BLOG POST 1 - Line in the Sand

When I think of drawing a line in the sand, I think of William Barret Travis at the Alamo.  His was a declaration that he would fight to the death defending the Alamo to buy precious time for General Sam Houston in Texas’ fight for Freedom from Mexico.  It was a line of commitment!  When I say, “This is where I draw the line in the sand,” I am laying down a definitive point or limit beyond which I refuse to go or allow.  In today’s America, there are numerous reasons for all Lovers of Freedom to “Draw Lines in the Sand.”  What is the point or event that stirs your heart so intensely and challenges your conscience so deeply that you “Draw a Line in the Sand?”  Maybe I should ask, is there a point that will elicit that response?

I believe that our current condition morally, socially, ideologically, spiritually, and politically goes far beyond Democrat and Republican and typifies the reality of the war between good and evil.  Don’t knee-jerk and assume that I am calling Democrats evil and Republicans good for there is enough evil in both parties to make any such assertion a fallacy.  Rather I am recalling the reality that through apathy, lack of awareness, and deception we have failed to “Draw the needed Line in the Sand,” and “Say No More!”  Is there a place that we say, NO MORE or THIS FAR and NO FURTHER?  Our complacency and compliance to the erosions and infringements upon our liberties suggests that place, event, or condition appears not to have been reached or does not exist.  That is both troubling and frightening!

In a great measure, we have been the proverbial frog in the pan of water, allowing the slow increase in temperature to camouflage the dangers bringing us to the brink of destruction.  We have been the rock upon with droplets of water have continually dripped wearing holes in our Constitutional Liberties and moorings to the point of infringement.  We have been the sheep voting on what to have for lunch with a pack of wolves not sensing the danger or not feeling sufficiently threatened to recognize the danger and damage.

Those who are followers of Christ and seek to be obedient to the directives of the Bible have too frequently adopted a passivity toward politics that has allowed strongholds to be established which are enemies of Constitutional Freedom and Liberty.  Regardless of whether it has been the result of misguided interpretations of Scripture or the Constitution, apathy, complacency, cowardice, or a feeling of helplessness the damage has been and is being done.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “What can one man or woman do?”  Declaring, “I’m just one voice or one vote,” as a justification for silence or inaction has perpetuated this problem and ushered us into our present state.  What must transpire before we “Draw our Line in the Sand” and say NO MORE?

The deadly idea, as presented in today’s politics, of Separation of Church and State has created a State Church, in principle.  Those who argue that there must be a “wall of separation” between the Church have allowed the State to penetrate that wall and virtually create a State Church.  How so, you may ask?  If the Government and the Courts can issue interpretations of the Constitution that infringe upon any person’s or group of people’s religious convictions demanding compliance and embrace is that not a violation of the 1st Amendment?  Does it not create a State Interpretation of the Bible when the government can demand under penalty of law that anyone violate their religious convictions to accommodate another?  I need only cite abortion and same-sex marriage to complete my argument.  No, the government is not, at this juncture, forcing women to have an abortion but it is demanding that everyone regardless of their religious conviction accept and embrace that practice as a legitimate of a woman’s right to choose while disregarding the undefended right to life of the unborn. We are called haters of women if we object!  The government and the courts have demanded that Christian Bakers violate their religious convictions and accommodate same-sex couples in some measure.  If the Wall of Separation demanded by the liberal ideology can be penetrated in that manner can it not be penetrated in other areas?

It is my view that the sovereignty of the United States of America is threatened by disregarding our laws and the Constitutional prescription for acquiring citizenship and allowing and even rewarding ILLEGAL entry into this nation.  When criminals can transgress our laws and after being deported multiple times because of both illegal entry and violation of other laws are then afforded Sanctuary we endanger Americans.  They then commit murder, rape, or theft and that is or should be cause for alarm and action!  That should be enough to draw the line in the sand for all patriots and lovers of freedom and liberty, but is it?  The sex education courses and discussions in public schools without parental consent and oversight should be cause for concern because it infringes on the biblical, moral, and even constitutional right of parents regarding their children.

I was disturbed when the government and the courts banned prayer from our schools, insisted that we not recite the pledge of allegiance in the classroom and stripped our texts from any mention of creationism while allowing the theory of evolution to be taught as a scientific fact.  I fought in legal and civil ways, I questioned my elected officials, and challenged school boards and state education agencies but often found I was “one man” fighting alone in my community.  I have drawn some lines in the sand politically and resist the ideology of big government and believe that we have inalienable rights that come from God our Creator not the government.  I stand staunchly against the idea and current push toward socialism, which uses the entitlement promises of politicians as a bribe to achieve its implementation.

In today’s politics and much of society truth, integrity, and honesty are deemed weaknesses and bullying, threatening, bringing false allegations and accusations to achieve an end has become a norm and acceptable.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and as a united people demand a return to Constitutional principles.  We need to demand a return to personal accountability and responsibility. We need to make the commitment, individually and nationally to strip power from the hands of those who would infringe upon our Inalienable Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and say NO MORE to the attempts to alter our Republic from its Original Constitutional System of Government into an anti-God, anti-family, and anti-individual liberty system.  We are reaping the fruit of what has been sown over multiple decades and generations and unless we DRAW a LINE in the SAND as those in 1776 or at the Alamo we will witness our destruction.  We must determine that we will defend to the death those moral and constitutional principles, precepts, and guidelines our Founders and the Framers established.  These mid-term elections are an opportunity to DRAW SUCH A LINE!  The cost is high for not doing so and potentially high if we do.  It could cost us dearly to take a definitive stand for America aligning ourselves with those who stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Where is your Line in the Sand?  Do you have a line in the sand?

God bless you and God bless America!


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