BLOG POST 1 - Forsake

Republicans in Congress, you’d better be careful that you don’t trifle with our loyalty in your betrayals or you just might find that we file for political divorce.  Hank Williams’ song, “Your Cheating Heart” comes to mind when I review some of the actions of the Republican Establishment and many of the rank-in-file blindly following sheepishly in willful obedience.  Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have been anything but genuine in their commitment to the Promises made on the Campaign Trail.  Sometimes, it seems they have more in common with the Leftists on the other side of the aisle than their constituents.  I’ll get to some specifics momentarily but let me blow off a little steam first.

I am stunned and angered by the MASSIVE spending bill that the Senate passed in the tune of $675 BILLION.  Supposedly it is to fund the country’s defense, but it is also to fund the domestic entitlement programs that now exist.  Some of what they list as “entitlements” elicits a sigh of disgust from me because some need to go the way of the dinosaur and Dodo Bird and others are those things that hard working, tax paying Americans funded in order to have a smidgen of a sense of security in retirement.

I consider their actions a slap in the face of President Trump and all of us who voted for him and them in the last election.  If the President wants to fund our national defense, then he has to sign off on the enormity of their ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS.  Congress was given the ‘power of the purse’ intentionally by the Framers and Founders as a means of check and balance not as carte blanche to run up an unpayable tab at the expense of the citizens.  The Democrats are ecstatic because the Establishment Republicans are acting like Democrats, so why not celebrate?  The Senate bill provides basic funding for the Pentagon but dramatically increased spending for ENTITLEMENTS.  The Democrats got everything they wanted and that is deeply troubling.  Republicans, I have been arguing that you are different from the Democrats, so start acting like it.

This measure guts, the President’s Immigration agenda and opens a wide door for them to block the border wall, reduce or restrict the Border Patrol and ICE in significant ways.  Senator Patrick Leahy (D) released a statement that the Democrats were successful in blocking ALL of President Trumps domestic budget plans.  How is that a victory for those of us who want reduced spending, limited government, a strong national defense, and a secure border?  IT IS NOT!  The Senate refused to approve the President’s request for 3,000 additional beds at the ICE detention facilities. What that means is that ICE and the Border Patrol will have nowhere to put their detainees and force them to practice Obama’s ‘catch and release’ program.  THAT IS NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR!  In the House, Paul Ryan will have the option of voting on the bill Conservatives have produced or team up with the Liberal Democrats and vote on the surrender bill.  Unfortunately, he has elected to follow the latter option every time he has been afforded the choice.  I expect nothing different from him on this.

With the recurring crimes of violence committed against citizens by ILLEGALS, one would think that the Republicans and Democrats would want to SECURE THE BORDER, but they don’t.  The Democrats want an open border, at least in part, to build a broader Democrat voting base, and the Republicans seem to cower in the shadows afraid of being called a derogatory name.  The Leftist are uniform in attempting to declare that the Mollie Tibbets murder is not an immigration issue, but it is.  I am unafraid to say that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan through their inaction or allow the Leftist to win are complicit in killing Americans.  I know that is a serious charge and one I probably should not make but it is my view.  The Democrats are consistent in their inconsistency declaring that Walls will not stop illegals but on the other hand insist that Gun Bans will stop violent crimes and mass shootings.  How about some consistency, Leftist?  Sorry, I briefly forgot that your logic is usually illogical, and you are not about solutions but agendas and power.

I am hopeful that enough voters will contact their Senators and Congressmen demanding that THEY DO SOMETHING about the borders that the GOP Establishment blockade will crumble like the Berlin Wall.  Ryan and McConnell have demonstrated their willingness to take actions to impede the progress of the Trump agenda or the agenda promised to the voters by both Donald Trump and the GOP.  If you are not angry, you should be.  If you are not vocal, you should be.  If you are not actively engaged in communicating with your elected officials your desire, you should be.  We no longer have the luxury of watching from the sidelines this fight is too fierce and too important to let someone else fight for us.  WE MUST GET THEIR ATTENTION! 

Republicans in Washington, I plead with you “Do Not Forsake Us” or you just might find that your willingness to be Democrat Lite will result in your becoming the Minority Party once again.  That period is still producing a harvest that none of us want to reap but as the Bible says, “You reap what you sow” and we have “sowed to the wind and are facing the whirlwind.”  We have the opportunity in November of keeping control of Congress and then press our elected officials to make a change in leadership.  In the House, there will be a new speaker and we can have one that is both Constitutional and Conservative.  We may not get past McConnell in the Senate but if enough people pressure the Senators, we just might have him get on board out of fear for his position.  It may be a pipe dream, but it is a hope that I hold in my heart, am working to see happen, and praying diligently to become a reality.  November is critical and even with the betrayal by the Republican Establishment we dare not let the Democrats regain control or we will pay a price none of us can afford.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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