BLOG POST 2 - Hey Stupid

Please forgive me for using the word ‘stupid’ and know that I am not trying to insinuate that you are.  However, I am 100% convinced that the Liberal Leftists have counted on our (the masses) being stupid and so naïve that we will willingly remain sheep and drink the Kool-Aid as has been the case in the past.  What happens if they are wrong and MILLIONS wake up and refuse to buy their ideological narrative and spin?  WHAT HAPPENS?  They lose and lose big time!  They go the way of the dinosaur and into extinction.  I see signs that say that is happening and signs that suggest it might be too little too late to stem the tide of Toxic Liberalism that is infecting our society, politics, and national standing.  I hope the former is the case not the latter.

Steve Sailer wrote an article in “Taki’s Magazine” some time back entitled, “A Half Century of Amnesia.”  It is worth the time to read if you can find it.  Too often, we miss the obvious and dismiss it without giving it deeper thought and consideration.  We have allowed political correctness to steer us away for honest discussion of facts fearing the labels we will be branded with should we open that can of worms.  He suggested that there has been brewing a cultural atmosphere which not only gave us Donald Trump as president and a condition that the MSM, Academia, and the Left are missing or ignoring.  He is right in his contention that the Left has declared war on straight American whites and has been doing so for decades.  That kind of attitude is never devoid of consequences.

The fact that the New York Times would hire an openly racist and anti-white staff writer, Sarah Jeong, is evidence of the validity of that contention.  Their recent article, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball” declares their attitude and intent.  They seem to be oblivious to the facts that Major League Baseball Rosters contain a proportion of white players which conforms to the population as a whole.  Forget the facts, let’s make it racism to be white.  Sailer stated his position that it is ‘idiocy’ to believe as the Leftist that mass immigration will make whites a minority and strip from them their ‘white privilege’.  His contention is that this rhetoric and ideology will push more and more of White America toward Conservatism and supporting the Republican Party.  In the view of today’s Leftist Liberal Democrat, nationally, if you are White you are a racist and need to be punished for your whiteness.  I argue that SKIN COLOR should have nothing to do with anything in life or politics and merit should be the basis of the benefits we receive.  Hard work and ethical behavior are values that we once proudly identified as those to be lauded but today’s Entitlement World decries them as undesirable qualities and part of White Privilege.

The Left believes that those of us who reject their agenda and ideology are simply “ignorant bitter clingers” who need to be enlightened and if not enlightened forced to comply.  In the 2000 Electoral totals, it was revealed that the Republicans only needed to push their share of White Vote from 54 to 57 percent to retake a solid majority of American voters.  Donald Trump won 58% of that vote and that may well be a low-mark in future vote totals if the Leftist continue their push for their Toxic Anti-American Socialist Brand of Liberalism.  They are pushing black, Hispanics, Asians, and Whites away from the Democrat ledger and into the arms of Conservative Republican Camps and I hope that trend continues.  I hope that for two reasons.  One, it will mean the defeat of the Leftist Democrats and thereby preserve the Republic.  Two, it will open the door for us to purge from the ranks the RINO and Liberal Anti-Constitution, Big Government Swamp Denizens in the Republican Party.  That would be a Glorious Day, in my mind!

Donald Trump has a higher approval rating among Black Americans than any of his Republican predecessors which screams to me, this is not about Race but Policy.  The DNC is touting the avowed Socialist from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as the face of the New Democrat Party and I do not believe that is playing well in main-stream America.  She has declared that the white upper-middle class soccer moms are “not American anymore” and is offending multitudes with her inane diatribe and drivel.

The Republicans have been told ad nauseam if you want someone’s vote you must make them understand you don’t hate them.  I don’t disagree with that, but should that not apply to the Democrats as well with regard to White People?  Hey, if you continue in your diatribe and rhetoric that I am evil, and you advance agendas and policies that do harm to me, WHY WOULD I VOTE FOR YOU?  Racism is disgusting no matter from whom it comes.  The theory I have heard repeated frequently is that black people cannot be racist!  WHAT?  Anybody can be racist, ANYBODY!  There is no corner on the racist market for a particular skin color, ethnicity, or political persuasion.  IT IS OPEN TO ALL who would dive into that cesspool and swim in the feces.

The growth of the #WalkAway movement is encouraging because it reveals that many in the Black Community are no longer drinking the Liberal Leftists Enslavement Kool-Aid presented by the Democrats.  When anyone regardless of ethnicity THINKS for themselves they reject rhetoric, examine facts, consider their own situation, and evaluate the best course to take.  I’ve had numerous Black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans tell me that they were die-hard Democrats UNTIL recently and the successes of Donald Trump’s administration has caused them to THINK.  Once that happened the Leftist were exposed, and they rejected the Liberal Leftist Agenda of the Democrats.  I pray this is more than a passing fad and becomes a new wave of political action as has been the Tea Party of the past.  I believe that there are millions of Americans who detest being defined by the color of their skin.  If you push people hard enough and discover they are being pushed to embrace identity politics or incur the label of racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist or some other hateful moniker.  If people feel threatened with economic status and position unless they comply with a particular ideology they will often resent that and respond negatively.  That, I believe, is happening with millions today regarding the National Democratic Party and their Wars against anything they oppose.  If this becomes reality, the Democrats have only themselves to blame.   MAKE IT SO PATRIOTS… Let’s stand together and Protect and Defend America and our Republic in November 2018.

God bless you and God bless America!

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