PROJECTIONISM – Political Tactic of Obama and Clinton and It Failed and Fails…

BLOG POST 1 - Projectionism

Recently former President Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech at the University of Illinois and demonstrated his narcissism, nihilism, egomania, and demagoguery.  Yes, I said it and I stand by that assertion.  His speech while calling for civility and a move away from divisiveness was laced with vitriolic hateful language, innuendos, and accusations directed toward President Trump and those of us who voted for him.  Hillary called us DEPLORABLE and he has often referred to us as BITTER CLINGERS, clinging to our Bibles and our Guns.  He is angry, not because he believes that Donald Trump is necessarily doing harm to America but because Donald Trump is shredding his legacy.  Obama envisioned his legacy as the savior of the world but has been and is being exposed as the troubler of America and in that, the world.

He said that November’s elections are the most important in history, and for once I totally agree with him, but for different reasons.  He also said, the consequences of us sitting on the sidelines is direr than ever, and again I agree with him.  Wow, two things in one speech I agree with Barack Obama on.  He could not restrain himself and seems to have forgotten that during his presidency, he and the left insisted that we respect the Office of President and their insistence included showing respect to the President.  He told those students and the world watching by television or replays of his speech, that the dark days in our history did not begin with Donald Trump.  He called the President a symptom, not the cause.  Imagine that!  That language coming from the man who sought to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and threatened Congress at every turn with his ‘pen and phone’.  The man that used Executive fiats to govern rather than following the constitutional process of legislation through Congress.  The man that sought to divide this nation along racial lines, and often pitted blacks against the police, and other things of that nature.

Mr. Obama accused Donald Trump of capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years!  AMAZING!  The man that followed the philosophy of not letting a crisis go to waste and played the race card so often it seemed it was his only card.  He tried to take credit for the economic recovery we are experiencing, saying, “I’m glad it has continued.”  Seriously, CONTINUED?  It never began under your administration, so how did it continue?  It began once your policies were rejected and American business and American people to once again pursue the American Dream without the heavy weight of unneeded and undue government interference and restrictions.  CONTINUED?  Sorry, but you fail on that argument.  He argued that his administration could not reverse 40-year trends in just 8 years but failed to acknowledge that President Trump’s administration has largely done that in less than 2-years.

He made the snide comment in an accusation that the Republicans and Donald Trump were appealing to “the tribe” as if that is not exactly the tactic of the Democrats.  Projectionism on full display!  He takes what he and they are and projects it upon his opponents.  It failed for Hillary and I pray that it will fail for Obama as well.  His claim that Congress or the Republican-led Congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws to give billionaires outsized influence over our politics while systematically attacking voting rights making it harder for the young, minorities, and the poor to vote.  THAT IS A BLATANT LIE and he knows it.  Voter ID does not restrict because anyone can get a voter identification card FREE.  He knows that what that does is help ensure that our elections are legitimate and not skewed by voter fraud.  Why is that a problem?  It seems to be a major problem for the Democrats because they need some fictional cause to rally support and engender the mindset of victimhood in people.  Also, those committing voter fraud, have been far more Democrat than Republican.  Maybe that is the real issue.

He used the tired argument that with Republicans in control of Congress and a Republican in the White House there are no checks and balances.  Does anybody remember how he vociferously argued for the voters to keep Congress and the White House in the hands of the Democrats?  I find it interesting, no hypocritical, that he would now argue for a return of Democrats to control Congress so long as Trump is president.  He even argued that people are tired of ‘toxic corruption’ meaning Republicans.  What about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, the FBI and DOJ hiding the scandals and illegalities of Hillary and other Democrats?  What about the releasing high-ranking Taliban leaders for a deserter? What about illegally and unconstitutionally sending billions to Iran and the Nuke Deal with that hater of America?  What about so many other items of corruption within your party and your administration sir?  REPUBLICANS CORRUPT?  I won’t argue that many are not, but to try to project the moniker of corruption on the Republicans and award sainthood to the Democrats would be laughable if it were not so serious and dangerous.

He said, that he complained plenty about Fox News but never called for them to be shut down.  Mr. Obama, how about your attempt and plea to SHUT RUSH LIMBAUGH DOWN and your effort to destroy him through advertisers?  Sir, you are again taking what you are and attempting to project it on your enemies.  His inference that Republicans and Trump are Nazi sympathizers makes my blood boil.  However, he makes no mention of his support of ANTIFA and other radical leftist groups that destroy public property, attempt to stop commerce and shut down businesses.  He makes no mention of instructing or agreeing with Eric Holder to refuse to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers who sought to intimate voters to keep them from voting.  PROJECTIONISM on display again!

He said, “We won’t win people over by calling them names, or dismissing entire chunks of the country as racist, or sexist, or homophobic.” What do the Democrats do? He chided Republicans for calling for ‘civility’ on the heels of his saying we needed that and then he justified the riots and demonstrations as being patriotic.  He said to be silent when something is said or done that seems outrageous, they must do something because to fail to do so would not be civility but an abdication of responsibilities.  What did he do then, he played the race card again talking about how blacks had difficulty succeeding in WHITE RURAL AMERICA.  This man has demonstrated his disdain for those not of his ethnicity, although he is half-white, his own writings reveal his rejection of any whiteness which is reflected in his rhetoric and policies.  He mentioned promises of simple solutions to fix problems as being a tactic of Republicans and yet he was the one that gave us the simple promise of Fixing Healthcare via Obamacare.  His Promise to fix something that resulted in destroying our healthcare system.

He continued his rant by trashing Republicans, and those who support Donald Trump.  His call to move away from that kind of rhetoric was replaced with his doing exactly what he accused Republicans of doing.  He decried the use of fear-mongering and engaged in it.  He decried using race as a platform and used it.  He decried being divisive and then became divisive.  He said some things that were 70% truth and 30% distortions and that 30% so outweighed the 70% it was terrifying.  Terrifying should the followers of liberalism and the Kool-Aid drinkers at the trough of Socialism and Progressivism believe it, and they do.

AMERICA, this election in November IS the most important we have ever faced.  PLEASE, do not allow apathy or complacency prevent you from going to the polls and vote.  If you desire Freedom and Liberty and the Constitutional Republic to be just that VOTE and Vote to prevent the Democrats from regaining control of Congress.

God bless you and God bless America!        

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