BLOG POST 1 - Manical Rave

There are many reasons for my question and the phrasing it as I have.  Not the least of which is the most recent special elections and primary victories for Trump backed candidates and the obliteration of Ocasio-Cortez backed candidates.  The talking heads of the liberal leftist media are trying to spin the turnout in the various elections as a defeat for the Republicans and Trump, even though their candidates lost.  I read a report that said that there was a 90% Democrat turnout in Ohio District 12 and only about a 40-50% Republican turnout, but the Republican won.  How can anyone spin that as a positive for the Democrats?  If you turn out 90% of your voters and the other side only gets half of theirs, at best, and you lose, HOW IS THAT A WIN?  That is maniacal.  The immediate attempt to spin this to make it Russian meddling is beyond belief.  Some of the Liberal Leftists are claiming that the Green Party Candidate was Russian Plant to subvert their victory.  SERIOUSLY!  Is that the best you can come up with? 

Something of concern to me is the incredible result in Habersham County’s Mud Creek, Georgia primary.  In that precinct, there are only 276 voters but somehow there were 670 ballots cast?  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  There is only one answer to that question and nobody on the Right or Left can offer any other than FRAUD.  It is another reason that I am totally opposed to voting machines, and my home state of Texas uses them too.  If this is manipulation of voting machines, it is FRAUD!  If it is people voting who are not residents of that precinct, it is FRAUD!  No matter how you spin it, IT IS FRAUD!  The reason I am concerned about that is the willingness of the followers of Toxic Liberalism and the new face of the Democratic Party, SOCIALISM, this will not be the only case in which votes are distorted.  That should result in an IMMEDIATE switch to paper ballots that can be audited and correctly counted and remove the opportunity of VOTER FRAUD via the technology route.

I listened to Ocasio-Cortez and the Healthcare for Everyone plan that she and Bernie Sanders, and many other Democrats favor would cost almost $36 TRILLION over the next 10 years.  WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT!  Her argument is that we are spending on the military and other things but not healthcare and education.  The problem is with this clueless individual who has a degree in Economics from Boston University is, over 60% of the Federal Budget is spent on things like Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programs now.  We are bankrupt as a nation and any person with a smidgen of common sense would know that her plan is disastrous.  If that is the direction that the Democratic Party wishes to take, I pray that America makes their hope of a Big Blue Wave nothing more than a Maniacal Wave and we can send them scurrying back into the shadows where rodents belong.

The fact that the candidates President Trump has endorsed have won is causing the heads to explode in the media.  They are stumbling all over themselves to spin it that there was ZERO Trump influence and yet those he backed won.  They are suggesting that the heavy Democrat turnout and the low Republican turnout indicates that the support of the President has dissipated and that means an even more massive BLUE WAVE in November.  That sounds more a maniacal rave than a reality, but I am not taking the elections lightly for to do so would be disastrous and we MUST NOT LOSE in November. 

The persistent and stepped-up moves on the part of YouTube, Facebook, Google, Spotify, iTunes, etc. and other sites to purge from the internet ALL CONSERVATIVE speech or message should reveal to everyone how dangerous our situation is in America.  I was not shocked but disappointed that the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio would declare that the United States would be better off without Fox News.  He suggested that it is his wish that the United States would or could ‘remove’ unfavorable news outlets “from the last 25 years of American history.”  Exactly how that could transpire is anyone’s guess, but he made it clear that he is in favor of censorship of EVERYTHING CONSERVATIVE such as much of Fox News.  He said, “If you could remove News Corp (the parent company of Fox News) from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place.”  REALLY?  You want to take from those on the Right their 1st Amendment Right but have no desire to censor or silence the Terrorist on various mediums.  You do not want to silence the ANTIFA activists who are calling for overt violence.  You do not want to censor Louis Farrakhan and those on the Left who are openly racists and anti-Semitic.  I contend again, that if “Speech is not Free for Everyone it is Free for No One.”  The door that is opened by censorship is one that leads to Tyranny and Despotism and the destruction of the Republic known as the United States of America.  No, Mr. de Blasio we would not be a “more unified” country if all Conservative voices were silenced we would be puppets of the All-Powerful Federal Government and NO ONE should desire that.  Our Framers and Founders certainly did not!

The situation, as I see it, can be encapsulated in the PLEA for All who love freedom and want to keep our Republic the Free Constitutional Republic it has been for over 240 years is WAKE UP and get involved.  If we allow the agitators, the antagonist, the media, Hollywood, many celebrities and the Spinmeisters of the Left energize their base while we grow apathetic WE WILL FACILITATE THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR REPUBLIC.  I cannot do that and pray that you will find that so distasteful you will become energized and GET INVOLVED. 

What the Left is doing and desires to do to this nation is as plain as the nose on our face.  I don’t care if you like or do not like President Donald Trump, the danger presented by the Leftists Democrats is so imposing it demands that all who Love Freedom and those who stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom get involved.  In my home state of Texas, the Senate Race is of great concern.  The Liberal Leftist, Beto O Rourke has, according to many polls, closed the gap on Senator Ted Cruz.  I like Ted Cruz even though he has disappointed me a few times.  I fear for my State and the Nation were O Rourke become the junior Senator from Texas.  That would mean we would have a liberal leftist socialist Democrat and a very moderate to liberal Republican representing us.  THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN.  I pray the twisted polls are wrong but with the massive amounts of money flooding into the coffers of O Rourke I am concerned.  My fellow Texans, I plead with you to not become complacent and determine that you will VOTE and VOTE RED in November and prevent the Blues of the Blue Wave from becoming a reality.

I see the mid-term elections of 2018 as THE MOST CRITICAL elections in my lifetime.  That may be true of every subsequent election, but it is absolutely true in this situation.  If there is a Blue Wave and the Democrats regain control of Congress you can “turn out the lights” because the party will be over.  I pray that the Democrat rhetoric and spin of a Big Blue Wave is nothing more than a Maniacal Rave.  Join me and millions of other Lovers of Freedom and Let’s MAKE THE BLUE WAVE a RED WAVE and keep America Safe and Free.

God bless you and God bless America!

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