BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats 1

I grew up in rural East Texas and most of the people I knew called themselves Democrats.  However, that group of people wanted the federal government to stay out of their business, complained about high taxes, believed in the sanctity of marriage, considered military service honorable, and would have been appalled at the idea of allowing illegals free entry into this country.  Many of them thought that the Republicans caused the Great Depression and did not understand the common man.  However, they did not believe it was okay to destroy public or private property if someone got elected that was not of their political party or personal ideological views.  They revered the Union and believed that our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution produced a system of government, with checks and balances, that was to be respected and preserved.  I never heard any of them saying, “The President needs to be shot.”  That kind of language and mentality was foreign to them.

As time advanced and Dwight D. Eisenhower became the Republican nominee for President, Adlai Stevenson was the Democrat offering and many of those in my community voted Republican for the first time in their lives.  My father, a man that was far less interested in political party than political agendas voted for Eisenhower and never again voted Democrat in a Presidential election.  He found that his views and those of the national Democrats were not harmonious and without ever calling himself one, he became a Republican.  He felt that the Republicans were more concerned about the country and in that the common man than were the Democrats.  He voted for some Democrats on a more local and State level but by and large his vote and that of my mother was mostly Republican because of their Christian views and conservative beliefs.  Even those in our community that never voted Republican were vocally opposed to those they viewed as draft dodgers and protested in the streets.  They had been soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines in WWI, WWII, and Korea.  They were Democrats but so dramatically different than today’s Democrats they would not have been able to embrace what is happening today.

This President, Donald J. Trump, has been vilified like virtually no president in our modern history and possibly ever.  He is blamed for everything and given credit for nothing.  Even now, once Mr. Obama staked his claim on the economic success brought about by President Trump, the MSM has joined his chorus and the economic explosion of today is Obama’s economy, at least to them.  Most of us know that ludicrousness of that assertion and know that the economy did not take off in a positive direction until Obama’s regulations and restrictions, as well as his taxes, were dealt with.  It has been proven time and again that lower taxes produce job growth and increased revenue for the people and the government.  Yet, the mantra of the Democrats is Lower Taxes only benefit the rich and those dastardly rich, the society of which most of them are members, are evil beasts.

The Democrats, the Media, Hollywood, the Agitators, and Activist hate Donald J. Trump with a vengeance like I have never witnessed.  They appear willing to do anything and I mean any and everything possible to remove him from office and destroy him and his family.  I recently asked a Democrat, “Is it possible that your party is willing to harm people simply to damage Trump?”  This person was angered by my question and demanded that I explain.  I was grateful for the open door to attempt to elucidate and expand on my question.

In Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria there has been the discovery of hundreds of thousands of bottles of water meant for the victims of that storm.  Boxes upon boxes of unboxed bottles of drinking water covered with a blue tarp were uncovered.  Why?  The Mayor of San Juan repeatedly shouted to whatever camera and microphone she could find that President Trump was evil and incompetent.  Is it possible that she and they withheld this water from the victims seeking to do damage to Donald Trump?  I can only conclude the answer is yes.  If anyone is so incompetent they let this much water sit unused or so diabolical and vengeful they would withhold it from the victims, they are a danger to themselves and society.

But, alas, that is the theme of the Democrats today, it seems.  Maxine Waters has become increasingly vocal calling for disruption and even harm to all supporters of the President.  She continues to vow to ‘get him.’  I am convinced that had a Republican said that and continued to call for violence and chaos while threatening Barack Obama, that Republican would have been ostracized from the congressional halls and would likely be under indictment and in jail if not worse.  Yet, the Democrats are not censoring her, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, or the Leftists in the media or Hollywood who are calling for harm to the president and his family.  Is This Really Happening?  Is This Really the State of the Democratic Party today?

How about PJ Media contributor and Fox News guest Denise McAllister who recently sent out a powerful tweet denouncing the abortion movement.  Within days she was being threatened with rape and murder as pro-abortion supporters came after her with a vengeance.  Her tweet: At the root of #abortion hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament. It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity. 7:26 AM – Sep 6, 2018brought death threats.  The proponents of abortion praised those attacking her and no one, it seems, on the Left called for civility or blasted the wrongness of those threats.  Is That Really Where We Are Today?  Is This the New Face of Politics in America?

BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats

We have a clear choice in November between a party and candidates who justify this kind of behavior and one that wants to make America great and safe for everyone.  Sadly, too few of the Republicans running for office and the Establishment GOP are articulating the differences and enabling the public to understand the gravity of our choices and the value of voting in the midterms.  I like what President Trump said regarding the Immigration battle.  He said, “This election is a choice between Democrats who want to abolish ICE, and Republicans, who want to abolish MS-13.”  It really is that clear a choice.  Remember how Schumer and Pelosi defended MS-13?  You may not because the Democrat propaganda arms, the Media didn’t tell you what they said.

We cannot depend on honesty from the pollsters or the media.  We must fight the apathy that they are attempting to engender and inspire.  We must realize that if we stay home, it virtually becomes a vote for the Leftist in a backdoor manner.  I know that I often sound like a broken record, but we must talk to our family, friends, and neighbors and by word of mouth and volunteering to transport people to the polls if possible.  Voting in this election is not optional, it is necessary!

I will predict that if the Republicans hold the House and Senate the rioting and demonstrations we saw after President Trump’s election will pale in comparison.  The Left has become a Party of Violence and it will escalate.  However, let me also insert that I believe that even if the Democrats win in November there will be more riots, demonstrations, and protests of violent nature.  Why?  Because those engaged in the protests are being fueled by outside forces who want to destroy America and many of the protesters now believe that by doing their damage and destruction they are heard and get what they want, and they want more!

God bless you and God bless America!



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