will tolerate your disagreement if you will tolerate mine.  That being said, let me delve into some of the many reasons I cannot support the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist Agenda and Ideology of the National Democrat Party.  I will offer these not necessarily in the order of importance to me.

Number One, Liberal Democrats such as Virginia’s former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s restoration of rights to ‘felons’.  The result is that we now have a convicted pedophile who threatened to kill President George W. Bush is now legally able to run for Congress in Virginia.  That is the result of Governor McAuliffe restoring ‘voting rights’ to thousands of felons. The convicted pedophile is running as an Independent candidate in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  Huffington Post interviewed him and he expressed pro-pedophilia and incest views calling it NORMAL for men to be attracted to underage women.  He has posted online articles entitled, “Advantages of Father-Daughter Incest”, “The Justifiability of an Incel’s Kidnapping a Girl and Keeper as His Rape-Slave for Sex and Babymaking.”  He supports making “child pornography” legal and restoring “benevolent white supremacy” and “patriarchy.”  He has referred to Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero.”  His being allowed to run for office is the result of a Liberal Leftist Democrat in power making decisions that ultimately endanger the public and makes a sham of our political system.  I seriously doubt that Virginian’s will elect him but the fact that someone with that history and point of view could run for office is disgusting.

Second, the Liberal Leftist Democrat Establishment and Leadership, as well as Hollywood elitist, have voiced support of the diabolical and dangerous criminals MS-13. They have taken the position of supporting Hamas vs Israel.  They continually defend the hateful comments and commentaries of people like Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Joy Reid, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, Jemele Hill, Kathy Griffin, Robert DE Niro and scores of others while attacking anyone espousing a conservative view.  The vileness and destructive hate that is being expressed by Democrats such as Barbra Streisand who blamed President Trump for Samantha Bee’s comments and those calling for the murder of white people, especially white men calling us crackers are ignored and even lauded.  But Rosanne Barr (who I am not trying to defend) are to be burned at the stake and boiled in oil.  It is more than a double standard it is Destructive Hate that is dividing this nation.  Barack and Michelle Obama during their time in the White House did more to expand the racial divide than any president past or present.  Yet, they are excused.  Hillary called those not voting for her DEPLORABLES and a Leftist went on national television and insisted that everyone who voted for Donald Trump was a ‘racist.’  That was glossed over and excused.  I will not support that kind of hate and hypocrisy in any candidate or party.

Third, the never-ending perversion of our justice system and the abuse of political power by the Democrats as clearly revealed in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Democrats to continue an Investigation that is clearly the investigation of a person trying to find a crime.  That is the reverse of what our criminal justice system is supposed to be about, but that is the result of the Never Trump and Destroy Trump mantra of the Democrats.  The partisan players in the Mueller Investigation and the revealed antics of the Obama DOJ, FBI, and CIA make it clear that the desire of the Democrats is to stop Trump even if it means the destruction of our Constitutional Form of Government.  They are pro-Amnesty, pro-Open Borders, pro-abortion, and pro-gun control which makes them anti-Constitutionalism and I view that as Un-American to their core.

Fourth, the announced plan of the Democrats to repeal the Trump “tax cuts”, etch in granite Obamacare, open our borders, allow Iran and other tyrannical nations to obtain nuclear weapons, and more is more than I can stomach.  How could I vote for things that are bad for America and bad for Americans?  I am pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment, anti-terrorism, and pro a Strong National Defense and Secure Border, to name a few things.  The Democrats, at least nationally, have embraced virtually everything that I oppose and view as an attack on my faith, the constitution, and my inalienable rights.  Constitutionally, Congress has no right or authority to confiscate any wealth (as if I had any) and redistribute it to another.  I have the sole right to be charitable with what I possess and I have the sole right to not be charitable.  It is my choice and my right.  No one has the right to what I have earned and to take it from me by edict or forces should be so reprehensible to all politicians it would cease immediately.  That is not the mantra or modus operandi of the Democrats for they have proven to be the Party of Tax, Tax, Tax, and Spend, Spend, Spend or should I say Confiscate and Redistribute for the sole purpose of “buying votes” and “solidifying power.”  Control is their objective.

Those are four areas that prevent me from being a Democrat.  Before you go off on me or make the claim that Republicans are no better, they are.  At least, on a National Party Platform, they are.  They are far from pristine and pure, but they are not seeking to raise our taxes, open our borders, support heinous murders such as Hamas, MS-13, Islamic Terrorist, and Street Gangs in many of the largest liberal cities in America.  They are largely pro-life and that is a very big issue for me.  They are openly in support of our inalienable rights, especially our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights.  They are not waging war on Christianity and do not support the witch hunt of ousting a lawfully elected president because they don’t like him.  Some of them are very opposed to President Trump but, at this juncture, the Republicans are not seeking to Impeach and Oust him based on their preference for someone else.

November 2018 is a tipping point for our Republic and our nation is clearly at a cross-road.  If we allow the Democrats to regain control of one or both houses of Congress we will have helped to facilitate the ‘fundamental transformation’ desired by Barack Obama and the Globalist controlling things behind the scenes such as George Soros.  If we allow the Democrats to regain power we will see the erasure of the advances we have made in the year and a half that Trump has been president.  DO YOU WANT THAT?  ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THAT HAPPEN?  Those questions must be asked and answered before you vote in November and hopefully, they will prompt you to VOTE and cause you to VOTE in a way that prevents the Democrats from regaining power.

God bless you and God bless America!

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