BLOG POST 5 - Gun Control

I’ve said it before and I say it again, “The Objective, Agenda, and Plan of the Leftists Liberal Socialist Globalist Progressive Democrats is GUN CONFISCATION!”  They are smart enough to know that trying to use government, law enforcement, or even the military to go door-to-door in a massive confiscation effort would result in full-blown war.  Therefore, they are trying back-door tactics that the Media is not talking about, politicians are deaf, dumb, and mute, and few even know it is happening, but it is.

Have you heard of ‘Corporate Gun Control’?  Before, you blast me as a lunatic and conspiracist hear me out, research this for yourself and then present your arguments or take the appropriate action.  Hopefully, we can stir the pot for enough people that we will ensure the defeat of the Leftists this November but if not, then hopefully we can beat the drum loud enough that many will awaken before November 2020.  I sometimes feel like I’m shouting to myself in a closed room with no one around, but I keep trying because I consider the Second Amendment first in essentials for keeping all the Rights recognized by our American Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You can detest the current president to the point that you cede some of your inalienable rights, but that dog won’t hunt for me.  I make no argument that President Trump is a saint and without flaws, failures, and shortcoming.  His checkered history and membership in the ‘cut-throat’ business community and his moral failings may make him so undesirable and unacceptable to you that you cannot see the inherent dangers in allowing the Leftists to regain power, but I hope you stop and muse on the matter long enough to truly count the costs of your position and actions.  I ask nothing more of you.

Before I talk about what ‘Corporate Gun Control’ is and how it is currently and designed to operate let me say, this is another of the myriad of reasons we MUST HAVE conservative originalist on the Supreme Court.  I believe that confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS might well be a death blow to the draconian forms of ‘gun control’ proposed, designed, and desired by the Leftists.   If we can somehow increase the number of ‘red states’ and see state legislatures enact more uniform constitutional laws regarding ‘concealed’ and ‘constitutional’ carry of firearms as well as protecting our ‘right to keep and bear arms’ we can place another roadblock in the path of the diabolical plan to ‘rid America of guns’ as is the desire of the Left.

However, there is something happening outside of government that is possibly the most sinister we have witnessed and demonstrates the length those embracing toxic liberalism are willing to go.  What they are attempting, and proposing is cut from the same cloth as imposing their will regarding ‘climate change’ on businesses and individuals.  What is happening as a forerunner of a full-blown effort is seen in the banking and communication industries.  Citigroup took an action in March of 2018 that few even knew about and some might say, “Roy, this is benign, so don’t worry about it.”  What did they do?  They announced a new policy prohibiting the sale of firearms to customers who have not passed a background check or who are younger than 21.  It also bars the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.  What that means is their clients who offer credit cards backed by Citigroup or borrow money, use banking services or raise capital through the company MUST COMPLY with those demands.  They are telling business what they can and cannot do in order to get their money, use their credit services, etc.

Bank of America joined the attack on the so-called ‘assault weapons’ declaring that they will stop lending money to gun manufacturers that make ‘military-inspired’ firearms for civilian use, such as the AR-15-style rifles that have been used in some of the mass shootings.  Facebook has restricted any links to a website called, which contains downloadable plans for a number of entirely legal firearms, including the 3D-printable firearms at the heart of the Obama war with Cody Wilson.  YouTube has instituted its own restrictions and prohibits any content that “intends to sell” firearms. Reddit has banned certain gun forums.  But let’s not omit Amazon Web Services which has removed from its web servers and Shopify denies space for ‘the kind of products intended to harm.’

What they want to do is place such economic pressure on businesses large and small as to force them to comply with the Leftist Agenda of Gun Control.  Economics causes people to do things they would not otherwise do and even violate their principles and convictions.  However, I argue that if we allow the Leftists to regain control of Congress they will coerce those Liberal CEOs running the major banks, communications outlets, and other businesses to force the public into compliance allowing them to ‘restrict’ our ability to ‘keep and bear arms’ which is a forerunner to full-blown GUN BAN and GUN CONFISCATION. 

How many are aware of the effort in New York to force insurance companies to ‘blacklist the NRA?’  That is not fiction but fact.  We are all familiar with Dick’s Sporting Goods and the statement of their Chief Executive, Edward Stack regarding gun control.  He said, “This is an issue that is not going away, we need to take a stand.”  Walmart and Kroger followed his lead.  I agree with Rush Limbaugh that if ‘impeachment’ was to succeed and President Trump removed from office the Democrats would go full-bore into GUN CONFISCATION MODE.  Rush explained to a caller ‘Corporate Gun Control’ as “the leftists who run corporations, CEOs, the leftists who run the big banks and financial institutions are banding together to deny investment income, investment money, loans or whatever to anybody that has a gun, anybody that supports the Second Amendment.  They are seeking to impoverish the NRA or any individual devoted to the Second Amendment.”  Rush explained that private banks and the liberal CEOs are going to discriminate against everybody that is from a gun-rights organization or is a gun-rights individual.  If you own a gun or support gun-rights and go to a bank, you will be denied until you get rid of your gun.  Consider how that could play out for people in desperate financial situations and needing money for their business to survive!  Before you argue that they can’t do that consider who would be in control if the Leftists regain the House and Senate.  They can and will refuse to do business with anyone they choose, and nothing will be done about it.  They can refuse to hire you, lend you money, or make life miserable for you if they choose and choose they will.

America, if you believe you have certain inalienable rights that come from God and you want to keep them then it is IMPERATIVE that you join those of us diligently and devotedly working to STOP THE LEFTIST in November at every level of Government from Dog Catcher to President.  REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER and VOTE NO on the Liberal Leftist Democrats!

God bless you and God bless America!

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