Clearly, I cannot name them all or do an exhaustive treatise on every threat that our Republic faces but I would like to list a few and hope they will resonate with you and cause you to step up your involvement in the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  If I succeed in securing that response, I have been highly successful and achieved a much needed and greatly desired objective.

Someone said, “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that somebody is not out to get you.”  That is funny but incredibly accurate, especially in today’s political climate and condition of ‘resistance’ and ‘agitation’.  America has faced some incredibly ominous threats in her short history since our founding in 1776.  Throughout the 19th century we faced threats from the nation from which we won our freedom, Great Britain and in the 20th century we faced grave threats from the Nazis, Imperial Japan, and the nuclear-armed Soviets not to mention the threats in the latter part of the 20th and thus far in the 21st centuries from Islamic Terrorism and Despotic Regimes lead by deranged heads including Iran and North Korea but dare not omit the Peoples Republic of China.  The external threats are very real and cannot be ignored but are they the most serious threats we face in this hour? 

I believe that the internal threats are being coupled with the external threats somewhat like adding glycerol to concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids to form nitroglycerin a highly explosive mixture.  Political Correctness, Toxic Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Racism, and the intense Hatred that is now being boiled in the Caldron of public relationships and politics is about to boil over and chaos ensue that is impossible to contain.

What are some of the threats facing America as the Free Constitutional Republic?  You would have to include the Politicians who are greedy, duplicitous, and corrupt, Radical Islam, the Fake News or the MSM that is nothing more than a propaganda arm of Liberalism, and Identity Politics including Political Correctness.  You must also add, the assault on Christian values, the Second Amendment, the Opioid epidemic, the decimating of our military under the former administration, Illegal Immigration, and Education.  But, I have become convinced that the single greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic and our Form of Government is APATHY or INDIFFERENCE.  That is not a new condition and one that I hope is being eliminated but I continue to meet people who tell me, “I don’t worry about politics, I just leave that to the politicians.”  SERIOUSLY?  Would you leave the care of your children to a known pedophile?   Would you leave an alcoholic in charge of the local pub?  Would you leave a rapist in charge of the dressing room of the girl’s gym?  Would you leave a serial killer in charge of the local gun store?  HEAVEN FORBID! 

Leaving Politics to Politicians would be like leaving the rules of family life and discipline to your pre-teen and teenagers.  Would you leave the bank funds in the hands of a habitual gambler or undisciplined shopper?  There are polls and surveys available for viewing today that suggest that almost 70% of all Americans admit to losing sleep worrying over their finances and potential retirement woes.  Yet, those same Americans find time to recreate, work, follow their hobbies but ALMOST NO TIME for Politics?  If you understand that Politics and the result of the actions of Politicians affects our bottom line and every other detail of life, you will realize that it is sheer insanity to attempt to extract yourself from the Political.

The Educational Threat is very real and foreboding yet often ignored.  We (collectively) have contented ourselves with allowing the Educators to shape our children’s thinking, philosophy, and ideologies.  That is disastrous, and we are paying a very high price and that price will result in the loss of Liberty and Freedom if we do not wake up and become involved in the political.  The Progressive Liberal Leftists on the Democratic side of the aisle know the importance of the Educational System.  Unfortunately, we have become too accustomed to a microwave world and taking the easy road.  We have, too often, failed to become involved in the curriculum being taught our children and not paid enough attention to the moral values or lack thereof they are being taught in school.  Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  That embraces the view of the Leftists that the government knows more and better how to raise our children that we the parents.  That is contrary to the biblical view and the view that Americans have held for hundreds of years.  The basic responsibility of our children is us, the parents.

A caller called into the Rush Limbaugh show shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated and said, “You have Trump for a short time; we have your children (then broke out in a maniacal laugh).”  I find that so disturbing I can hardly contain my anger and frustration.  For decades our high school students have been taught little to no history and even less patriotism.  We have all seen the street interviews where young people (and some not so young) which demonstrate the complete ignorance regarding basic historical facts that most of us learned in elementary school decades ago.  One of the greatest dangers our Republic has been and is an uneducated and uninformed public who then are charged with electing those who will serve in Congress.

I don’t have time to detail the dangers of Illegal Immigration, the Homeless problem, and the increasing violence in many of our larger cities under the governance of Liberal Leftists Democrats.  San Francisco now has funded “poop patrols” to pick up the feces left on the streets by the homeless.  Los Angeles is spending almost ½ Billion dollars on the homeless and Los Angeles County alone plans to spend almost $400 Million.  Violent Crime is reaching an epidemic level in cities like Chicago where almost 700 were killed by homicide in 2017 and thus far in 2018, almost 400 have already been documented.  Gun control is being pushed by the leftists, but Chicago has some of the most stringent gun laws on the books of any city in the world and is at the top of the list for gun violence.  The Leftist have no clue how to deal with the problem because it is a heart and head problem, not a gun problem.  It is a moral and spiritual problem and so long as there is the continued assault on Bible-based morality and the family while ignoring the real problem, the human condition it will only grow worse.

With the Main Stream Media, Hollywood, the Activist, and Leftist Politicians waging 24/7/365 war on this President, everything Conservative and Constitutional any hope of a resolution is remote, at best.  It is important for people to be INFORMED but dangerous for them to be INDOCTRINATED with a twisted and distorted version of Truth and Facts.  So long as there is avarice and greed in the human heart and politicians are allowed to prey on the clueless, enslave the weak, and distort reality we will continue down the road to destruction.  Can we Prevent the apparent Doom and Destruction?  YES!  We can, BUT ONLY IF we wake up and become involved at every level of government and life.  From the School Board to the White House we have a responsibility and duty to be informed and involved.  Government affects our Lives, therefore it is our RESPONSIBILITY to oversee the government and fire them when they don’t do what we hired them to do.

Will, you wake up and join me in this Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom and VOTE NO ON THE LEFTIST in November?  I pray that you will and if you do we can begin the process of Restoring the Republic to its lofty and rightly place.  

 God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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