BLOG POST 1 - Voted Yet

Yes, this is another “Get Out the Vote” blog post and hopefully, I am not preaching to the choir or those already energized and committed to vote.  Hopefully, this message and other like messages will sufficiently remind every one of the critical situation we are facing in America.  Overall, the mid-term elections are a contrast between light and dark, freedom and tyranny.  I know, I know, Roy is on another rant about the Republic hanging in the balance, but I believe it so strongly I am compelled to shout it from the rooftop.  WAKE UP AMERICA!

If a Fox News Poll is correct we are facing the real possibility of losing the House if not both the House and Senate to the Democrats.  I have a difficult time believing the poll is correct largely because I cling to my belief that the American people are not stupid, blind, or that easily deceived.  I could be wrong!  We may have crossed the 50% threshold and those on the government dole may have exceeded those not feeding at the freebies and entitlement trough.  If that is the case, we are witnessing the demise of the Republic and nothing short of a miracle of God will reverse the eventual outcome.

The poll suggested that President Trump’s approval ratings are underwater.  It appears from the poll that a majority believe the Democrats spin that the economy is not doing better and climbing positively.  How they can ignore the statistical data of lower unemployment, higher wages, etc. but if this poll is correct, they do.  The poll indicated that the GOP tax law is less favorable at 40% than Obamacare at 51%.  I cannot wrap my head around that.  The poll indicated that the Republican Party is less popular at 39% than the Democrat Party at 50%.  How can that possibly be, but alas that is the report of the poll.  It also indicated that optimism about life for the next generation of Americans is down 8% from last year.  That is troubling.  The poll also suggested that enthusiasm to vote in the mid-terms is higher among the out-of-power Democrats than Republicans.  If that is true, we could be in trouble.

Additionally, the poll indicated that the Robert Mueller Investigation of Trump regarding Russian collusion is up to 59% for and 37% opposed.  After over a year of nothing but smoke and mirrors, how can this possibly be accurate?  The poll also indicated that 40% believe it is very likely that Mueller will find that President Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses whereas 53% believe it to be somewhat or not at all likely.  Those percentages do not compute with the favorability of the investigation.  Why would you favor an investigation if you believe it will lead to nothing?  The poll suggested that 48% of those polled favored their Democratic Candidate whereas 38% favored the Republican.  THAT COULD SPELL DISASTER!

What is my point?  The stakes are so high in this mid-term election that apathy on the part of GOP voters will spell doom for the Republic.  If the Democrats reclaim power in this election and return to control of Congress in January 2019 the accomplishments of President Trump and the Republicans will be attacked with total abandon.  They will immediately expand all investigations and seek to not only impeach the President but Judge Kavanaugh and other appointees made by this president.

The balance of power in the Senate is 51 Republican and 49 Democrats.  There are 35 Senate seats up for election in this mid-term and 20 are deemed likely Democrat victories with 2 leaning toward the Democrats.  There are 6 likely Republican victories and 2 leaning Republican. That leaves 5 races that are deemed “toss-up” contests.  If the likely and leaning, go according to the projections the Democrats would hold 45 seats.  That would mean they need to claim all the toss-up races to have a 50-50 split in the Senate.  We must not let that happen.

In the House, the Democrats how 193 seats and the Republicans 236.  218 are needed to hold power.  Of the races, 191 are deemed solid Democrat wins and 171 solid Republican.  That is a bit troubling.  However, there are 16 that are leaning to the Democrats and 26 leaning to the Republican side of the ledger.  That leaves 31 “toss-up” races and the Democrats would only need to win 10 of the 31 “toss-up” races to reclaim power.  THAT IS TROUBLING!

I try to remain optimistic and believe that the Conservative, Constitutional voters are going to turn out and vote.  If they do, we will hold the House and Senate but if these polls are correct and the GOP voters do what they have done in the past and STAY HOME those non-participants will doom the Republic and place us back under the control of the Liberal Leftists who are rapidly becoming Socialist.

They (Democrats) will immediately take every step they can to ensure that our borders are open, the tax cuts repealed, Obamacare will be here to stay and expanded to Medicare for All.  Can they do it with Trump in the White House?  Not completely, but they have avenues, namely the power of the purse and holding up all appointments to the courts and virtually everything else.  Amnesty will become their prime push and some form of ‘gun control’ legislation will be passed forcing the President to veto.

Conservatives, Patriots, Constitutionalist, Christians, and lovers of Freedom WE HAVE TO VOTE!  If you are not registered to vote you have already cast your ballot for the Democrats by not participating.  Don’t argue that is not what you have done, because your absence from the voting booth means they have one less vote to overcome.  The abdication of your right, privilege, and responsibility means that we must enlist two more to replace you to counter that non-vote.  Barack Obama won a second term because over 10 million disgruntled and disinterested GOP voters stayed home.

You may believe that this is not a big deal, but if you will recall what we endured for eight years under Barack Hussein Obama and the current rhetoric and posturing of the Democrats you will know it is a very big deal.  No, it is more than a big deal it is, in a very real sense, a choice between Freedom and Tyranny.  Therefore, I am pleading with each of my fellow Americans who are Conservative, Constitutionalist, Christians, and Lovers of Freedom PLEASE VOTE.  We can stop the so-called Blue Wave of the Democrats and if not turn it into a Red Wave we can make it a stalemate and maintain the status quo.  I want more than that but will take that at this juncture.

God bless you and God bless America

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