CRITICAL ALERT! Mid-Term Elections A Fight For Survival and Freedom…


I am cognizant that there are those who hear me and others like me and dismiss us as Alarmist, Fear Mongers, and Doom and Gloom purveyors.  I get that because in times past we have weathered some significant storms politically in America.  Yes, we somewhat endured 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama and times of Democrat control of both Houses of Congress.  However, with each occurrence, with each cycle in which the Liberal Leftist were in power, there was a little more erosion of our founding principles and the pillars of our Republic weakened noticeably.

The problem now is not that we could be facing another cycle in which power changes hands for a time.  The problem is that we have inched along on the trail of “fundamental transformation” to the point that the Face of the Democratic Party is now Democratic Socialism.  They are no longer hiding their agenda.  They are no longer trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes regarding their desire to “fundamentally transform” the Free Market Capitalism of our Republic into Redistribute the Wealth Socialism.  The national party is no longer pretending to be defenders of our inalienable rights because they do not believe we have any.

Individual candidates are still conducting their charade and speaking out of both sides of their mouths, such as the liberal Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Texas Robert Francis O’Rourke.  He and many of them are trying to tell voters they are Pro-Second Amendment Rights while voting and endorsing agendas and platforms that are Anti-Second Amendment.  The National Democratic Party does not recognize the sovereignty of God not the rights of individual states afforded under the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution.  It specifically declares, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

The Tenth Amendment reflects the understanding and desire of our Founders and the Framers to ensure that the Federal Government never became the all-powerful behemoth it is today.  With each period of Democrat rule. States and individuals have lost more and more of our privileges, rights, and liberties.  There are things that I oppose but if the individual State’s voters and legislature deem it to be the path they choose, I not only acknowledge that right but support their right to take that stance.  If it is beyond my ability to live with, I have the choice of running for office, becoming an advocate for change, or moving to a State whose laws are more harmonious with my views.  I have no right for insurrection, sedition, inciting of riots, or attempting to overthrow the legitimate government.

The Democrats, on a National level, have promised to Dump Trump at all costs if they return to power.  Their liberal leftist base will accept nothing less than impeachment and it seems with the more recent calls for physical violence they would embrace assignation.  That horrifies me.  Our religious liberty literally hangs in the balance with the open push and vicious assault lead by the Democrats to force everyone to comply or die (so to speak) with the edicts and demands of their version of tolerance.  Your religious convictions are immaterial to them and they fail to grasp the reality that your rights end where mine being and vice versa.  My right to life in the pursuit of my religious convictions cannot be trampled by your desire to live a lifestyle I find contrary to my faith.  You have the right but not the right to force me to participate in or facilitate your choice.

The demand of the Democrats for Medicare for all is an impossible dream with a price tag unaffordable by any mathematical or economic evaluation.  If you were to suspend ALL government programs and funnel ever dime of that into Medicare for all you would still need more money.  Where would that money come from?  It would require taxes so exorbitant that no small business could survive, and no average or middle-class individual could pay.  We are talking TRILLIONS of Dollars, not millions or billions but TRILLIONS.  Their plan over the next ten years would raise the national debt by about $36 TRILLION Dollars.  That would equate to about $3.6 TRILLION each year.  Who pays that?  Where does that kind of money come from?  The Democrats cannot and will not answer that question because they do not know, other than from you and me.  Taking it from the wealthy is not the answer and they know it.

Your right to Free Speech would become extinct like the dinosaur and their Politically Correct Dictionary would be imposed on everyone.  Your ability to think for yourself and express and disapproval would be classified as ‘hate speech’ and I suspect their push would include jail time or worse for all offenders.  Certain classes of people such as White Men of European descent would become prime targets.  The foundational principle of our judicial system, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” would become “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” and thereby destroy our society.

Yes, I am painting a dire picture, but I believe that what I have painted is mild compared to what would happen if the Democrats return to power.  Our borders would become so porous that the sovereignty of the United States of America would be only a memory, not a reality.  Our laws would have no hope of being fairly, and uniformly applied and governmental agencies and bureaucracies would become weapons of the liberal agenda.  The lack of accountability in politicians of all stripes has brought us to the point of extinction as the Free Constitutional Republic.  This is a critical time in our history and America needs her patriots more than at any other time in modern history.

Dismiss my warnings, ignore the danger signs, and sit this one out and we will all pay a price too high.  Embrace my warnings and even if you do not fully believe the situation to be as dire as I suggest, VOTE and help ensure that it never becomes that chaotic state of anarchy that I see looming on the horizon.  Please Vote in November or in your early voting period.  Please!

God bless you and God bless America!

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