BLOG POST 1 - Jackass

Realizing that saying that places me squarely in the crosshairs of people from various sectors but I feel it is a question that needs to be asked.  Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”  Comedian Bill Engvall’s hilarious “Here’s Your Sign” routine regarding the dumb things people say and do is apropos in today’s America.  It is one thing to be mistaken and take the wrong side of an issue but the demonstration of lunacy and illogic as is frequently exhibited in Washington, the MSM, and by the public transcends mere mistakes and verifies Franklin’s hypothesis.  I am not trying to be unkind but I am alarmed at the level of lunacy and illogic being exhibited today, even among some who are supposedly intelligent and well-educated.  If the rhetoric, spin, and absurdities being offered are an indication of a trend, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I recently saw that former President Jimmy Carter offered his theological wisdom on the matter of ‘same-sex marriages’ and ‘abortion’ and declared that Jesus would endorse those marriages because any loving and caring relationship was a good thing.  He also said that Jesus would endorse some abortions.  Mr. President, I would suggest you stick to peanuts and leave the theology to others who have read the Bible because your comments fly in the face of the Written Word of God and would place Jesus at odds with the Word of God and the declarations of the Father.  That would place Jesus in a position akin to that of Lucifer when he attempted to overthrow God.  Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior and declared regarding the Word of God, “Thy word is truth.”  He would NEVER take a position opposing the Word of God.  I remember a friend telling me, when Carter ran for President the first time, “We have to vote for him because he is a Christian.”  I contended that his profession of faith did not qualify or disqualify him for the office but his political positions and ideology did.  Some of those same people who contended that we vote for Carter demanded that we not vote for Trump because of their perceived view of his faith or the lack thereof.  When I viewed Carter, his politics was my problem and when I viewed Trump, his faith was not the issue but policy, and promises were.  I have had people call me and anyone who voted for President Trump apostates and when I explained what an apostate was, they shouted angrily at me and called me other choice names.

In this first half of President Trump’s term, the Donkey coalition has demanded that he colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.  They were willing to ignore the scandals, lapses in judgment, and illegalities of Hillary overlooked the meddling and subversion of the Obama administration, as well as the actions of various governmental agencies and bureaucracies.  The Sgt. Schultz defense was presented as plausible and viable but everything President Trump or his team did or said was a lie.  Hillary, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Holder, etc. it was demanded they be given the benefit of the doubt and were innocent until proven guilty but with Trump it was GUILTY.  The verdict was issued and then the investigation to find evidence to support the verdict ensued.  That type of activity transforms the Donkey (a member of a political party) into a Jackass (a contemptibly foolish or stupid person) giving additional validity to Ben Franklin’s theory.

The vile vitriolic rhetoric of the Donkey Party today and the total unwillingness to even consider anything good coming from President Trump or the Elephant Party reveals a metamorphosis into Jackassedness.  Someone said, “Today’s politics, especially that of those filled with vengeful hate on the Left has become so corrupt and devoid of reason and logic it makes open, and honest debate or discussion impossible.”  I welcome the honest presentation of differing ideas.  That is healthy for any civil society and people who pursue a constitutional form of government.  However, when the inane and asinine are presented as fact, reason, and logic intelligent discussion is impossible.

The hysteria that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will forever destroy our American system of government would inspire Ben Franklin to repeat his assertion on ignorance and stupidity.  If his confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice becomes reality, and I hope it does little will change.  He is a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment Right to “keep and bear arms” and has expressed his willingness to abide by the guarantee of the Constitution which prevents the government from infringing on that right.  His record suggests that he is largely an “originalist” and if he truly is, then Obamacare could potentially be deemed unconstitutional.  If he is truly an “originalist” then Roe v Wade could possibly be overturned.  What would that mean?  It would not mean the end of all abortions as the Leftists are insisting but would return the guidelines to the individual states.  My personal view and my faith is the basis of my Pro-Life position and I am repulsed by the “abortion on demand” world that we now live.  It is my view that Roe and Obamacare are both unconstitutional but I am not a Supreme Court Justice.  I am an American citizen with the right to vote and will use my “pen and phone” to influence my legislators to enact constitutional legislation on all matters.

I am totally opposed to ‘judicial activism’.   I long for a SCOTUS that is apolitical not engaged in judicial activism.  I am weary of the ludicrous rhetoric being advanced in today’s American politics and pray for a return to sanity in America.  I want to offer you a few quotes that qualify for insertion into Ben Franklin’s characterization regarding stupidity.

  • Mike Dickinson, Congressional Candidate, Virginia – He tweeted, “Dear god. Please use Ebola to infect the @NRA and its various members. For they are A true virus and true terrorists in America.” Hey, Mike – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Representative Frederica Wilson, Florida – She spouted her hatred for the Tea Party and Conservatives, claiming they hold Congress hostage. She said, “Black males are ‘Convicted in the Womb.’ When a Black boy is spotted he is automatically a suspect.  Even Black people fear Black boys.”  Representative Wilson, “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Wendy Davis, Gubernatorial Candidate in the last Governor’s Race in Texas showed her lack of civility and decorum by attacking Greg Abbot’s disability saying, “A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then, he spent his career working against other victims…”  She later had to hold a press conference and apologize.  Wendy Davis – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Representative Shelia Jackson Lee, Texas frequently fits perfectly into Franklin’s Theory. She said, “Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”  Representative Jackson Lee – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Former Senator Harry Reid, Nevada – Often quite hypocritical in his comments about Republicans and advanced outright lies as the lies he told about Mitt Romney and taxes. He said regarding the record number of children who were illegally crossing the southern border – “The border is secure.”   Senator Reid – “Here’s Your Sign.”

Dare we omit Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and many others who have made ridiculous comments such as “If we ban guns the criminals will turn theirs in.”  How about Hillary Clinton saying regarding the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, “What difference does it now make?”  Or Barack Obama, “Claiming to have visited all 57 U.S. States except for maybe 1.”   HERE’S YOUR SIGN.

We had better wake up and prevent the Leftists from the further evolution of the Donkey into the Jack and do even greater damage to the Republic.  REMEMBER NOVEMBER AND PREVENT THE LEFTIST FROM REGAINING POWER.

God bless you and God bless America!

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