THE LEFT HAS DRAWN THE LINE IN THE SAND – – We Must Not Miss Their Warnings…

BLOG POST 3 - Line in the Sand

You may consider me an alarmist and the little boy or old man crying wolf but the warning that I am declaring is very real and we disregard it to our own hurt.  I know that millions are fully cognizant of the dangers and that is why Donald J. Trump won the presidency in 2016.  Millions were fed up with the toxicity of liberalism progressivism socialism and globalism and wanted a serious attempt to regain control of our government gone rogue for decades.  You may not like Donald Trump and may not like me for standing with him in the fight for America, that is your choice.  You may feel that I am drunk on the rhetoric and a Trump cultist, that is your choice.  You may not believe there is a clear and present danger for our Republic, that too is your choice, but I ask that you allow me a few paragraphs or minutes to attempt to unpackage the Democrat dangers lurking in the shadows.  They are beginning to reveal who and what they are in an arrogant and visible manner.  I hope you are listening, watching, and considering the costs of another round of Liberal control of Congress.

In my home state Texas, the Senate race between Ted Cruz and the Leftist Beto O’Rourke continues to take the lid off the Democrat agenda.  In a recent town hall meeting, a Beto O’Rourke protester was yelling the standard liberal diatribe about ‘gun control’ and one of my fellow Texans yelled, “Come and take it!”  The O’Rourke supporter screamed back, ‘WE WILL!’  That is the entire campaign in a nutshell.  If the Left regains power THEY WILL attempt to come and take not only our guns but our Right to Free Speech for everyone, and many of our other liberties.  THEY WILL, seek to repeal or reverse the Tax Cuts that we recently received.  THEY WILL, seek to open the borders and virtually destroy the sovereignty of America and destroy our Constitution.  ILLEGALS will become legal by a stroke of their pen and more harm will be done to our economy, our electoral system, our courts, education, and our nation.  We will, effectively, cease to be the United States of America the Free Constitutional Republic.

Don Lemon forgives or gives a free pass to ANTIFA for beating cops and the elderly.  He believes they are justified.  NBC News did not even cover the assault on members of their own staff.  WHY?  Well, there are several possible reasons including FEAR of upsetting the Leftist base and the protesters.  However, I believe the root cause of not reporting is that it would deflate their arguments and undermine their storyline.  CNN even called ANTIFA an “anti-hate group”.  I find that more than astounding and grossly hypocritical for how can, you call a group that is driven by hatred and violence an ‘anti-hate group’ or ‘anti-violence?’  HOW?  You cannot with any semblance of honesty.  There is a recorded incident where a Bernie Sanders supporter carried a “Fascist Flag” to an ANTIFA protest.  How is that for hypocrisy?  Don Lemon claimed that their assault on the elderly, the police, and anyone not supporting their cause doesn’t make them bad guys.  Hardly, he argues they are the good guys because no one’s perfect.  WOW!  No one is perfect, but they are the good guys, so much for tolerance!

Representative Roger Marshall (R) who represents the 1st Congressional District of Kansas has an interesting take on the Leftist Socialist Democrats especially the new darling of that party, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  He contends that the GOP should welcome her rhetoric and spin on things Socialist and Political.  NO, he is not endorsing her ideas but declaring that they are so far-fetched and other than what America has been about for over 200 years that she will push voters to the GOP.  Is he correct?  I don’t know but hope he is.  His argument and mine are that the message of Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez allows Free Market Republicans to contrast the message of the Right to that of the Left.  The FREE RIDE of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as well as the liberal leftists such as Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and more is an affront to every hard-working tax-paying American or should be.  The contrast is incredibly clear in the realm of America politics today.  If you want to Keep your Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms you CANNOT support the Leftist and you cannot stay home!  I am not attempting to paint the Republicans as true guardians of our Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties, but they are not at war with Free Speech, Christian Values, and maintaining the Sovereignty of the United States.  THE CHOICE IS CLEAR and BECOMING EVEN CLEARER!

Representative Marshall, M.D. states an inconvenient truth that the Freebie Crowd cannot accommodate – THERE IS NO MEDICARE FOR ALL!  It is not possible without bankrupting our economy and destroying our healthcare industry and system.  He argues that Medicare only exists because a free-market health-care system allows it to exist.  Medicare can only exist within a relatively open market system that still inspires America’s best and brightest to become doctors, nurses, and health-care innovators.  THANK GOD!  If you want to get a real glimpse of Government Run Health-care look no further than the past 25 years of the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals.  I am a veteran and have been treated in those facilities and most veterans I know would not tell you that he/she thinks government run health-care is the best path.

The bottom line of the Leftist and the Democratic Party is CONTROL.  The current antics of Senator Feinstein and the Democrats is crystally clear.  They will do anything and use any tactic to defeat Donald Trump and Constitutional or Conservative agendas.  Of course, many Republicans want CONTROL, that is the nature of politics and politicians. However, the Democrats are taking steps toward making their desire a reality and should the reclaim control of Congress they will move at warp speed to achieve their objectives.  The Democrats are moving toward Socialism and the Republicans, by and large, still support marketplace choice.  If we reach a place where the government runs and controls health-care, we will not see improvement in care but a systematic program where there is delayed and denied care.  A form of eugenics and even euthanasia will be implemented and many of us who are past 65 years of age will find that we are not allowed certain treatments because our productive years are deemed to be behind us.  If that is something you support, the abortion (another staple of the Democrat Party) should be no problem for you.  IT IS FOR ME!

The Democrats, at least nationally, believe that government is wiser and more capable of making life decisions than individuals.  They believe that the government is better equipped to make decisions regarding our children’s education and core beliefs that parents. They believe that rights come from government rather than, as was declared by our Founders, that certain inalienable rights come from God and should not be abridged by government.  If you want to see a country run by Socialist and see the destruction and decay just look toward Venezuela.  A nation that was once a rich and prosperous country is not in abject poverty with citizens starving because of SOCIALISM.  You might want to check out why both China and Vietnam abandoned their failed “five-year plans” of government-controlled economies and turned to free enterprise incentives so they could fee their citizens.

The choice is clear, and it is far beyond personalities.  It is about Freedom and Free Markets rather than Control, Sharing the Wealth, and Redistribution of Wealth which is nothing short of a modern form of slavery.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE, but as for me and my house we CHOOSE FREEDOM!  We will VOTE NO on the Leftist in November and by that vote, VOTE YES for America and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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