THE ANIMALS OF WASHINGTON – Donkeys, Elephants, RINOs… What Does It Mean for America?

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Virtually nothing in politics makes logical sense these days.  When you consider the testimony of corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok and the reaction of the Democrats acting as if he were the victim of the evil Republicans, you have to scratch your head.  When this individual could brazenly declare that he ‘detested or detests’ Trump but was not biased, you have to wonder when there will be a herd of Unicorns and Flying Pigs openly visible for the world to see.  I keep expecting to see the national news showing pictures of Alice on the Yellow Brick Road with the Tin Man and Scarecrow.  I cannot believe that the MSM, the Democrats, and the general public are not openly critical of this corrupt law enforcement agent who is deserving of termination if not an indictment.  How can anything he says be viewed as credible?  But, alas, there are millions who buy the rhetoric of the Leftist or they are so devotedly Anti-Trump they are willing to turn a blind eye to the corruption and defend the indefensible.  Even now that he has been fired, he is still proclaimed as the victim!

There are those on the Left and those in the Never Trump or RINO camps that refuse to acknowledge that the Economy is doing much better since Trump’s inauguration.  In June the report showed that we added 213,000 jobs as American businesses extended their hiring and the Unemployment Rate was 4.0% and even better now!  The American Economy has added an average of 200,000 jobs each month in 2018. This far exceeded the expectations of economists who predicted about 100,000. The average hourly wage rate rose 2.7% with private sector payrolls rising by 202,000 in June and manufacturing and construction added 49,000 jobs, and professional and business services increased by 50,000 new jobs.  Things have turned around to the point that businesses are lamenting that they cannot find qualified workers to fill the vacancies.  The job openings now outnumber unemployed laborers and that has never happened since the government began keeping records.  BUT, the theme of the Donkey Herd, the MSM, the RINOs, and the NEVER TRUMPERS is “Trump Bad” or “Trump Must Go.”  Making sense out of the senseless and defending the indefensible, for them is becoming increasingly more difficult if not impossible.

Then, there is the suggestion if not fact that Hillary Clinton is so delusional that she is going to run again for the Democratic Party’s Nomination for President.  This is the same Hillary that called millions of us “Deplorable” and has defended “animals” such as the MS-13 Gang Members and demands that we abolish or revamp our Border Security to accommodate the Illegals and is a staunch defender of the ‘children’ of the Illegals.  On the other hand, she is devotedly in favor of Planned Parenthood and the carnage of innocent babies in the womb being slaughtered.  Hillary wrote of the families of illegal aliens being separated, saying, “Horrific!!  This is a moral and humanitarian crisis. Every one of us who has ever had a child in their arms and every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged.”  Then she offered her assessment of America’s stupidity saying, “I warned about Trump’s immigration policies in the 2016 campaign.”  Get it?  We are inhumane, stupid, deplorable, bigoted, haters of all that is decent, moral and right but she and the Democrats, on the other hand, are the guardians of all that his Holy, Moral, and Decent.  Seriously?  This is the woman that said of the American deaths at Benghazi, “What difference does it now make?”  This is the woman that has no moral outrage over the 55 MILLION Innocent Babies that have been slaughtered since the inception of Roe v Wade.  Her defense of parents that put their children in danger to break our laws over American citizens and the Unborn is beyond belief, in my humble opinion.

The position of the Democrats even before President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the vacated seat of Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, they announced they opposed the nominee.  Some even called the nominee a racist, a fascist, is suffering from Islamophobia or is Homophobic even before they knew who the nominee was.  How much sense does that make?  The lame argument that the precedent was set that no nominee could be reviewed in an election year is laughable.  The precedent was established by none other than Joe Biden when he argued during the Bush administration that there should be no consideration for federal courts in a presidential election year.  THIS IS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEAR!  I understand their opposition for they are clinging to a dream that they can reclaim the Senate in the mid-term elections and should that happen, Trump would find it virtually to get anyone confirmed unless it was a Liberal Leftist Activist Jurist to the liking of the Donkeys in Congress.  MAY THAT NEVER BE!

Newt Gingrich has suggested that based on the flawed and nonsensical Immigration stance of the Democrats the Republicans are in a position to not only hold their own but to gain seats in this election.  I hope, Newt is right but warn that we cannot become complacent.  The reports are that the Democrats have registered over 12 MILLION more voters than the Republicans and many of those are in the Swing States.  How many are legitimate, one can only speculate.  But, that poses a serious threat to our Republic and something that demands that each of us communicate to as many people as possible the importance of this election.  Newt believes that the more the Democrats throw their support behind unpopular immigration policies, sanctuary cities, abolishing ICE and the Border Security.  Most Americans realize the dangers involved in this lunacy and want our borders secured.  They may disagree on exactly how that is to be done, but the majority do not desire to see our borders eliminated for in so doing we would effectively destroy America and endanger countless Americans not counting those already harmed and endangered.  The Harvard-Harris Poll indicated that 64% of registered voters believe that those who cross our borders illegally should be sent back to their home countries.  Only 36% believed they should be allowed to stay.  You will not hear that from the MSM, the Democrats, the RINOs, or the NEVER TRUMPERS.  Nope, it is inhumane to do so because it is Trump.  I almost wonder if the prevailing attitude in that coalition is “America Be Damned if Trump is to be given any credit.”    Over 61% said that our border security is inadequate.  Over 70% believe that we should have stricter enforcement of Immigration Laws and 84% of registered voters said that ‘sanctuary city policies’ should end, and 69% opposed the idea of abolishing ICE.  That does not bode well for the Donkeys, the RINOs, the MSM, and the NEVER TRUMPERS for it means that most Americans agree, at least essentially, with the President.

With the influx of drugs and the invasion of terrorist or those with terrorist ties or leanings over the past few years should be enough to WAKE UP every citizen.  There should be protests in the streets demanding that we Secure the Border and Enforce our Laws.  There isn’t because, for the most part, those on the Conservative side do not engage in that kind of activity, unlike the ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the Soros and Obama Organizing for Action, and the New Black Panthers groups.  No, we believe in following the Law and expressing our voices in the powerful expression known as the Ballot Box.  Across the board support for the Republican Immigration Policies ranges from a low of 60% to a high of 84% and if the Elephants will realize the position they are in, WE CAN WIN and KEEP THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY OPEN for at least two more years!   Will you join us in this fight?

God bless you and God bless America!

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