BLOG POST 3 - Democracy

First, let me reiterate that we ARE NOT A PURE DEMOCRACY but a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  That being said, there are some very serious things hanging in the balance this mid-term and our system of government is at the head of that list.  The Democrats are chanting that if Republicans win “Democracy as We Know It Is Over!”  What is Democracy as they know it?  It is assuredly not Democracy as the rest of us know it!  They accuse the Republicans of being ‘fear mongers’ and yet they are fanning the flames of ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ like I have never witnessed before.  You would think if you listen to them, that Republicans or more specifically white men will be gunning down those of other ethnicities, women will be repeatedly raped by those dastardly Republicans, no one will be able to get health care coverage, and millions will die!  WOW!  If that were true, I’d be chanting Vote Democrat, but IT IS A BOLD-FACED LIE and they know it.  It is a fabrication, an unsubstantiated allegation, and an accusation that is not only unprovable but a complete distortion of the truth.

However, if the Democrats are successful in regaining control of the House and the Senate there are some things that are in serious danger.  They want to strip us of our ‘Religious Liberties’ if we stand on biblical principles and say what God and the Bible say about abortion, homosexuality, and many other things.  The Democratic National Committee has made it perfectly clear they want no part of Christianity that stands for Life and biblical principles that are contrary to their political agenda.  They have rejected God and the Bible in the National Convention and their belief is that they have the right to impose their views on everyone.  If you are a homosexual, to the Democrats, your rights transcend the rights of Conservatives and Christians that hold core convictions opposite your chosen lifestyle.  Actually, they do not truly see you that way and only seek to manipulate you.  I can understand why many homosexuals vote Democrat but not all because some of them look beyond their personal lifestyle preferences into the issue of economics and liberties.  They understand that if we are to remain the Constitutional Republic we must protect the rights of all people, not select groups.

The Democrats are on record with an insistence that we allow abortion for any reason and at any time during the pregnancy.  I am not suggesting that if you vote Republican in November Roe v Wade will be repealed.  I seriously doubt that it will any time soon, largely because of Chief Justice John Roberts willingness to stand with the left on many issues and as he attempts to protect his legacy.  However, I will say that the Democrats regain power, we will see a greater push for euthanasia and certain types of genocide will become even more pronounced.  It will possibly become a criminal offense of a medical doctor refuses an abortion.  People and businesses will be in danger if they take a biblical stance and refuse to participate in things that violate their convictions such as same-sex weddings.  Churches and pastors will be in the cross-hairs of the Leftists and any allegation or accusations will result in them being investigated, possibly prosecuted, and their reputations damaged to the point of their lives and ministries being destroyed.  If you believe in the biblical and constitutional right of self-defense that will be in serious jeopardy.  You right of property will be in danger and the real possibility of governmental confiscation will arise.  THOSE ARE ALL THREATENED!

The Democrats, largely, want to rewrite the Constitution and do away with our system by which we elect the president.  They want to go to a plurality of the popular vote rather than the electoral college.  The danger in that is easily identified because it would relegate the election to the two large states on the East and West Coast, California and New York.  The rest of the country would have virtually no voice in the election, unlike today.  Small states would become irrelevant and politicians would totally ignore them.  We would no longer have a system of government where there is equal representation of all the states based on population.  If the Democrats are unsuccessful in repealing and doing away with the electoral college they will seek to overload the states will illegal aliens, systematically placed so as to guarantee that the electoral vote of the states will be slanted toward the liberal leftist socialist Democrats.

The only way we stem the tide of liberalism, leftism, Socialism, globalism is to prevent the Democrats from regaining control of Congress or the White House.  For us to have any hope of reducing the size of the federal government we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  For us to have any draining the swamp we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  For us to have any hope of keeping our Inalienable Rights such as “Freedom of Speech, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Freedom of Religion, etc.” we must STOP THE LEFTISTS.  If we believe that ‘Unless speech is free for everyone it is free for no one’ we must stop them! The Framers and Founders of our Republic took great strides to guarantee that we would always remain the Constitutional Republic with freedom from overregulation and control of the government.  They wanted us to BE FREE!  What is being proposed by the Leftists is not freedom but a type of slavery, because we become totally dependent on the government for our rights and life.  THAT IS ANATHEMA to the intent of the Framers and Founders!

What is my point?  Simply this, WE MUST VOTE in November!  If we believe in America as the Free Constitutional Republic and our Inalienable Rights WE MUST VOTE in November!  But, it is not enough to vote we must VOTE NO on the Leftists and the toxicity of liberalism and DEFEAT THEM.  How do we do that?  The only way that I see, at this point, is to VOTE FOR the Republican candidate.  Will that totally solve our problems? NO, but it will give us a window of opportunity to reclaim the country, drain the swamp, dismantle the deep state, and replace the RINOs with Constitutionalists who believe in the Original Intent of the Constitution.  Beyond that, we must EDUCATE, INFORM, and ARTICULATE our views, political ideology, and persuade people to VOTE.  Not as the Democrats who want their people to vote early and often, we must vote legally and STOP THE ASSAULT on America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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