BLOG POST 4 - Which America

I frequently find myself attacked by those on the Left and there is an increasing trend of attacks by some who claim to be, and possibly are Pro-America, Conservative, and Constitutionalist.  Their animus toward me is that in my standing for America I stand with President Donald J. Trump.  To them, I am an apostate, a lunatic, a cultist, and worthy of any and all viciousness that can be heaped on me.  I still struggle with that attack, not because I am deterred by their words and false accusations but because they claim to be Pro-America, Constitutionalist, and Conservatives.  I realize that will draw even more ire directed toward me yet, I feel that I must respond to what I see happening in America and as the question of my title, “Which America Are We Fighting For?”  Is it the America of our Framers and Founders or the Fundamentally Transformed America of the Barack Obamas of the world?

I still cling to hope that if those who are so consumed with their distaste, animosity and even hate for President Trump stop just for a moment and think about what is happening they will realize that he is not America’s greatest threat, the toxic liberalism and Democratic Socialism is.  I am losing my grip on that hope because the viciousness of their attacks has reached a level that for them to retract their vitriolic rhetoric they would have some egg on their faces and it appears something, possibly pride, prevents them from that position.  It is often incredibly painful to acknowledge a mistake even a partial one.  I’ve been there and done that!  Infighting among those who hopefully truly desire the best for America and the cessation of the destruction of Toxic Liberalism and Socialism in America is one of this country’s greatest enemies today.  I genuinely want what is best for America and cling to a shred of hope that those not on the Left want the same thing.

To call those of us who vote Republican cultist is not just offensive it is moronic.  Those who are so anti-Trump they would gleefully watch the Dems regain power and destroy the republic are terribly misguided, in my view.  If we lose the house and Senate they can assume much blame. It is that mentality that got Barack Obama elected not once but twice.  I did not prefer John McCain in 2008 but rather than say, “He’s not my candidate and stay home or vote some way that facilitated Barack Obama’s victory, I VOTED McCain.”  I did not like Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate in 2012 but unlike the tens of millions who could have turned the tide and defeated Barack Obama and Liberal Agenda, I VOTED.  I voted because I saw the dilemma of America and understood that although we might survive 4 or 8 years of Toxic Liberalism, it would present a serious obstacle to recovery.  I could have voted third-party and defend anyone’s right to do that but when I viewed the situation I knew in my heart it was a binary choice and I had to seek the path that would give the best hope of preserving the Republic.

Contrary to the opinion of some both on the Right and on the Left, President Donald J. Trump is not America’s Greatest Threat.  I believe that the Liberal, Socialist, Globalist, Progressive, Leftist rooted in the Democratic Party is a greater threat than Islamic Terrorism or the Invasion of Illegals across our Southern Border.  What I have seen in this President is a willingness to attempt to keep his campaign promises and the promises the Republicans have been making for several electoral cycles.  I am thrilled with his pick for the Supreme Court and anticipate another of that caliber to be named for this current vacancy.  I am thrilled that we got a tax break and am hopeful that we will get more.  I am thrilled with the strong attempt to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws.  I am thrilled with strong diplomacy on an international front and believe that America has carried the financial and military personnel burden for the world too long.  I am thrilled with the defense of religious freedom, and the determination to defeat Islamic Terrorism, strengthen our military and make America both Great and Safe again.  If that makes me a cultist, then give me more.  I believe it makes me a patriot who loves America and wants what is best for this nation. 

Some of those attacking me and others who are in support of the direction of our Republic, now use the “Separation of Families” at the border as an indication of our cultism and lack of moral sanity and heart.  TAP THE BRAKES PLEASE and let me address that as best I can in this short space.  There are several facts that need to be addressed and if everyone will use common sense and reason I believe we can agree.

FIRST – What is it about the ILLEGALS that gives them more rights than CITIZENS?  What do I mean by that?  Simply, if an American Citizen breaks the Law and crossing our borders illegally is a violation of our laws, the citizen’s children are separated from them.  If a parent committed a robbery, an assault, or violated our laws and had their children with them, those children would be taken into custody and separated from the parents.  No one is or would be up in arms over that and no one is claiming that it is immoral, Un-Christian, and inhumane but when it comes to ILLEGALS it somehow suddenly becomes all those distinctions.  HOW? 

SECOND – If we compare the statistical and documented facts we find that the number of children separated from their parents at the border under President Donald J. Trump is less than 10% of the numbers separated by former President Barack H. Obama.  When Obama separated families, there was no media outrage and no moral outcry from the Right of the Left but when Donald Trump does it, suddenly it becomes HORRIFIC and INDEFENSIBLE.  What changed?  I can tell you what changed, it was Trump did it and those who hate Trump want anything to use against him.

THIRD – It is being documented that a significant number of those ‘children’ being separated from ‘parents’ are not the children of those adults but pawns on the chessboard of entry into the United States.  Some of the MS-13 Gang members, minors, are being lumped into the same category as well as children being used in human trafficking to facilitate adults being able to gain access into the United States.  If we throw off all restraint and allow any and all who claim to be children with parents to enter and then release them into our nation we will create a condition where the problem will escalate exponentially not decrease.  The arguments being used to ignore the problem and keep them together is much like the argument of some Leftists on Gun Control that if we simply banned guns the criminals would lay down their arms too.  DREAM ON…

My Position is simple, I want to protect America from Toxic Liberalism and the desired shift of the Left toward Socialism and the proposed fundamental transformation of this nation.  I do not follow President Donald Trump with a view that he can do no wrong, but with a view that, thus far, he has done much right and good for America.  I see the Toxicity of the Liberalism of the Democratic Party as the most serious and present danger for America and am committed to doing everything I can to STOP THEM, legally, civilly, and at the Voting Booth.  I do not want bloodshed in the streets and do not want unrest, anarchy, and chaos to prevail.  I want what is best for America and what is Constitutional.  If America deems the Constitution outdated and in need of revision, then let’s have a Convention of States and a Constitutional Convention and propose a new constitution to be approved by Congress and ratified by the States.  NO, I do not believe our Constitution is outdated and although I can see some areas in which we could strengthen its intent, I am content to continue under its governance interpreting it in the view of Original Intent.

Call me whatever you please, unfriend me on Facebook, stop following my blogs, turn off my Internet Radio Broadcast, and label me an Incorrigible and Deplorable I will deal with that.  BUT never question my Love for America and the Genuineness of my heart.  I defend your right to be right and to be wrong and only ask that you Pray and Consider what is at stake in America!   I conclude with the question, “Which America Are We Fighting For?”

God bless you and God bless America!

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